April 1998

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April 23, 1998:  Last night I had a surprise visit by David "Woody" Rugaletti.  He popped in for a visit.  He just got a job with US Air and will be training with them over the course of the next 6 weeks.  During the next two weeks, Dave will be staying with his brother Stephen in NH. 

Well, I'll be out in LA for the next week.  I hope that everyone has a great week.  I sure know that I'm going to!  All the best ~Penz 

April 20, 1998:  Wow, did I have an awesome weekend!  On Saturday, Becky and I went into Boston to do a little shopping down on Boylston, St.  Hehehe, I wanted to go to the GLADD DAY bookstore and see what they had.  Hmmm, about $80 later, I walked out of there, ginning like a kid leaving a candy store. 

The weather was awesome and I used Bekcy's cell phone to call my brother and a few minutes later, we met up at the Sam Adams brewery for lunch.  We had a great time just sipping back on a cold brew and enjoying the conversation.  After an hour or so, we headed dwon to one of Tim's favorite bars, Whiskey's.  We spent the next 5-6 hours there drinking Blue Moon Ale (on tap) and shots of Red Death (that' an Alabama Slamma' and a Kamikaze mixed together.  Mmmmmm, quiet tasty!)  Hehehe, it made for an awesome night and I really enjoyed just haning out with my brother and Becky.  Heheh, talk about a fun crowd. 

We parted ways around 8:00 p.m. and Becky and I got to tromp across the finish line of the Boston Marathon, laughing like a couple of clowns.  Ahhh, it was just one of those really cool days.  It's really nice being back together again with my brother.  I certainly do love him a lot! 

On Sunday, my father came up for a visit.  He and I went out to lunch and I took him around to show him my new place of work.  He was quite impressed with NuMega and I was really glad to see him pleased with my new job.  We had a really nice visit together and it was great to see him. 

Later on that night, Porky and I went out for dinner at a local Vietnamesse Noodle House (P'hou's) and got the chance to catch up with each other.  I am so psyched for him becasue he has found a wonderful woman (Meg).  together they make a great couple and I only wish them the best.  Keep on smiling my friend.  Carpe Diem!! 

This week is going to be a long week.  I'm VERY excited about going out to LA to see Alex and to visit with my very good friends John and Joeseph.  Plus that fact that I get to fly out with Becky just makes it that much more cool!  Hehehehe, I can' wait. 

I'll try to make another entry before I leave, but if I don't, I hope that you have a great next couple of weeks.  I know that I'm certainly going to! 

Oh yeah, if you get the chance, check out this very cool link.  It is the story of a 12 year old straight boy scout who is fighting the BSA's anti-gay policy.  Hat's off to this very brave and admirable young man. 

All the best!  ~Penz 

April 13, 1998:  Well, I hope that everyone had a pleasant holiday weekend.  I know that I enjoyed mine :-)  Friday night started with Eric Larson coming into town.  He and I met at my place and then headed off the grocery store where we picked up some food for dinner.  Shortly thereafter, we were joined by Paul and John and we all sat down to dinner (pork ribs on the grill, baby!  And yeah, they were tasty!).  Then the blender kicked on and the whiskey sours started brewing.  Ahhhh, it was quite the fun night of just kicking back and wastin' away with good friends...  Later on that evening, I spent a couple of hours taking with Dano Mastropietro.  He, his new wife, and I spent about an hour and a half catching up.  I'm looking forward to seeing them both in person in the not too distant future.  Stay tuned, as some of Dano's poems will be appearing in the poetry section of my site. (long overdue!!) 

On Saturday, Eric and I went to a local hobby store to check out some RC helicopters and cars.  After seeing how much they were, he decided to hold off on getting into RC helicopter flying for a while!  But, I was pretty intrigued by the model rockets.  So, I dropped a modest $30 on a starters kit, picked up a few extra engines, and headed off to Hollis with E for some fun.  We had a blast (literally!).  We spent and hour and a half launching our Ertes starter rocket, getting it up to about 1000', before we finally lost it in some trees.  Heheheheh, didn't matter.  We had a terrific time!  Later on that afternoon, E headed back down to his father's place and I went out for a bike ride.  That night, I rented "The Game" (v. cool and twisted movie!) and "The Devil's Advocate" (Al Paccino and Keaneu Reeves...  AWESOME.  Al is such a dog!). 

On Sunday, I went up to Paul's parents house for an excellent day of hanging out with his family, eating some awesome food, and doing a little recreational shooting.  Heheheh, a redneck Easter!  Mrs. Barnes made an excellent ham and a pork roast, complimented with raison sauce, carrots, bread and all the fixin's.  For dessert, there was banana cream pie (my favorite!), strawberry truffle, cherry cheesecake, and some other dessert I can't remember right now.  Ahhh, gooooood foooood! 

So, that's the weekend in review.  Hope you enjoyed yours! 

I'll soon be updating my favorite links page and the poetry section of my web site.  Also, if you are looking for the gallery, it can be found under the adult link section of my favorite links.   ~Penz 

April 6, 1998:   Is it really April already?  Wow, this year is flying by us, eh?  Guess that means we must be having a lot of fun! 

Last week was pretty busy at work, although we did find some time to sneak in a little fun.  Of course that's only if you think shaving your head and wearing a silly hat all day long is fun!  Hahahah, of course it is. 

This past weekend was pretty quiet.  Just decided to hang out here in Nashua and relax.  Still trying to catch up on some lost sleep due to a nasty little bug I had last week.  Otherwise, not too much else going on, except me anxiously waiting for the end of the month.  I'm taking a week out in Los Angeles, CA to visit some friends of mine, and one very special guy in particular <hi Alex>  :-)   <sigh>.. >:-) 

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