dave, jamie & sean crenshaw

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The Crenshaw Family - A little background: Dave and I met back in 1991 when we attended Daniel Webster College. During that time he became one my closest friends and remains so to this day. Dave has been there with me during some of my happiest times in my life as well as a couple of the darker ones, but no matter what, he's always been there for me and I couldn't ask for a better friend.

Dave, Jamie and Sean currently live in TN, where Dave is a pilot for FedEx and Jamie is a full time mom taking care of her little monster :)

Jamie and Sean smiling for the camera :-)

One doesn't get much cuter than this!  Well, what do you expect w/such good looking parents?!?! :)

"rrrrrrrrrrrroar! the little monster in Sean coming through!"

Time Warp back to the early 90's! Scott and Dave during the college days enjoying a wee bit o' the drink


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