August 2000

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August 28, 2000:  Well, I had a pretty good weekend.  On Friday, I took the day off from work and with my friend Devery, headed down to Long Beach, CA (about 5 hours South, outside of LA) to meet up with Mark "Hummer" Hammel.  Purpose of the trip was to meet Mark and pick up some of my stuff that got moved out w/him to Tucson, AZ and to pick up some of Devery's stuff that he had stored in the local area.  The ride down was in a Pontiac Grand AM (courtesy of Hertz) and was a pretty decent drive.  The nice long, flat, straight stretch of highway 5 provided me w/some time to clear my head and think a little more clearly (as Devery was zonked out for most of the ride).  We got into Long Beach around 2:00 PM and met up w/Mark at the hotel.  After exchanging hugs and greetings w/my bro, Devery headed off to meet up with one of his friends and Mark and I headed off to the beach front to find a bar.

We ended up first at Tequila Jacks, which boasts serving 114 different types of tequila.  Well, they do and after a couple of top shelf margarita's made w/the good stuff, we were feeling quite nice!  We then stopped off at a little German bakery for a yummy piece of strudel while we waited for the restaurant we wanted to have dinner at to open.  At 5:00 pm it was dinner at Parker's Lighthouse where we enjoyed a couple more tasty beverages, were met by Devery and his friend, and enjoyed a nice dinner.  That night, we headed down to the beach for a bit where we kicked back for a bit, then off to a local coffee house for a quick java nightcap.  Mark and I zonked out by 9:30 pm.

The next morning, after breakfast, we picked up the U-Haul truck and then picked up Devery's stuff.  It was then decided that we'd head back to our respective homes as we were all getting 'weird' feelings about the local area.  Hehehe, maybe it was just too ghetto, maybe there was just a twinge of bad karma in the air.  Well, we figured we'd just rather take off, so we did. Mark was back on the road to Tucson and Dev' and I were on a noisy 5.5 hour trip back North (damn truck is loud!).  

We got back to the San Jose area around 5:00 where we met up w/Chris "Scooby" Morton for coffee 'n conversation.  Then off to Devery's house to drop off his stuff and back to my place.  About 20 minutes later, I was pleasantly surprised when Justin showed up.  He was just gonna kick back at my place, not expecting me back until Sunday, but he was psyched to find me there (as was I him :).  That night we just stayed in and chilled.

The next morning, we got up and headed into San Francisco for breakfast at Saveour in Noe Valley.  This is one of our favorite breakfast places, and after another terrific meal, we stopped by the local market and picked up some bird feed.  Why you ask?  Cause we then headed over to the Exploratorium by the Golden Gate Bridge and spent the next hour or so feeding the pigeons.  Hehehehe, it was so cool!  We had birds on our shoulders, arms and heads, feeding out of our hands.  By some miracle, neither one of us got crapped on by the 150+ birds!!  We had a lot of fun w/the little kids who joined us in feeding the birds and just enjoying the experience.  It's amazing just how much fun you can have with a $2 bag of birdseed.  In some way, it was a nice moment of clarity, where only the simple things in life really mattered......

After that, we headed on back to Fremont where later on that afternoon I made dinner and then took Justin back to SJC State University.  His room and roommate are both really cool and though he's having a rough first week and all getting settled in, I know that in no time flat, he'll be in the swing of things.  

Today I spoke with Dano Mastropietro!  My dark skinny brother and I haven't seen each other in way too many years (he says 6 and I'm scared to think it's true!).  He's doing well living out in CT with his wife, and during my trip back East in Sept, we'll be meeting up for a night to do some more catching up in person.

And that is what has been going on, in a tiny nutshell.  I hope all is well in your world.


August 24, 2000: Errrr, guess I've been neglecting my journal eh? 

Well, it's been a busy month.  Justin and I had a great time together over the last month and I still can't believe it's over.  Today I helped him move into his dorm at San Jose State University.  It seems like a really cool place and I know that he will do well there.  I know that I'm really going to miss coming home to him and having him around over the next few weeks, but alas, c'est la vie.

This week has been a very long and tiring week and I really don't feel like writing much, but, here's a brief overview:

My father is not doing well.  His health has continued to get worse, and as of today, he's been checked in to a nursing home for 24x7 care.  This is not where anyone in the family wants him, but for right now, due to medical reasons, our options are limited.

Life at Quintus has been good for most of the month, but this past week was a tough one.  Lot's of issues to be dealt with, lot's of issues, but all in all, things will be ok.

My attitude is still positive and upbeat for the most part, I'm just really tired right now, that's all.  I'm taking the weekend and heading down to LA to meet up with Mark "Hummer" Hamel who's coming in from Tucson.  It should be a fun, and much needed, break.

Until then, be well.


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