"bacchus" by eric bornstein

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This is a one of a kind hand crafted mask of Bacchus of which I commissioned my cousin Eric Bornstein, to create for me. It's a masterpiece of maskmaking and I'm honored that Eric created this for me. For more information on him, visit his website Behind The Mask!

"Bacchus, the Roman god of wine, represents not only the intoxicating power of wine, but also its social and beneficial influences. He was also known as Dionysus to the Greeks. He is viewed as the promoter of civilization, a lawgiver, and lover of peace — as well as the patron deity of agriculture and the theatre. He was also known as the Liberator (Eleutherios), freeing one from one's normal self, by madness, ecstasy, or wine. The divine mission of Bacchus was to mingle the music of the flute and to bring an end to care and worry." (source wikipedia)

The following pictures will give you some insight as to how this piece was created. I'll provide a bit more detail on each step that's depicted shortly. Enjoy!


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