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And here are a few pictures of me over the years...

Dover New Hampshire - December 2009

Costa Rica - May 2009 (check out my journal for more on this trip)

Marin Headlands - March 2009

38th BDay =)

February 2008, trying out my new web cam

October 2007 - Best Man in Porky's wedding

July 2007 while in Upstate NY

Penz in Napa Valley

July 2006 overlooking SF Bay


and in October 2005, I grew some hair and shaved off all of my facial hair!
LOL, and it was good :)

So in September 2005 I tried the beard (and I liked it)....

July 2005 - Me and Becky

Me in October 2004, in Marin County, CA (the Golden Gate bridge was in front of me)

March 2004 - Enjoying some 80' water off of Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands (BVI)

March 2004 - Enjoying some hammock time on Cook Island, British Virgin Islands (BVI)

March 2004 - Salt Island, BVI

Labor Day Weekend 2003 -  Ben & Jerry's Factory in Vermont

May 2003 - San Francisco - I'm always smiling when I'm in the kitchen!

Enjoying a killer sunset up in Port Clyde, Maine in 2000

September 1999 - Tucson, AZ. White socks with sandals; not my best fashion moment :-)

and, here I am up in Port Clyde, ME Memorial Day 1997 without my goatee'.  

1988 Senior Prom - Rebecca Truesdell and me :)

Me and my pony Poopsie back around 1978

Awww :) Here is me and my dad, back in 1975.
Ok, there should be no doubts about where I got my smile from!!


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