April 2007

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April 17, 2007: A nice chill weekend. Not too much exciting to report :P

Kevin Barnes began what we hope to be an interesting new chapter in his life. On Sunday he packed his stuff into a small u-haul trailer and drove from FL up to KY. He's going to be starting a new job working for Fort Knox. LOL should be interesting, considering of all of the places he has lived, this one will be the farthest from the ocean. Well, if anyone can make the best of it, he'll certainly be able to :)

I'm taking a few days off from playing World of Warcraft. LOL I've been on that game a bit too much over the past few months. Been 'two days clean' now and it's good. LOL I do miss the online social community I have there, but intend to catch up more with the rest of my 'real life' friends :P LOL too funny.

This weekend, road trip! Destination, TBD. More to come on that.

April 9 , 2007: Well the wave of visitors keeps a crashing on my beach :) On Saturday the 7th Andy and Tucker (aka Josh) flew into town for a visit! They flew in on a kind of a cloudy day, but that was ok cause it still wasn't snow or ice! We spend the afternoon in the city and walked around the Castro for a bit with Matt and Ian. Well of course we had to stop in at a bar for a drink and since Badlands was having a 2 for 1 happy hour.... well 6 drinks each later, we were primed up! LOL Andy and Ian headed out for some more drinking/partying while Josh Mathew and I headed back to the homestead to catch a movie (Boondock Saints), and some pizza :) The next morning (which as Josh's BDay - 33!) we headed out to Savor for breakfast. It was a gorgeous sunny day so we ate outside. After that, we headed up to Twin Peaks to get a view of the city. As you can see, the weather was perfect!

Andy, Josh and Penz at Twin Peaks overlooking San Francisco

After that we headed home, grabbed Clarice and headed off towards the Golden Gate Bridge. First we stopped at the Exploratorium where we got this shot.

Andy, Josh and Clarice

Penz getting all artsy with some black and white photography w/the swan. Classic :)

Andy and Josh at the GG Bridge

On Monday, it was off to Half Moon Bay!

Josh and Andy at Half Moon Bay

Andy and Josh at Half Moon Bay :)

Clarice at Half Moon Bay. Where did those seals go off to?!?

So far, it's been a fun visit!!!



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