December 1997

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December 24, 1997: Well, I'm out here in Kauai, Hawaii and I am having an absolute blast. This island is gorgeous. Truly the garden isle of the Hawaii chain of islands. Becky and I have visited many wonderful sites: The Waimea Canyon which is like a mini Grand Canyon, the Na Pali Coast, the towns of Po'ipu, Kihu'e, Wailua, Kapa'a Anahola, Kilauea, Hanelei (yep, from Puff the Magic Dragon). We've also hit some great beaches such as: Barking Sands, Po'ipu Beach, Secret Beach and, Donkey Beach (the last two are clothing optional beaches and yes, I swam naked at Donkey Beach).

We took a helicopter tour of the island via Jack Harters tour service. It was awesome. I took a great video of the tour as well as some good pictures.

Today we went on Captain Andy's catamaran trip that among some great sailing had some awesome snorkeling. Got to see some incredible fish, urchins, fish, sea life and even two octopuses. On the catamaran we also got to see a couple of whales and some sea lions. It was great!

We also had the honor of getting a tour of the National Tropical Botanical Garden. Wow, was this place incredible. I'm going to put up some good pictures of this garden as well as some history on it. It was something.

And on top of all of this incredible stuff, I've found plenty of time to work on my tan. Hehehehehe, yeah I'm getting dark and loving every minute of it.

I've already got a lot of good digital pictures that you'll be able to see on Monday Dec. 29th when I get back. It's something….

Well, it's Christmas Eve here and we are off to dinner. I wish every one a very Merry Christmas. Especially to all of my friends and family who I won't have the pleasure of seeing on Christmas morning.

Alhoa! ~ Penz

December 15, 1997: Had a really nice weekend. Met up with my brother on Saturday and got to see his new place on Beacon Hill in Boston. It's directly across from the park. After exchanging X-mas gifts (he got me 2 awesome shirts from Abercrombie and Fitch. Still my favorite clothing store!). After that we walked over to his office at Fidelity and got to see where he works. Nice place! Then he took me out to lunch for some excellent sushi and teriyaki chicken in Fanueil Hall. We just hung out together for the day and it was really a great time.

On Sunday I just took it easy and finished packing for my vacation. Went out for a nice lunch with Tab (always good to hang out with that lad!)

Sunday night Paul and Porky came over for a spaghetti and meat balls dinner (sauce and meat balls were home made of course!), watched the X-files, and hung out with Mark Hamel. He gave me my X-mas present early: A concert ticket to see Elton John May 15, 1998! I'm psyched! That should be a lot of fun and I can't wait to go with Mark to see him. A most cool gift.

Tonight I'm hanging out with Becky and tomorrow at 6:00 am we depart from Logan Airport on our way to Hawaii! AND considering it's about 5 degrees out today, it can't come too soon.

I hope to be able to upload some pictures of our stay on the island while we are out there.

I hope that everyone has a wonderful holiday. Never forget that the greatest gifts that we can ever receive or give do not come with a price tag on them: love, friendship, and goodwill.

All the best. See you in 1998!!!! ~ Scott B. Penziner

December 10, 1997: Ahhh, this time next week, I'll be on a beach somewhere warm!!!! Hehehehe, can you tell I'm psyched!!!????!!!!

Oh yeah, Jimmy Buffett is going to be playing in Madison Square Garden in New York City on Feb. 19, 1998! The show is sold out, but we're trying to get tickets anyway. For more information, click here!

Well, I'm going to try and make one last entry before I take off. If not, drop me a line, cause I'm guess I'm gonna have email out there <yech!> and maybe, I'll just upload some pictures of me and Becky on the beach!

In any case, I hope that everyone has a safe, happy and joyous holiday season.

Peace! ~Penz

December 8, 1997: Well, in 8 days I'm off to Kauai, Hawaii with one of my best friends, Becky Farland for two weeks in paradise. Hehehehe, as you can probably imagine, I'm counting down the minutes at this point! We will be staying on Poipu Beach in a condo located right on the water…. <sigh>…

While I'm out there, I will have access to email (yeah, a nerd to the end…), but I don't think I'll be checking it every day.

Well, got a lot of work to do, so I'll gonna be short on this entry. I'll have more later on this week. ~penz

December 01, 1997: Well, it is hard to believe that we have entered the final month of the year. Wow, where the heck did 1997 disappear to? It's been one heck of year….

Well, I hope that everyone had a nice Turkey Day, because I sure did. I spent it down at Paul Barnes' grandmother's house (my third year with his family for this holiday). As usual, there was plenty of great food at the table for the main course, and for desert, well, let's just say that there was 6 of us, and 10 different tasty desserts to try! Hehehehe, talk about a bounty of food!

Over the course of the next few days, I had a lot of fun hanging out with Eric Larson. He was up here in Nashua for a few days hanging out and enjoying a little R&R. We did our fair share of drinking together as well as eating (damn, that boy can eat! Hehehehe, and lucky for him, he's got the metabolism and a job which helps him work it off in no time (Eric, as of this week, will be a Petty Officer Third Class, Boson's Mate, with the USCG, stationed about the buoy tender Juniper out of Newport, RI). Also got to see his girlfriend Crissy Hardy for a bit on Thursday night. T'was good seeing her again!

Saturday night, Paul, Eric and I all went out for a sushi dinner followed by dessert (again!) at my boss's house, Dirk. We dropped in at the tail end of a dinner party he was throwing where we got to sample some more of his deliciously evil chocolate sauce and home made pound cakes. Hehehe, oh yeah, and a few more drinks. I think Paul and Eric killed another bottle of Sake' all by themselves there! Crazy fools….

Over the weekend we went out and saw two movies: Alien 3 and The Jackal. Both were pretty good. The special effects in Alien 3 kicked ass and the story wasn't too bad either (hehehe, considering the fact that they had to bring her back from the dead for this sequel.) Bruce Willis and Sidney Portier were great in The Jackal. Cool story, good suspense, good action. All in all, both movies were pretty entertaining.

Well, I'm counting down the days…. T-minus 15 days until I leave for Kauai, Hawaii!!! I can't wait!!!!! It's gonna be two weeks in paradise with a great friend of mine, Becky Farland, and it can't come too soon. With any luck, I'll actually be able to upload some pictures to my site while we are out there. If not, well, you'll just have to wait until I get back.

Well, it's time to get this week started. Hope it's a great one for all of us! ~Penz

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