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This part of my site highlights some (certainly not all) of the amazing people I have in my life, along with some of the places I've been. I'll try and update regularly (LOL but we know that won't happen :)


Adam Arnold (CA)
Becky Ayers (FL)
"Bacchus" a mask by Eric Bornstein
Clarice Penz-Allen (NH)
Kevin Bomberry (CA)
Andy and Joshua Bourassa (NH)
Paul "Dubbah" Barnes (NH) 
Kevin Barnes (FL)
James Canders (MO) 
David, Jamie & Sean Crenshaw (MS)
Ben Daniels (CA)
Don McCoughy (CA)
Matt "Macky" and Heather Davis (ME)
Mike and Keith Evans (CA)
Kevin Gray (NH) 
Mark and Jessica Hamel (AZ)
Mark "Hummer" Hamel (AZ) 
Eric & Crissy Larson (RI) 
Brian Mobbs (NJ) 

Steve "Milkman" Mayou (HI)
Dustin & Kristy Norman (NH) 
Jim "Rico" Hynek (CT) 
Travis "Shoebox" Nelsen
Rodney Penziner
Scott "Penz" Penziner (NH) 
Scott "Penz" Penziner's Tattoo 
Paul, Penz, and E-  (6/96) 
Gini and Timothy Penziner (07/98) 
Tim, Suzanne, and Seth Penziner (MA)
Tanya and Scott Seidel (NH)
Joshua "Tucker" Smith   (3/97) 
Timothy "Porky" Watkins (NY) 
Michael "Tab" Wacisko (NH)
Michael & Paul aka Tab & Dubbah (NH) 
Rob and Susan Walker (CA) 
Scotty Smith and Penz (AU & CA)
The Wright Family (US)
William "Spidey" Wright (NY) 
John "Z" Zahara (MA) 

= denotes recently added or updated entries

A few highlights of some of wonderful the places I've visited:

India (March 2005)
Tortola, BVI (March 2004)
Saint Thomas, USVI (January 2003)
Europe - 7 countries! (May 2001)
Yosemite National Park (April 00)
Half Moon Bay, CA (July 99)
The Lone Cypress, Carmel, CA (July 99)
Mt Shasta, CA (Aug 99)


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