August 2003

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August 14, 2003:  Well hello there :)  Hope all has been well in your world.  So what's been going on with me lately?  Let' see if I can remember.

Last weekend I went down to the greater LA area to see Adam and his girlfriend Meredith. We had a great time together!  On Friday night, we met at their new place and hung out.  They had just moved into this great little one bedroom + loft house just off the 101 on  Topenga Canyon Road.  It's an awesome location and a great place.  It has such 'good energy' and I'm totally psyched that the two of them are finally off on their own, where they can hopefully find a bit more 'peace' in their lives. Before hand, neither one was living in an ideal environment which was conducive to relaxing.  So, that night, we had a nice vegetarian Chinese dinner and then we all crashed out. 

The next day, Adam and I hung out together, zipping around doing some errands and just hanging out. That night though, the three of us wound up at this crazy party down on Malibu Lake.  Adam's good friend Doug invited us all down to hang out and party with him and his friends on his house boat.  Basically, this was a big ol' dock party, were people go from dock to dock to see everyone, have a drink, eat some food, and hang out.  The theme of the party was 'Asian' so many people came dressed up!  Me, well, I was a big ol' ninja and I guess I looked pretty good in my costume, cause I got a lot of compliments on it (heheh, it was just funny).

Robert Hayes

So, anyway, there we are, drinking lots of rum and hanging out when Adam goes, "look, it's Robert Hayes".  And without turning around, I'm like, Robert Hayes, who the heck is that?  He's says "That's the actor who played Jeff Stryker in Airplane!". I'm like, no way and so I turn around and sure enough, there he is! Hehehehe, it was too funny!  This guy has been making me laugh for years, so I figured I aught to go and say hi to him. I walked up to him, tapped him on the shoulder and said "I'd just like to say thank you for making me laugh for about 20 years". He turned around, started laughing and we started talking.  He was really nice and we chatted for a few minutes.  Later on that night, we met again, on the island in the middle of the lake where a DJ was playing some tunes and the wine and tequila were flowing.  Well, they started playing Saturday Night Fever and me being pretty toasted, just had to go out and dance to that. Well, sure enough I turn around and there is Robert Hayes walking his 90 something year old mother out to the dance area.

She stopped and looked at him, I turned and said "DUDE!" and he looked at me, and then back at his mom and said, "Ok, just once!" and started doing the dance from Airplane! Hehehehe, his mom and I were laughing our asses off and there I was, dancing with the two of them.... All the while, Adam stood on the sidelines with a huge grin on his face, admiring what he would later define as a "classic Penz moment." Hehehe, too much....  The rest of the night was a blur, suffice to say, it was a lot of fun!

The next morning, I got up (no hangover, thank you) and had a cup of coffee with Adam. After that, I took off and headed into LA to meet up with Justin for a couple of hours. We had a nice breakfast together, and then I was on my way back up to Northern, CA.  All in all, it was a great weekend!

The rest of the week was spent at work and it was a busy one.  I spent a couple of nights over at Jill and Ashish's place hanging out with their 5 week old son Nikhil.  That was a lot of fun!  This is a great shot of Nikhil :)

and here is a great shot of Jill and Ashish Parikh. This picture was taken on their wedding day :)

and of course, this is Jill's best friend Amy of whom I've also had the pleasure to spend a lot of time with!  Heheh, we're 'regular' guests at the Parikh family dinner table and can commonly be found draining a wine bottle with them :-)

Not too much planned for the upcoming week other than work and hanging out with my friends and relaxing.  I may head up to Northern, CA ( Mt. Shasta region), the weekend of the 23rd and the following week, on Wednesday, I take off for a week back on the East coast. Main purpose of that trip is to attend Tucker and Andy's commitment ceremony in VT and of course, get a couple of days in with friends/family.

That's all for now!  I hope all is well with your world.


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