April 1997

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April 28, 1997: Well it was an absolutely gorgeous weekend. I don't think we could have ordered better weather, so naturally I took advantage of it. Sunday morning got up, got some bagels and then went out back on to the lawn to grab some sun. I was joined by Macky, Porky, and Paul and we just laid out and enjoyed the sun. I went out for a good mt. bike ride during the afternoon and during the evening, I went over to Paul's for dinner. Had some excellent BBQ and got to see James Candor's who happened to be back from the Army on visit. The rest of the evening was spent watching FOX TV and catching all my favorite shows.

Got a call from Jamie Godbout last night. He's doing well out in MT. He just got a new Pentium Pro MMX 200 system and was having some difficulty setting up some of the software so he called his technical support hotline (which also seems to be my home phone #!) for some help. Heheheheh, it was good to hear from him. Hopefully his system will stay up and running now.

Got to hang out with my brother Tim over the past week. It was really good to see him and today he takes off for Florida, ready to start his new job as a mate on Calvin Klein's yacht. Ahhh, rough life, eh? I hope he has a great time.

On Thursday I picked up the Cellar Dwellar shirts from Action Graphics. They came out incredibly well. Hat's off to Cathy and Linda for the excellent job they did. Now, if I can only collect the substantial balance that is owed on the bill, I'll be all set!! T-Shot night was Friday night and it was an OK turnout. Hummer came up from RI and Mobbs came over to see everyone. Hats off to Moose for doing an excellent banner this year.

I've added a new Anti-Hate section to my site. I'm still working on it and comments/feedback are welcome.

And since my coffee hasn't quite kicked in this morning, that's all for now.

April 17, 1997: Today I added a Guest Book to my site (or at least the beginning of one). Now, everyone can get everyone else's email address. Cool, eh?

Another pleasant surprise came my way today. Got an email from Jason Jenness. He graduated DWC a couple of years ago and went into the USAF as an officer. He is currently stationed out in Montana, married to his lovely wife Doreen, and they have 2 yellow Labrador Retrievers.

Last night Porky and I drove down to the University of Rhode Island to see Mark "Hummer" Hamel. I promised him I'd get down there to visit him at least once before he graduated. Well, that one is fulfilled (yes, I know there are others waiting for the same to happen… give me time, it will!). Wow, URI sure is a real university compared to little ol' DWC.

Hmmm, looks as if Mother Nature is going to screw up our plans for hiking this weekend. We'll just have to wait and see.

Oh yeah, my brother Tim is getting ready to take on a new job. Get this, he's going to be a crew member on Calvin Klien's yacht! He's off for quite an adventure and I wish him the best of luck. Talk about a fun an interesting job. See the world, millionaire style. FYI, Tim will turn 25 on the 26th of this month. Ahhh, my little brother is catching up to me!

And that's all for today.

April 14, 1997: Well, top of the morning to you! What a great weekend. On Friday night Paul, Jon Godbout and I went up to the Elm Street Station in Manchester for a Jimmy Buffett theme party. Arriving at 7:30, dressed in full Buffett attire, we found the Frisky Hill Band playing some excellent renditions of Jimmy Buffett, Corona Beers at $2 a bottle, and tons of Buffett decorations. The party was Sponsored by the NH Parrot Head Club, Fox 96.5, Corona Beer and the Elm Street Station. It was an excellent party. Paul won a the Beaches/Bars/Ballads/Boats Box set, but by the end of the evening, lost the claim ticket (was a dumb ass!). I won the Changes in Latitudes/Changes in Attitudes CD (most cool). We all walked away with some great posters, banners, and great "Cinco de Mayo'e memorabilia. A great time was had by all. We left there at 12:30 and went directly to Denney's for a late night snack.

On Saturday morning, I awoke to NO HANGOVER, and around 12:30 was pleasantly surprised to find Jim "Rico" Hynek and his lovely girlfriend Melissa at my door step. We immediately planned to spend the night together doing a little drinking, so I went out and picked up a 1.75 liter bottle of Mount Gay Run (from Barbados, ahhhh, a most excellent Rum), and vittles for dinner. At 5:00 we began drinking with Macky and did so until 10:00 pm, when we finally emptied the bottle. Needless to say, we were all pretty 'forschunckered' (inebriated). Paul, Porky and Jon met up with us and we all headed out to Shorty's for a couple of Margaritas (like we needed more alcohol) and it was a great ending to a great day. Oh yeah, did I mention that Macky got so drunk that he decided to run home from Denny's in the middle of the pouring rain without telling anybody? Grrrrrr…. bad Macky, bad boy. I think his new nickname will be Forest Gump.

Sunday morning I awoke again to NO HANGOVER. No idea how that worked out. Went out to breakfast with Macky, Rico and Melissa and then spent the remainder of the day chilling out. Of course, watched the Simpson's (what a great episode, especially the Bob Marley ending), King of the Hill (also a good episode) and the X-Files (great new episode!).

Spoke with Jeremy "J.J." Perusse on Saturday. Looks like he will be moving in with us at the end of May, because Macky will be returning home to ME for the summer (I'm psyched he's moving on, but sad to see him go). I look forward to having J.J move in. We should have a fun year together. Also hear from Steven "Goose" DeMaio (Bill DeMaio's younger brother). He dropped me a line to say hi. Hopefully I'll get my butt down to CT soon to see him and the rest of my extended family, The DeMaio's, very soon.

Oh yeah, did you notice the changes to my WWW home page and the Back Porch page? Let me know what you think.

This coming weekend, Paul, Porky and I are planning to hike up Tuckerman's Ravine on Mt. Washington. Paul and Porky will be skiing this treacherous slope, I will be hiking it and providing first aid to these crazy fools. I think Ady "Duff" Theberge will be joining us for the hike, considering he lives about 20 minutes away. Anyone who is interested in coming along should contact one us this week. We will be going up Sat. morning and camping out Sat. night. Cold weather gear is a must.

By the way, Paul is on vacation this whole week. He'll be up in Port Clyde, ME chillin' out and relaxing for most of it.. I hope he relaxes and enjoys himself. He certainly has earned this break .

And that, in a small green coconut shell, it the week in review.

April 7, 1997: Well, I hope everybody got their clocks set ahead this weekend. Most cool that we will have some extra sunlight to play with after work. As a matter of fact, Paul, Porky and I spent most of Sunday going around to various local bike shops trying to find Paul a new bike and picking up a few parts to tune mine up. Got some new tires and a rock ring. It's gonna be a fun season for biking. I can't wait! Sunday night I hung out at my placed and watched Philadelphia with the crew (still get teary eyed at the end of it) and then lightened my spirits with the Simpson's. King of the Hill was not shown but will be on next week (whew, I thought they canceled it. X-Files was a repeat.).

Saturday, dragged a chair and ottoman out from the living room to the parking log. I spent the first part of the day reading a "Pastimes" from the Spenser for Hire series, a novel by Robert Parker, and got a sweet tan! I then washed and waxed my car, with some help from Porky, and that turned my tan into a sunburn. Heheheh, that will learn me, eh? I look like a friggin' boiled lobster. You'd think I learn by now. Ah well. Saturday night I hung out at my place with E, Crissy, Macky, Sarah (Macky's friend), Bruce and Erin (t' was her birthday! The big 27!).

Friday night I met up with Mike G and Macky at Martha's for a few drinks. After that we went to Friday's were Steve Kirby took care of us at the bar with a few Long Island Ice Teas. Mmmmm, my favorites! After a couple of those, we dropped G off at home, and headed over to DWC for a few drinks. Met up with Tab, Shane , Paul, Porky, John, and the crew of TH 4. Hehehe, I drank a 6 pack of Shane's Woodchuck Ciders and hung out for a couple of hours. T'was quite the fun evening (and it didn't cost me a dime!).

Well, last week I was pleasantly surprised when I received an email from an old friend I haven't heard from in about 7 years. Patrick "Pete" Moran decided to drop me a line and say hi. Pete and I met at Daniel Webster College back in 1988. We spent more than one late night drinking Jameson Irish Whiskey mixed with a cup of black coffee, reading Edgar Allen Poe by the light of a candle which was stuck in the top of a skull, whose name was "Nevermore". Usually, there was some Pink Floyd playing in the background. Ahhhh, those were some fun times. It was definitely nice to hear from Pete and good to be back in contact with him. Now, if we could only get Dano Matropietro back in the swing of things….

And in a cashew shell, that's the week in review.

April 4, 1997: I'm BACK!! Well, it has been a fun and work filled past 10 days or so. Let us see if I can't remember some of what's happened. On Saturday March 22 Paul, Dirk and I headed out to Salt Lake City, UT, off to a Novell Technical Convention called Brainshare. Our flight out was pleasant and uneventful. Upon arriving we checked into the Marriot Courtyard, SLC and relaxed. On Sunday we spent the day at the show site setting up and preparing for the onslaught the upcoming week would bring.

Monday night, after a busy day on the floor, Paul and I were giving passes to Novell's executive suite at the Delta Center to watch the UT Grizzles vs. The Las Vegas Panthers (I think). It was an awesome hockey game, and you couldn't beat the seats (or the free food and beer!). On Tuesday night, Paul and I went out for dinner and enjoyed some of the local beer from Squatters, a great micro-brewery, located within crawling distance of the hotel. Wednesday night there was a huge party at the Delta Center with tons of free food and beer, music, rides, fun, you name it. It was there and all free for the taking. On Thursday night, much of the same, except in more of a laid back environment. Hehehe, tonight, they also included sushi and hard liquor at their buffet. Let's just say I ate and drank my fair share that night and retired to the Jacuzzi afterwards for a good soaking. Friday night, Paul and I went out for a liquid meal at Squatters and relaxed. On Saturday Paul went skiing at Snowbird, and said it was awesome! I took off for Los Angeles.

Jimmy Buffett: We got tickets!! I tried vainly to get tickets while in UT, but my buddies (E, Crissy, John, Dana and Heather) back home came through for me - THANK YOU!. I got a ticket for each night (Thurs./Sat./Sun.) for Great Woods, for the Labor Day weekend show! Hehehehehe, it's gonna be awesome. I'm trying to scrounge up some extra tickets for my friends, so if you need one, let me know and I'll try my best.

I was picked up by Matt Goldman, a friend of mine I met the last time I was out in LA. We spent the entire day together partying it up LA style. It was very good to see this lad. The next day, I met up with John and Joe (John is one of our engineers at Alexander LAN) and Joe (his partner). We spent the day in Santa Barbara enjoying the sun, sights and scenery. T'was a very nice day. On Monday, Joe went to work and John and I went to San Diego for lunch for some awesome Mexican food. After that we decided to head into Tijuana, Mexico for a few hours. Heheheheh, what a fun place. Fun to visit, but I wouldn't want to live there. I picked myself up a new Jimmy Bird to add to my Buffett collection. Most cool. And on Tuesday, I flew home, welcomed by 2 feet of snow! Heheheh, I should've stayed in CA!

Now, I'm playing catch up at work and trying to turn all of these contacts into sales. Heheheh, this could take a few days…. I got a nice letter for Jeremy "J.J." Perrusse. I may get to see him on Sunday. Saturday, I plan to head up to see Ady, since his birthday was yesterday.

And that, in a nutshell, is the past couple of weeks or so in review!


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