December 2009

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December 27 2009: For the last 7 or so years, I've 'threatened' to move back to New England numerous times. It got to the point that my closest friends (both on the East and West Coasts) just ignored my threats and wrote them off to the rantings of a mad man. Well, for the most part, they were ,probably right, for during those times, I probably wasn't right in the mind and was just looking for a way out of my madness. Well, before I go down the rabbit hole, how about we just sum it all up and say that the last year has been full of many positive changes for me. I've spent a lot of time getting my head together and my life back on track. It hasn't been easy, but it's been very rewarding. I find that I've gained a certain amount of clarity and for the first time in a long while, I find myself ready to embark on the next major journey of my life.

So with that said, I am officially annoucing that in March of 2010, I will be leaving San Francisco, California and moving to Dover, New Hampshire AND I will become a first time home owner :) Yup, I am in the process of buying a house!

How far along in the process am I? Well as of right now, my loan is pre-approved, my offer has been accepted, and I've completed the home/water/sewage inspections. The next step is to wait for the assesment to be completed on the house (that will happen the week of 1/4/10) and then the Bank continues to move forward with the loan. Financing needs to be completed by 1/22/10 and my current closing date is set for 3/3/10 (as there are currently tennants in the house who need 60 days to vacate). With that said here is the place; check it out :)

Click on the house to see more pictures

Many more updates to follow!

And yeah, a pretty damn good note to end 2009 on :)


December 26, 2009: Well I hope that you had a Merry Christmas! I had a great time with my family and friends over the past two weeks. Here are


December 9 2009: So, I'll be heading back to the East Coast December 11-26. Going to be a jam packed trip and I can't wait! Updates will be posted on Facebook, but I'll try and get my journal updated after that.


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