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And here is my awesome brother Tim along with his beautiful wife Suzanne, their handsome son (my nephew) Seth (here is his journal), and their other "kids" Tyler (the big chocolate lab) and Zach (the monster little black puppy). Hehehe, aren't they a beautiful family? I think so!

Tim, Suzanne, Seth and the pups all live in their house located in Wakefield, MA (just a block or so from the lake). It's a really great place and certainly feels like home every time I visit.  If you can't find them inside the house working on a project, they're probably out back in the hot tub :)

Tim, Seth and Suzanne!

Tim with Tyler (Tyler still thinks he's a lap dog!)

And Suzanne with Tyler :-)

And here are Tyler and Zach playing with their toys and watching some TV!

Spoiled brats :-)

As well as being my brother, Tim is one of my best friends.  Heheheh, one of the many things we share is that we are both still little kids at heart, eternally searching for the best places to hang out and play. No matter what directions and paths we take on life, we always seem to be there for each other, and that is a great feeling. That's what brothers are all about. Tim is great person (just like his big bro') and I'm proud to have him as my kid brother!!


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