August 2008

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08/18/08: What a fun weekend! So Rob and Sudan (my "adopted" mom and dad) went out of town over the weekend and kindly let me use their house while they were gone. They have a beautiful house which has an awesome back patio with a pool and BBQ. Well, I figured that the only thing better than spending a Saturday sitting by the pool with a beer and some good food, would be to invite a few friends to share that experience with me. Hahahah, turns out that the words "pool party" are quite attractive to city dwellers and within a short time, I had a great group of people to enjoy the day with.

The crew started arriving around 1 PM and by 3 PM there were just over a dozen of my friends there. I had visited Costco the day before and picked up plenty of munchies and food (hehehe, I've had lots of training throwing BBQ's with Rob and Susan). People brought their own beer and lots of munchies which kept the hunger and thirst at bay for a bit :) I fired up the grill around 2:45 and around 3:30 I served up the grub which consisted of 10 lbs of marinated tri-trip, 4 lbs of marinated pork tenderloin, grilled eggplant, a couple loaves of sliced sourdough bread, and some potatoes salad. Following Becky's lead from a few weeks ago, I made two batches of homemade macaroni and cheese (each pan consisted of a pound of pasta which was covered in a sauce made up of 2.5 pounds of hand shredded sharp cheddar cheese, a bit of butter and milk and spiced up with jalapeno's. It was all topped off with some more shredded cheese and bread crumbs). Hahah, well lets just say people were hungry and within an hour, the food was devoured :). People would hang out by the pool into the last hours of the night and suffice to say, it was a very fun way to spend the day :)

Matt Consola and Brian Mayer (our amazing photographer!)

Ryan and Justin

Justin and Jim

A very happy Penz

A very handsome Matte Zovich

Justin.... looking pretty cute!

Matte, Penz, Matt and (zomg forgot your name! :)

Ben Daniels - "ZOMG this party rocks!"

Tim Sherrill enjoying the sun =)

Josh, Matte, Justin and Penz. Shenannigans in the pool!

Ryan and Justin. "Bear Musk", by Calvin Klein.

Yes, I'd like some more wine. What's taking you so long!?!?!

Another shot of Justin of which makes me think Brian should change his profession...

A smiling Matte as the evening begins to wind down

On Sunday, I spent the morning making sure that patio was cleaned up and everything in it proper order before taking some time to wash and detail my car. I then spent most of the rest of the day swimming and relaxing by the pool. I know, rough life but hey, someone had to do it :)

08/09/08: Well today was a fun packed and busy day. It started around 9:30 am when Justin and I left the house, grabbed some coffee, and took MUNI down to the Powell Station. From there, we walked up the hill (yes I was huffing and puffing by the end of it) to the Fairmont hotel where the cars were being displayed and getting ready to take off for the 10th Annual Gumball 3000 rally. There were some amazing cars (as you'll see below) and with only a $120,000 entrance fee, you can imagine there were a couple of 'famous' people around as well. The two that we saw were Tyson Beckford (super model) and my favorite, David Hasselhoff! Hahah, he had the original KITT car there (which apparently he will be driving a lil bit throughout the rally when he's not in his 2008 Audi R8).

Transamerica building disappearing into the morning fog

Hiking up the hill to the Fairmont Hotel (couldn't get on the trolley w/my coffee!)

A sweet Lamborghini!

Ahhh, drool, my dream car :)

A sweet BMW M6, which was Justin's favorite car!

Where the term "hot wheels" came from :)

Ryan and Justin 'striking a pose'

Super model Tyson Beckford

KITT from Knight Rider!

The Audi R8 being driven by David Hasselhoff

Oh, yeah! The man himself, David Hasselhoff!! Hehehe, was cool to see him :)

Hehehe, this was the souvenir photo card that he handed me. LOL hmmm, I think it was taken a few years before present date :) For more on him, visit

Enzo Ferrari

Around 12:15 we took off and I headed off by myself back up towards the Castro where I met up with my friends Kevin and Tim. We had a tasty lunch as Osaka Sushi and then strolled around the Castro for a bit. Then, just before 3, we headed into the Castro Street Theatre to see a double feature of Labyrinth and The Never Ending Story! The theatre is running a special series of pre-CGI movies and these two are a couple of old favorites. It made for a fun way to kill the afternoon. After the first movie, Tim took off to do some grocery shopping and get the apartment ready for a lil party he was having later on. Kevin and I stayed and watched the second movie together. Afterwards, we walked back to my house. I quickly showered and changed.

Before I left, I gave Kevin an Appa stuffed animal that I had gotten last week. Heheh, it was a bit of a thank you gift for introducing me to the cartoon Avatar: The Last Airbender. It is an AMAZING cartoon, done by Nickelodeon, that I got hooked on after seeing the very first episode. I ended up going out and purchasing all three seasons of it and watching each and every episode. I've already turned on a couple of my friends to this awesome toon and they all agree that it's a great series!!

Hahah, well we then headed back to his apartment where he had a lil gift waiting for me :P LOL a very cool t-shirt that you know I'm going to be wearing on Sunday :)

The rest of the night would be spent hanging out, drinking, eating and talking and just having a really fun night together :) It was a really great way to spend a Saturday :)

08/08/08: Hehehe, nice date! Well, the Olympics start today, so there goes watching TV for a few weeks :D

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August 4, 2008: So on Thursday, Becky flew into town for a lil visit. I got to see her on Friday when I headed over to Rob and Susan's in Atherton. Upon my arrival, I was quickly enlisted into the work effort of getting the back deck ready for Sunday's BBG. Furniture had to be scrubbed down, windows washed, deck swept and hosed down, and a few good bottles of wine to be consumed :) Within a couple hours, the work was done and we found ourselves relaxing by the pool eating some very tasty blackened steaks, the first pick of the season sweet white corn, hothouse tomatoes with mozzerella and balsamic vinegar and some very good wine. As the sun went down, we spent the rest of the night enjoying each other's company, with Becky and I being the last ones to retire.

Rob and Scott contemplating the gorgeous weather

The next morning, it was off to do some grocery shopping at Costco and a few other local markets. Within a couple hours, we picked up all the supplies for the next day's BBQ and brought them back home. Shortly thereafter, I took off back to San Francisco to get ready for a party.

An hour or so later, I was back home, cleaned up and ready to go. My friend Matte Zovich headed over and the two of us headed off to Ben Daniels new apartment over in Oakland. Upon our arrival, we found that his mom and dad were already there, so we opened up a few bottles of wine and started hanging out. Within a few minutes, Joey and Ariel showed up along with Matt and Frank, and so the party began! His parents would leave about an hour later, and the drinking picked up some steam. LOL lets just say that we had quite the fun night together and Ben's first party in his new place was sure a memorable one for him and his neighbors.

The next morning, I headed back over to Rob and Susan's for the BBQ. It was a lot of fun and simply a gorgeous day. Becky and I did all of the cooking while Rob and Susan played the wonderful hosts and had people mingling in no time. I had a really great time and it was a whole lot better having Becky there to share the event with :) I missing having her around!

The gracious host opening up a bottle of white :)

Scott, Becky and Susan - what a happy lookin' crew :)


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