eric and crissy larson

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  This is Eric Larson and his wife Crissy.  This shot was taken in 1998 at one of the Jimmy Buffett shows at Great Woods in Mansfield, MA.  Heheh, as you can see, these two parrot heads make quite the cute couple. The two of them got married in 1999!  Click here for the wedding!
Eric has been one of my closest friends since 1988 and is truly "a Son of a Sailor". Together, we have experienced quite a few of life's adventures, trials, tribulations and celebrations together.  I cannot imagine my life without having him as a part of it.  Whether it's Eric, Paul and I down in Key West, FL "Wastin' Away in Margarittaville" or up in Port Clyde, ME, stowed away in our "One Particular Harbor", an adventure and a good story are always guaranteed. 
For about 8 ears , Eric embarked on career with the USCG. His last station was at Point Judith, RI (the vacation station!). Before being stationed at Point Judith, Eric was part of the crew on the USCGC Juniper. Eric was honoroably disharged from the USCG in 2004 and is now onto other ventures in Rhode Island.

Crissy is keeping quite busy herself running her own landscape design business, her own art studio, and taking care of her husband :)

Check out her website that she maintains on gardening. It's nice to have her as a part of the family :-)


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