August 1999

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August 29, 1999:  Well, I got a whole bunch of pictures back and have put some of them up in the album.  You can check out Eric and Crissy Larson wedding pictures and see the happy couple of their wedding day.  You can also check the photo album to view some picts of a hike that Kevin and I took while exploring Mt. Shasta.

Hehehe, well, for the curious who are wondering "Just who is this cute looking guy, Kevin?", he and I met about 5 weeks ago and we've been enjoying each other's company quite a bit since then.  In a VERY tiny nutshell, Kevin is currently an architect working with the city of San Francisco.  He's currently getting ready to go back to school to work on his Masters in creative writing.  We've got a lot in common and a lot to learn from each other, so we're having fun enjoying both aspects of this 'exploration'.  I'll continue to share tidbits as time progresses..... <grin>.....

I heard from Dave Crenshaw today.  He's doing well.  Currently a Captain for Commute Air, he's based out of Vermont and currently living with his girlfriend of one year.  All in all, Dave is doing very well!

During the first week of Oct., Timothy "Porky" Watkins and Mike "Tab" Wasiciscko will be coming out for a visit.  I can't wait to see these two brothers of mine.

My sister Gini started her second year of college today!  Congrats Gini!  Let's make this even better than the last!! I know you can do it!

And that in a very tiny nutshell, is the update for this week :-) ~Penz

August 18, 1999:  Well, life has certainly been pretty cool over the past couple of weeks.  Over the past weekend, I flew back to Newport, RI to attend the wedding of Eric and Crissy Larson.  It was awesome!  I'm going to be designing an entire section of my web to memorialize this wondrous event, so stay tuned for pictures, stories and a list of all the crazy fun we had during those three days. It was really great to see Paul, Porky, Meg, Craig, Cameron (and get to meet his girlfriend Teshia), Heather & Dana, Roland, Noel, Jen, Tim and Melissa and Greg, the Hardy clan.... it was fun!

This coming weekend a very very cool new friend of mine and I are heading up to explore the Northern parts of CA and possibly plan on heading up to Crater Lake, OR.  More on this event to come next week.

I had the pleasure of actually speaking with James Canders this week.  He is doing really well and is currently stationed over in Mascedonia, not too far away from Kosovo.  He sends a big hello back to Paul & Porky in NH. 

Also spoke with Perkey 'n Tanya as well as Spidey.  They are all doing pretty well in KY and seem to be keeping themselves out of trouble.

And for now, that's about it :-)  ~Penz

August 6, 1999:  Well, it's been a cool week thus far.  On Tuesday night, I took a night 'to myself' and went out for some sushi and then off to a small local theater to see the Buena Vista Social Club. It was an excellent movie! 

"In 1996 Ry Cooder gathered together some of the greatest names from the history of Cuban music to collaborate on the best selling and Grammy winning album The Buena Vista Social Club. 

This ground-breaking documentary, inspired by the album, includes appearances by legendary performers Ry & Joaquim Cooder, Ibrahim Ferrer, Ruben Gonzales, Eliades Ochoa, Omara Portuondo, Compay Segundo and many other renowned Cuban Musicians. "

If you have the opportunity to see the movie or buy the album, I highly recommend it. 

On Wednesday night Rob, Susan and I went out for sushi (again :-) and then it was off to the Stanford Theatre.  This beautifully restored theatre plays some of the great movies of all times and during the summer, they inclue silent movies.  Well, I saw my first silent movie, The Freshman (by Harold Lloyd), on Wed.  It was a great experience.  First, David Packard (from Hewlett-Packard), introduces the show and then the music is supplied by Chris Elliot at the Mighty Wurlitzer!  This organist can play and for over an hour and a half, he did.  I can't wait until the next one (The General, with Buster Keaton).

Today I caught up with a few of my friends at Compuware/NuMega.  Hello to Michelle, Kevin, Brian, Mattie, Victor, Tom, Jose, Chris, Harris, and Dave!

And I also heard from my brothers Adam "Skinny Daug" Arnold and Scot "Slapper" Servis this week, as well as Pete Moran.  Always good to hear from the 'timeless' friends :-)

and that's about all for now :-) ~Penz

August 1, 1999:  August... what the heck?  Where did July go?  Hehehehehe, the year is flying by....

All is going well here in CA.  Work is kickin' along and I've made some new friends over the past two weeks, which is very cool for me! 
I've continued to do some exploring of the area.  Last weekend I was up as far North as Point Reyes (pronounced "raise").  The trip took me up Route 1, up and over Mt. 'Tam', down along the beach and finally as far North as Point Reyes.  It is a beautiful area!  Here is a shot of the lighthouse at Point Reyes.  You can click here to learn more abou this lighthouse and the surrounding area.
Here is a shot of the beach at Point Reyes

This past weekend I went out to the Castro for some dinner and dancing.  Heheheh, it was a lot of fun and I found myself out and about until 4:00 am on Saturday morning!  <YAWN>, It's now Sunday and I'm still paying for it :-)

Back on the East Coast:

My dad was back in the hospital this weekend.  He's just not doing very well right now.  Throughout the summer he's been in and out a few times with blood poisoning.  You see, both of his kidney have failed and he's on dialysis.  He's got a shunt in his neck and his arm which are used to hook up to the machines, 3 nights a week at the hospital.  Well, the one in his neck keeps getting infected and the one in his arm really hurts him...  It's a really shitty situation that he's in.  He's trying to keep a positive attitude, but it's not easy for him to do so.....  All in all, he's hanging in there for now.

My brother Tim has a new web site called:  He's working on it right now, so give it a few weeks for it to really come up to speed.

My sister Gini recently attended Woodstock, and made it home in one piece!  Hehehe, sounds like it was one hell of a time.

From overseas:

I heard from Travis "Shoebox" Nelson.  He's now over in Korea.  He's doing well and getting himself settled in for a year's stay there.

James Cander's is kicking around in Kosovo.  Here's a copy of a recent email from him:


I only have a couple minutes, so here is the story. I am headed to a place that starts with the letter K and has six letters, but it isn't Kansas. That's right, I'm going to Kosovo. Right now I am in Greece, Essaloniki to be exact, but won't be here for long. I will be in Macedonia for a month or two and then on to big K.. I hope everyone is doing well. It is VERY hot down here. I look forward to winter. I might eventually get a steady flow of e-mail if I can ever get a permanent setup. Until then, I'll have to try the old fashioned way, actually writing! I'll try to stay out of trouble. 

Everyone take care."

and for now, that's what's going on, in a tiny little nutshell. ~Penz

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