August 2002

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August 31, 2002:  Hmmm, it's been a busy month but the fun ones usually are :)  The weekend of August 9, I flew back to the East coast.  The primary reason for the trip would be Mark Hammel and Jessica Spitler's wedding which would occur the following weekend, but of course, I came back a week early to visit w/some friends and family and work out of the Concord, MA office.

I got in later to town than I expected that weekend, but had a lot of fun hanging out with Spidey, who just happened to be in town from Cincinatti, OH and with Jason Stupp, who was up from the Cape to visit.  We had a great time hanging out on Saturday night/Sunday.  It was good seeing the both of them over the weekend.  I also got to see my friend Mooky, of whom I missed greatly!  We spent a fun afternoon together on Saturday, just hanging out and walking along the river paths down in Nashua near Miyan Park.  It made for a really really nice afternoon :-)  On Sunday, Paul came down and we went down to see his Noni in Hudson, MA.  Hehehe, we had a great visit and of course, she cooked for us and we ate :)  Hehehe, she's about 85 years old, but damn, she gets around just fine, can cook up a storm, and always makes us laugh :)  That's a good way to be at her, or any age :)

On Monday night, Alex McCabe threw a nice little BBQ at his house and a fun group gathered to hang out, eat, drink and socialize.  Tab and Patno came down from Manchester, my sister Gini and Johnson came up from Peabody, Jason came up from the cape, Heather stopped in from Hudson, and Junior walked his ass across the street to join us.  Hehehehehe, as usual, Alex through a great party and everyone had plenty to eat & drink and a good time was had by all.

On Tuesday night I went over to Pete L's house for a fun night of beer, pizza and pool.  Pete and I have worked together for a few years now and it was really great to spend some time with him and a few of our other co-workers for a night of fun :)

Wednesday night, I went down to Peabody and spent the night with my brother Tim, his wife Suzanne and Gini.  We all went out to dinner in Wakefield and just had a nice time together :)  His house is looking great, Tyler is getting bigger, and all in all, he is treating life very well.  It was great hanging out with my family... I sure do miss them a lot! XOXOXOXX :)

Thursday night, Paul, Dirk and I met up for a night of good eating and drinking up at Cotton's in Manchester, NH.  Hehehe, a debacherous time was had by all :-)

On Friday, after work, I headed down to RI to attend Mark and Jessica's rehersal dinner.  Had a great time meeting up with his friends and family.

Saturday was the wedding.  It was beautiful and went off without a hitch.  The reception was amazing!  It was held at the Aldrich Mansion, which was were "Meet Joe Black" was filmed.  Pretty amazing!  Jessica was a gorgeous bride and Mark the handsome groom.  I am truly thankful that they invited me to be a part of this wonderful celebration (even though I had to wear a tux in that hot humid New England weather ;-)

On Sunday, I flew home!

Labor Day weekend was a good one.  My good friend and estranged brother Keith Evans came down for a visit. We've recently gotten back in touch with each other after a few years and that's been a good thing.  I've certainly missed having this pup in my life.  We spent Friday night out on the town, clubbing in San Francisco.  It was a great time!  On Saturday, we rested up and hung out.  That night, we took it easy.  On Sunday morning, Keith left and I headed over to Michael and Shannon's house were we met up with Rob, Joe, Renette and a couple others and headed off to the Livermore Winery Festival.  It was a great way to spend the day! Afterwards, it was back to Michael and Shannon's place for more wine, a light dinner, more wine and the hotub!

Monday was a day of rest :-)

And that puts us into September!

Wow.... time's a flying!

And here waving hello is Ryan Hynek!  Ain't he cute! Hehehe, Rico you did good :)


August 4, 2002:  Let's see, had a pretty good week.  Work was interesting as Avaya began the process of laying off 2500 employee's.  I sadly had to say good-bye to one or two co-workers that I really enjoyed working with.  This week, I may have to do the same again.  On the brighter side, my position is pretty darn secure so I'm not worried about my job right now.  Hopefully, this economy and this corporation will turn for the better over the next 6-12 months and all will be well.  If not, I'll be starting a new adventure career wise :)

On Tuesday of last week, I went out to dinner in San Francisco with my friend David Parker.  We ended up going to PJ's Oysterbed on 737 Irving Street.  David took me there for a belated birthday dinner and we had a wonderful meal.  The theme of the restaurant is Cajun (and though they had gumbo on the menu, I didn't get it).  I did enjoy a wonderful dish called "Peruvian Stew" which had oysters, crab, lobster and crab in a spicy cream based creole sauce.  It was delicious.  Their house margaritas, made with cranberry juice was also pretty darn tasty :)  We hung out for a bit after dinner, and then it was back to Dublin for me.

On Wednesday night, I went out to dinner with Art.  We ended up at this tasty little Italian restaurant "Stroozi's" just around the corner in Pleasanton.  The house specialty there is this homemade thick pita type bread that they stuff with gorgonzola cheese and garlic.  STINKY but delicious!  Hahaha, after our yummy dinner, it was off for a drive around the back roads of Livermore.

Thursday night, I had dinner with Justin at Fuzzio's.  I got a coupon in the mail for a $25 free dinner there.  Hahaha, who was I to pass it up! :)  We had a pretty tasty meal and just hung out for the rest of the night.

Friday night I went out to dinner with Justin and his friend Jarred.  We ended up going to the Elephant Bar down in Fremont.  It was  fun dinner, as this was the first time I met Jarred.  Justin met him at a party a few weeks ago.  Turns out he's from CT, which was cool, since he had that dark sense of humor that only New Englander's seem to have.  It was fun hanging out with the two of them.... though even I had to admit it's still difficult to see Justin hanging out w/someone who he could potentially date.  <sigh>  My issue, not his. <sigh>  Ah well .... :>

Saturday was pretty much a relaxing day.  I hung out with Justin for most of it.  We did some grocery shopping in the morning and then headed up to Berkeley to check out the tattoo parlor that Jared works at.  We did, said a quick hi, debated on new tattoo's and not being able to find ones that we really couldn't live without, took off.  We wandered around Berk for a bit and then headed back to Dublin, where I made dinner (spicy BBQ pork on the grill, diced and mixed with sweet/hot thai chili sauce served over butter and cheese fuscilli pasta.  Mmmmm, yummy!

I talked to Jason Stupp this past week.  He's going through some life issues right now with the mother of his child.  Other than that fiasco, he's in good health and doing ok.

I briefly spoke with Mack early on in the week.  He and Heather are doing well up in Maine.

Also talked to Dave Crenshaw.  He and Jamie are doing fine and all's well in their life.

And that, in a tiny nutshell, is what's up with me.  What' up with you? :)  Hope all is well in your corner of the world.


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