August 2009

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August 17, 2009: Last week was a good week and I had the pleasure of seeing my friend Scot Servis, his lovely wife Katie and her family (parents and sister). They were all in town visiting from MA on vacation and I got to meet up them on Tuesday night for dinner. We had a great meal at the Mission Beach Cafe and it was BBQ Tuesday, and that made it that much more tasty :) It was a fun night and it was certainly great to meet Katie's family.

On Thursday, Scot came over to my place around 5:00 and we got to hang out and catch up for a bit. About and hour and a half later, Adam Arnold arrived. He drove all the way up from LA so that we could all be together and we'd spend the rest of the night hanging out and catching up. On Friday, we'd do more of the same before heading down to Atherton for some R&R.

Rob and Susan kindly let me use their house while they were away in Monterey and I wasn't going to pass up that opportunity. They have a gorgeous house and considering the time of year, there's no better time for a pool party and BBQ! Friday night, Noam, Scot, Adam, Katie, Jenn and I hung out and spent the evening chilling by the pool. I grilled up some very tasty burgers and made some fresh corn for dinner. All in all, a very nice night!

Adam Arnold

Scot Servis

The next morning, everyone but Noam headed out and I began the final preparations for the pool party. 20 lbs of marinated sirloin steaks, 10 lbs of marinated chicken, 8 eggplants, 4 lbs onions, fresh bread and salad were ready to go! People started arriving at 11 and the bulk of the crew didn't leave until about 7. It was a really nice day :)

Brian Mayer

Clarice, the love of my life, enjoying her time by the pool :)

Noam enjoying a little head rub from Penz

Matte giving his boyfriend Erik a foot massage. Mmm.

Matt and Chris :)

Belly rubs!!!


Mike, Tony, David, Reagan, Noam, and Brian (Matte and Erik in the background)

Mike Schneider

Chris, David, Matt and Tony

Kai :)

Brian Mayer

Chris and Erik - the muscle boys of the party :)

Matt and Tony

Fun in the pool!

August 7, 2009: it's been a good week. Kept very busy at work and have got to hang out with some friends. Last night, I had dinner with Sean Gustilo and we went to Mission Beach Cafe. Oh my, did we have some good food :)

August 3, 2009: Brian and Kai came over to my place tonight and cooked me an amazing meal! It was so much fun to have them use my kitchen and make dinner. Heheh, good friends to have around. Rib eye steaks with romesco sauce, grilled garlic bread with habenero butter, and pasta with tarragon pesto sauce. For dessert, strawberry and black pepper shortbread cookies with vanilla ice cream. Oh yeah baby, nothing but yummy :) Thank you guys!! :)

August 2, 2009: Sometimes we just brush over the events we read in the paper on events in the middle East. A car bomb kills 2, a bomb kills 20 in a market, a gunman kills 2 kids. Yeah, it's easy for it to just be news until you directly connect with it or know someone who does. My friend Noam, who I've known for about 5 months now, is here in San Francisco from Tel Aviv. He came here about 7 months ago, on a work visa. Last night in Tel Aviv, a masked gunman entered a gay youth community center, opened fired and shot and killed 2 people and wounded 11 others. One of the two people who were killed was Nir Katz, and he was a good friend of Noam's.





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