August 1998

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August 31, 1998:  Well, I missed last weeks entry, but hey, I've been having fun!  This past weekend was awesome, as it began the weeked of Jimmy Buffett!!!  Click here to check out the pictures!

I will be updating my journal in a week or so, but here's a quick overview:  Last weekend, awesome time in Portsmouth, NH, this past weekend, Jimmy Buffett!  This week (Sept 1 - Sept 7), I'll be in New Mexico visiting some great friends Tues - Thursday, and then Thursday night I fly to TX, where I'll be getting ready to attend Travis " Shoebox" Nelsen's wedding!  I'm the best man for the wonderful event.  As you can imagine, I'll be extremely busy, but I'll be trying to check my email.  When I get back, I'll update my journal and fill you in on all the details.  Until then, keep smilin'!  Boat Drinks! ~Penz

August 18, 1998:  Well, it was a pretty quiet weekend.  On Sunday, Paul, Dustin, Alex and I went and saw "Saving Private Ryan" at the Showcase Cinema in Lowell, MA.  This movie was incredibly powerful.  Anyone who is wants to get a true taste of just how much "War is hell".... this is the movie for you.  Hats off to Stephen Spielberg for an incredible recreation of this tragic event. 

Also over the weekend, I rented two movies: "Kiss the Girls" (really good suspense flick) and "Kiss Me Guido" (homurous story of a 'guido' straight guy who ends up with a gay roommate in NYC.  Worth renting, pretty damn funny!). 

On Monday, I rented "Man Behind the Iron Mask".  Hehehe, no, not to see Leonardo.... I'm a big 3 Musketeers fan and this was a really good movie.  I recommend it! 

Hehehehe, wow, that's a lot of movies, eh?  Ahhhh well, somtimes you just need to get away for a bit. 


August 10, 1998:  Well, had a really nice weekend.  Friday night, went out dinner with Paul at the Greenhouse Cafe, in Merrimack, NH.  Very good food and the deserts there....killer! 

On Saturday, went to a BBQ at a co-workers house.  Had a blast!  Drank some beer, ate some sausages and just plain ol' had a good time.  I stayed in on Sat. night and took it easy.  Went out for a late night motorcycle ride... 

Sunday was a quiet day, until my friend/neighbor William "Spidey" Wright came home.  Seems the poor guy had a kidney stone and was in some excruciating pain.  We spent the next 4 hours at the emergency room.  Luckily, he passed the stone and was feeling a lot better by the time we left.  Sunday night, just kinda hung out with Scott Patno and Alex, watching a weird movie "Dark City". 

I have updated the Album section of my site.  There's a new picture of me, Paul, Brian, and Kevin Gray up there.  Check 'em out!

August 6, 1998:  We are now into the 8th month of this year.  Hehehe, time is flying by! 

Had a pleasant weekend last weekend, though for the life of me, I can't remember what the heck I did!  hehehe, It's been a long week. 

On Tuesday evening I went to visit a good friend of mine up in Vermont who I haven't seen in many months.  We had a great visit together, including an excellent meal at The Sweet Tomato in Lebanon, NH.  Excellent food! 

Heard from James Canders this past week.  He is doing well over in Germany.  It looks as if he will be paying us a visit some time in September.  Along with James Cander, James Godbout also dropped a line to say hi from MT.  He too will be coming back home to NH for a visit during the month of Sept. Hehehe, gonna be a fun month. 

The first week in Sept. I will be taking a few days out at Dyess, AFB to act as the best man for Travis "Shobox" Nelsen's wedding.  My little bro' is getting married.  <sigh>  What is the world coming to???  Hehehe, I know that his fiancee' is a wonderful woman and together they are going to have a wonderful time though this crazy game of life. 

All in all, life is good here.  Hope it is good there!  ~Penz

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