The Rest of April:  Hehehe, ok, so I'll do some more updates later but I just want to highlight some major fun during the rest of April:

Day before Easter, I took the day by myself up in Napa. Had a great visit at Sullivan Winery thanks to the wine club manager Ernie. As usual he was the consummate host!

Easter Day, I spent the day with Ashish, Jill, Nikhil at Jill's mom (Irene's) place. We had a wonderful day which included an adult Easter Egg hunt, a killer BBQ of pork loin, and deserts to die for! (homemade peanut butter cups, chocolate covered strawberries, and Mexican chocolate cake).  That night, David Parker and I joined Michael and Giuliana Tanner in San Francisco to see Lion King on Broadway. That was awesome! We had a great time.

Rest of the month was good. Kept busy with work and stuff.... 


April 4, 2004:  Nice lazy morning. Finished a great 970 page novel "Pillars of the Earth" by Ken Follett. I started it the week before I went on vacation and left it in CA (was itching to finish it). Finally made the time to do so. I highly recommend it!  Current reading "The Great Hunt" by Robert Jordan (book 2/10 of the Wheel of Time series). Very good stuff (thanks Jamie!)


April 3, 2004:  Well, I'm settled back into my life here in CA. Heheh, but you can surely bet I'm still basking in the glow of the trip to Tortola.  Ahhh, well, at least the weather is good here!

Last night hung out with Alex and Simon. Spent part of the evening trying to perfect the recipe for the rum drink named "The Painkiller". I got pretty close to reproducing this island treat. Just need to go and get some fresh ground nutmeg now.  Spent the rest of the evening eating fish and chips and drinking beer at the bar named "The Prince of Whales" in San Mateo. Great place, excellent food and drink, though last night we had the bitter bartender from hell!  He sucked!  So, in fine British tradition, we left him no tip (believe me, he earned that injustice!).

Today I'm meeting up with David for brunch in the city. After that, not sure what I'm gonna do. Tomorrow, I think a trip to Napa may be in order (still need to pick up my wine from St. Supery) and one of my neighbors and his wife expressed an interest to go. We'll see! That would be fun :)

Alrighty, well I'm gonna go out and go for a walk (need to work off some of those fine island meals).  Have a great day!



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