August 2006

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August 14, 2006: Well as of Friday August 11, I'm officially a resident of the city of San Francisco! Two weeks worth of prepping made the move a smooth one. Christopher Allen (Justin's brother) stayed over on Thursday night and on Friday morning, we got up, grabbed some breakfast from Hobbee's and then picked up the rental truck from Budget. At 10:00 the two of us started backing the truck and like two men on a mission, we worked diligently and by noon, we were finished! We then hopped into the truck and headed up to SF and arrived around 1:00 PM. Unloading the truck only took an hour and by 3:00 we had finished and driven back to Santa Clara to return the truck and then go back to my old place and do a final cleaning. I turned in the keys at 5:00 at were were outta there!! LOL as a final tribute to the drive to SF, there was a nice traffic jam that slowed traffic to the point that it took us almost two hours to make the drive that normally takes about 45 min. Oh well.... it'll be a while before I have to do that again :)

My new place is awesome. I live at 14th Street and Guerrero (which right on the edge of the Mission District) in a 3 unit Victorian house which was built in 1906. I'll post some pictures up here as soon as I get the place a little more set/cleaned up. LOL I'm still unpacking boxes :P

On Saturday, I spent most of the day with Justin who come over to help me unpack. After clearning a path throug the boxes and getting my bedroom, office and kitchen basically set up, we made an Ikea run to pick up some small stuff for the place (curtains, area rugs, etc). We'd then spend the rest of the day just unpacking. That afternoon, Christopher came by as the Comcast guys wired my office for internet access and got my TV up and running, When they left, we'd all go grab a quick bite to eat at The Window, which is right around the corner from me on Valencia and the serve up some tasty asian cuisine! LOL I see myself visiting there quite often!

On Sunday, I woke up and did not want to get out of bed. My body felt like it had been hit by a truck or two (moving sucks!) but I rallied and headed off to Rosenblum Cellars to work the open house there. Ashish, Jill, Amy all stopped to check out and taste some of the YUMMY new releases. I'll be posting my favorites soon (just let me pick up a few more bottles before you go and buy them all out!) LOL :) After work, it was back to my place. As I walked in the front door, I got a call from Matt Consola who was over at Matt Rooney's place and then invited me over for dinner. I was beat but could certainly use a good meal so I headed over and was treated to a delicous Italian dinner. I brought the wine and they supplied everything else. YUM! I'd then eventually make it back to me place where I'd crash.

Today (Monday) I'm taking the day off and will spend it unpacking and getting my place setup. I just need a day to chill and get this stuff done and to make my new place 'feel like home' :) SBC will be here sometime today to setup my phone line (for work) and tomorrow my washer/dryer are arriving (yes, laundry in the unit!). Hehe by weeks end, I'll be ready to entertain!

And with that said, back to unpacking :)

I hope all is well w/you. Drop a line and say HI!


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