August 1997

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August 26, 1997: Well, it's only 2 days until Jimmy Buffett Fest '97 begins!!!! To say that I'm excited is an understatement. So far, for the 3 day event and the 8 of us attending each day, we have ready: 10 lbs. of Jamaican Jerked Chicken, 20 Lbs. of cheeseburgers, 10 lbs. each of Paul's homemade potato and pasta salad, chips, condiments, oh yeah, and enough Margaritas and beer to satisfy a thirsty town! We have also constructed a 8' x 12' free standing Caribbean Mural that will mark out our territory in the parking lot. For a complete list of who's going with our group and some of our crazy parrot head adventures, click here.

Tonight, we are heading up to the Concord, NH Capital Center for the Arts to see the Coral Reefer Band. This is Buffett's band, minus Buffett. These guys are awesome as each plays their own music which is a bit different from the normal Buffett line up. There is a small chance that JB may make a surprise appearance. Now wouldn't that be cool!!!!

If I don't email you back or fall a little behind on returning calls this week, it's due to the concert festivities. Hope you understand!

Have a great week, FINS UP! I'll see ya in Margaritaville! ~penz

August 18, 1997: For everyone who got the "So Penz, are you…" email, I thank you for your kind thoughts, support and feedback. Just so you know, I was in a very good mood when I wrote that email. I not sure why I chose to do it then, I just felt like it! Hehehehe, gotta go with the flow…

Hope everyone has a great week! ~penz

August 17, 1997: Wow, I've been pretty busy for the past few weeks and that's why there really haven't been any journal entries this month. Ok, let's work from the present on back

This weekend has really been nice and relaxing. I've just hung out, kicked back, and did not have a schedule. Ahhhhh, nice for a change. One of the major highlights was a movie I rented and watched. Recommended to me by a great friend, it is called "It's My Party". It is the story of a gay man who is diagnosed with AIDS. One year later, he find that he has about 5 days to live. He still looks great and feels ok, but he's starting to slip. So, he invites all of his friends and family over for a two day farewell party. This movie is heartwarming. It made me laugh, think, and at the end, for the first time in many many years, actually brought me to tears. I highly recommend it and hope that you all get the chance to see it.

Over the past two weeks, I have had guests from Sacramento, CA. Mike Evans came out for five days and we had an excellent time together visiting and catching up. On the day that he left, his brother Keith flew in and spent 10 days out here visiting his family and me. We had an awesome time together.

J.J. Perusse has pretty much moved in as my new roommate. He will be down here permanently in Sept. Rumor has it that Macky may also return to the household.

My brother Tim has returned from Florida. The yacht is in the shop for a few months, so he decided to come back up North for a while and visit friends and family for a bit.

My sister Gini is at a Phish concert this weekend. Hehehehe, I guess partying to crazy music and living it up runs in the Penziner family! Speaking of that, Jimmy Buffett is only two weeks away!!! Look out Great Woods!!!!

Next weekend, one of my dearest friends, Lisa Cragan is getting married to a wonderful man. They have asked me to do a reading in the wedding, and of course, I've accepted. Heheheh, I've got her all worried by telling her that I will be doing the reading in my best "James Brown" voice impersonation. Heheheh, I think Ma Cragan would have a few words with me if I did that!

Had a surprise visit from Kevin "Belushi" Knapp last week. He was on his way down to MA to visit Adam "Skunk" White. I guess Adam is getting married and his buddies are throwing him a bachelor party. Congrat's to ya Adam! Kevin is still working up on VT at the ski slopes and is doing very well! He looks great and seems very happy.

My company, B.A.Daug, is up and running. We are now actually receiving orders for our first shirt! Heheheh, glad to know that somebody likes the design. Check it out!

And that, in a teeny tiny coconut shell, is about it, for now.


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