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This is James "Daffy" Canders.  James and I went to college together back in the early 90's.  As well as being the post college roommate of two of my best friends (Paul "Dubbah" Barnes and Tim "Porky" Watkins), James has become a very good friend of mine.  Like me, he's got a love for life, a yearning to explore and an open mind. He's the kind of guy who just can't sit still because he's just so full of energy and that's what make him a lot of fun!  He's a crazy dog like me! BARK! :) James served few years in the US Army where he spent time in Germany.  Hahah, was Europe ever the same after he returned?

Upon leaving the Army, he spent some time in Michigan working in the Grand Rapids airport in the operations department.  Then in early 2004, he left the US and worked in Baghdad, Iraq helping manage the airport over there as a civilian contractor. Crazy boy!

Now's he's back in the US and is crazy as ever :)


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