April 2009

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April 23, 2009: And so now here we are, close to the end of the month and I'm packing my bags for Costa Rica! Paul, Kevin, Kara Barnes and I are all flying out there this Saturday and will be spending a week in Tarcoles. We've rented a house Cassa Sammie (check it out) and I know it's going to be an awesome time!

April 19, 2009: It has been a great month, filled with lots of stuff going on and visitors from out of town. Hehe, so lets see what I can remember :)

Easter was a lot of fun this year. Ben Daniels and I headed up to Marin where we'd meet up with the Parikh & Mariani clans and associated extended family for an Easter feast :) I brought my famous 18 pound lasagna to the table and that went very well with the grilled lamb chops, steaks, and other great dishes that everyone made :) Numerous bottles of wine were consumed, lots of fun was had by adults and child alike, and all in all, it was just a great day :) Nothing like spending some time with the people ya love to share life with and having Ben there just made it that much better :)

A few days later, I'd host a little dinner for Matt Consola and our friends Tom and Sam (who have been together for 18 years now!), and Matte Zovich. We'd end up spending a really nice night together filled with great conversation, wine and food and it was just one of those really nice nights :)

Later on in the week, I'd get the chance to spend a day with William "Spidey" Wright and that was a lot of fun. Once again, just great to be able to hang out with one of my best friends :)

April 10, 2009: On April 3, Tab flew out for a 6 day visit and damn, did time fly while he was out here. I picked him up from the airport and from there we went back into the city and had lunch at Chez Maman. Man, what a great way to start the visit! Lunch consisted of:

Nice bottle of wine
Baked camembert with roasted garlic and toast points
Chicken, pistou, aioli, roasted peppers panini
Complète: ham, gruyère, eggs crepe

and for desert we had the berries & crème fraîche crepe and an amazing chocolate moose :)

Yep, welcome to California! That night we'd meet up with Spidey (who was in town for another visit) and his friend Betsy for dinner at the Crab House down by Pier 39. We had the crab feast, which is 6 pounds of whole roasted dungeonous crab in a tasty garlic sauce and a pitcher of beer. Let me tell you, that was a fun and delicious meal and it was all we could do to finish the food (and the beer! huge pitcher!). Afterwards, we walked around the pier for a bit, stopping in at the local arcade for a few games of air hockey (and yep, I remained the undefeatable champion! :) Then it was back to my place for a few games of Yuker where Tab and I showed the two 'pros' that yeah, we still can kick some ass! LOL it was a great night of just hanging out, eating, drinking and playing cards with good friends. Can't ask for much more than that :)

On Saturday, we start the day with brunch at the Mission Beach Cafe (really can't get much of a better start to the day) before heading out to the airport. There we'd pick up Leo Delaney, who flew in from LA for what was supposed to be a 24 hour visit. He had spent the last few days down in LA visiting Adam "Skinny Daug" Arnold, and having a really good time doing so. So, it was up here to SF for a day before he was scheduled to fly back to MA. From the airport, we headed over to Rosenblum Cellars for an hour or two of wine tasting, which of course, we a lot of fun! After that, it was up to San Francisco to Twin Peaks for a view of the city.

After that, it back to my place for some pizza and beer. We'd end up spending most of the night drinking our asses off and having a grand ol' time. Not too long into the evening, Leo went to check his flight schedule for flying back to MA and it turns out his ticket was mis-booked and he was still supposed to fly out of LA. So, after a bit of a chat with the airline (the next morning), he changed his flight to fly back on Monday, which was awesome, cause I got to hang out w/him longer! Well, we celebrated by hitting the bar a few doors down called the Thieves Tavern for a few beers and a few shots of bourbon. After that, Tab called it's quits (poor little thing was drunk and tired), so me and Leo left him at home and then headed down to Truck for a couple more beers and shots. LOL there was something wrong with that last shot of bourbon and we both had to choke it down (all I could do to hold it down) and Leo, who never yaks, puked it up on the walk home. LOL at some point on the walk home, the conversation went to crazy land, and based on some dare/comment, I walked the last 2 blocks home buck as naked! ROFL, crossing the street was pretty funny (happily it was 2 in the morning, so not a lot of traffic but I got at least one cheer) and Leo being the good friend he is didn't want me to feel left out, so he joined the naked part for the last part of the walk home. ROFL, yeah, just one of those silly things that sometimes happens in life. Reminded me of Jimmy Buffett's song "Fruitcakes"

Fruitcakes in the kitchen (fruitcakes in the kitchen)
Fruitcakes on the street (fruitcakes on the street)
Struttin naked through the crosswalk
In the middle of the week
Half-baked cookies in the oven (cookies in the oven)
Half-baked people on the bus (people on the bus)
There's a little bit of fruitcake left in everyone of us

Just about anytime you live your life like a Buffett song, you're doing ok :) Well, we'd eventually get dressed and listen to some music before the rest of the night slipped away in a debaucherous haze.

On Sunday, we'd have a lazy start of coffee and some pastries from the Mission Beach Cafe and then just lounge around. Around 1PM, Matt Consola came downstairs and he, Tab and I would head down to his parents place in San Jose for an afternoon of feasting. Heheh, Leo was feeling a bit mellow after a night of drinking and not getting much sleep for the past week) and opted to rest with Clarice on the couch for the afternoon :) The three of us had an amazing afternoon of eating and drinking with Ma Consola before heading back up to the city. All in all, a very nice day!

On Monday, we got up and headed over to see the Golden Gate Bridge and the Marin Headlands, which is a necessary stop for everyone's first time visit to SF :)


Afterwards, it was back to the house where Leo would pack and then we'd bring him to the airport. It so cool to see him and be able to spend some really quality time with a great friend of whom I do not get the chance to see often. Definitely a treat!

Over the next few days, Tab and I would get the chance to hang out, explore the city, and just spend some time together. It was awesome. Though I have some really good friends out here in CA, I've missed being able to just hand out with Tab or my other brothers from the East Coast (like Paul, E, Porky, and Alex) so having one of these wonderful people all to myself for a few days was a special time for me, and I was very grateful. Suffice to say, when Thursday came along and I had to drop Tab off at the airport, I was sad to see him go. But, as they say, you have to say goodbye in order to be able to say hello again, and we'll make sure that happens sometime sooner rather than later :)

April 1, 2009: I am so looking forward to this week! On Thursday Bill "Spidey" Wright is going to be in town and I'm going to get the opportunity to spend some time with him. On Friday, Mike "Tab" Waciscko flies in and he's going to be staying with me through next Thursday and on Sat Leo Delaney (friends since high school) will be in for 24 hours visiting me. It's going to be a fun freaking weekend!!!

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