steve "milkman" mayou

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This is my friend Steve "Milkman" Mayou.  He got that nickname while in college and if you saw the woman he was with when he got it, you'd understand the reference :)  Hahaha, well, after leaving school, Steve went on to become a swim instructor at the YMCA and after a bit, decided to join the US Navy.  He became a seamen (and yes, I've hit him with every joke I can possible think of on this :) and is now a nuclear engineer aboard the USS Charlotte, which is a fast attack Los Angeles nuclear submarine!  Currently stationed in Hawaii (bastard), Steve, is enjoying life in the Navy and is doing well.

I took this picture in the fall of 2000 when Steve's sub was in port in Oakland, CA.  I did get a tour of the sub, and it was amazing!  Of course, this classic shot is in the Marin Headlands, overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge (part of the Penz tour of Northern, CA :)


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