December 1999

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December 25, 1999:  Merry Christmas everyone! 

December 24, 1999:

Hehehehe, well, this is they way Santa should be spending Christmas Eve.  Then again, maybe this is how he spends tomorrow night :-)

Just got off the phone with Kevin Barnes who is out on the isle of Kwajalein.  He, like me, is missing everyone back on the East coast during this time of the year.  Then again, he's also a day and a half ahead of me (it's 8:30 PM PT here on Friday night and it's 4:30 PM thre on Saturday!), so he's already halfway through XMas day!  Well Kevin, know that you are missed and that I'll be hoisting another drink to you tomorrow :-)

Tonight I made my infamous lasagna.  Ahhh, she weighed in at 18.5 lbs and was quite tasty!  Brian, Sean, Jenna and Vince joined me along with a few bottles of wine, and we had a great time together today.  Brian and Sean just left for the airport where they are off to Barcelona Spain for 2 weeks!  Kick ass.  I know they are going to have fun.

Well, I'm gonna go and get ready for church.  Yeah, tonight, Vince and I are going to catch the 11:00 service at the Menlo Park Presbyterian Chuch.  It should be fun :-)

Merry Christmas and Bah Humbug!


December 23, 1999:  Oh my god, he's not dead!  Heheheh, ok, I've been neglecting my journal here and considering the year is winding down, I figure I better get a few more updates in here before the end of the 1900's :-)

Damn, it's hard to believe that the end of the century is upon us.  Hahaha, the end of the Millennium isn't until next year folks!  Sorry, but I'm not celebrating it until then. 

This will be my first XMas that I spend on the West Coast.  Crazy, eh?  I'm really going to miss being with my friends and family back on the East coast, but I'm planning a trip out there shortly after the beginning of the New Year.

The past couple of weeks have been crazy!  I've done some traveling (heheh, @#$%@ Canada!), been doing a lot of stuff at work getting ready for the Y2K weekend, of which I'll be spending at the office (groan!).  Ahh well, just another weekend for me....

Wow, can you really believe it's the end of the year?  Hmmmm, let me take a moment and see if I can hit some of the highlights of this year....:

Welcome and thank you for joining me as I take a look back at the year 1999.  It's been one exciting year for me, considering all that has happened.  I figured it'd be kinda of fun to review what happened each month and make a snapshot of 1999:

January:  My sister Gini turns 19!  I'm living in Nashua, NH.  It's cold!  I'm working at NuMega Technologies as a technical support engineer and my manager John Zahara leaves the company, forcing me to take on the challenge of helping perform his duties.  My friends Scott "Perkey" Seidel and William "Spidey" Wright move from NH to OH.

February:  Went skiing for the first time in 11 years!  Saw Jimmy Buffett at the Fleet Center in Boston, MA (who would know this would be my only Buffett show for 1999!?!).  Attended the regional Parrot Head Convention in MA.  Got a call from John Zahara who offered me an opportunity to interview with Quintus Corp. out in Fremont, CA... Hmmmm, so I flew out for an interview :-) 

March:  I accept the offer from Quintus Corp. and make public my intention to move from Nashua,  NH to Atherton, CA!  12 years of living in New Hampshire and 28 years of living in New England are all about to end.  At the end of the month, my friends threw me an incredible going away party of which I'll never forget :-)

April:  Paul and I fly to New Orleans, LA for an awesome time consisting of 6 days of debauchery!  Neither our taste buds or livers will ever be quite the same again :-)  Bill DeMaio actually makes it up to NH to see me off!! On April 11, Paul makes me my favorite dish, his chicken scaloppini, which was the last meal I ate in NH as a NH resident.  On April 12, with tears in my eyes, I leave New Hampshire with John Zahara and at 6:30 PT, we arrive in San Jose, CA!  I'm at work the next day, and two days later, move in with Rob and Susan Walker, who turn out to be my new adopted parents :-)  I buy my first new car, a 1999 Honda Civic SI!

May:  I'm really starting to settle in. With the gracious help of Rob and Susan, CA is feeling like home.  I drove down to LA to see my friends Alex, John and Joseph.  I meet Vince Trinh, who will soon turn out to be one of my very good friends here in CA.  I discover the mountains of Santa Cruz.

June:  I flew back to New England for the annual Memorial Day trip to Port Clyde.  I had a blast seeing everyone, yet when I got on the plane to leave, I wasn't sad at all!  I begin to explore San Francisco.  DeForest Kelley passes away.  I discover the Menlo Park Presbyterian Church.  I continue to discover more and more killer restaurants in the South Bay area.

July:  I get to see Phil Lesk and friends play at the Warfield Theater in San Francisco.  Matt Davis flies out to CA and we see Dave Matthews Band together!  We have an awesome visit together hitting everywhere from Marin County down to Monterey and Carmel :-)  I turn 29 years old!  I make dinner for Ted Hoff, the inventor of the microprocessor!

August:  I meet Kevin L., of whom I end up dating for a couple of very pleasant months :-)  We take a trip to Mt. Shasta.  Eric and Crissy Larson get married and I fly back East for 3 days to attend the wedding.  I see my first silent movie at the Stanford Theater.

September:  I get to see Dave Schumaker while he's out here on business, I see Collective Soul with my good friend Chris Morton, Kevin Barnes heads out to the Marshall Islands for a one years stint w/Raytheon, I visit Mark Hamel in Tucson, AZ, I spent more time with Kevin and get to see more of Marin County.  Life is good :-)

October:  A very busy months of visiting with friends!  Mike "Tab" Wascisko comes our for a visit along with Timothy "Porky" Watkins, we spend a crazy week together touring the Northern Coast of CA.  We get a VIP tour of Mum Cuvee' and Sterling Wineries, and have a blast of a time.  Craig Hodgkins comes out on a business trip and we have a blast hanging out.  All in all, a great month!

November:  I take a 10 day trip back East to work and spend some tim with my father.  I get to see many, but not all of my friends back East.  I meet a new friend Justin in Keene, NH. Quintus Corp. goes public and my stock options now have a future :-)  I spend my first Thanksgiving in CA with a new and good group of friends (this is also the first Turkey Day dinner I cook by myself :-) 

December:  I learn a very important lesson about friendship and morality.  I get my own apartment in Fremont, CA and begin moving out of the mansion in Atherton, CA :-) I play Santa Claus for the company XMas party :-)   I spend my first Christmas on the West coast.... and the end of the year is upon us....

WOW, looks like it's been a pretty busy year.  It certainly was a great year for me....  but enough of that.  I'll do some more 'reflecting' before the end of the year.  So, with that said, I wish each and every one of you the very best during this holiday season, and with that, remember what's truly important during this time of the year.  It's the love and companionship of you friends and family.  Whether they be next to your side or in your heart, enjoy their love and company :-)

All the best,


December 5, 1999:  And so the final month of the last year in the 1900's begins.  Wow, it's been one heck of a year.  I'm going to be doing a year in review, very shortly.  It will be a fun exercise reviewing my journal for the year 1999 and making a summary page.  Stay tuned :-)

Let's see, what's been up.  Well, this past weekend Quintus (whose stock closed at 48 5/8 on Friday) did it's Y2K roll forward testing.  Ughhhh, what a day.  It actually went very well, but it just seemed to be a very long day.  Later on in the day, I met up with my buddy Devery and we went out for dinner in San Jose (Habana Cuba's, a very good Cuban food joint) and then he took me around and showed me a couple of the clubs.  We went to TD's and Foxtails. Both were cool and I guess a fun place to visit once in a while, but the club scene just isn't my thing. 

Last week, on Thursday, I got together with Don and Deputy Chris for some dinner at Don's place.  That was a nice way to spend the evening.  On Wednesday night, I went out to dinner with Rob.  We had another great meal at the Wild Hare in Menlo Park.  Mmmm, good food.

This past week I heard from Steve "Milkman" Mayou.  Here's the email he sent out:

"Hello everyone!

Thought I would drop a line to everyone at once.

As some of you know, and some of you just finding out, I have recently been stationed on the USS Charlotte (SSN 766) in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. I'm sure some of you are thinking "Can Steve handle all that nice weather, beautiful scenery, great diving and hula girls?" Well, the answer is yes.

I flew into Honolulu Tuesday evening at 5pm (10pm on the east coast). While it was a long flight (9 1/2 hours), it didn't seem half as long as the canoe trip back to the boat ramp that my friend Mark and I had on his new river boat (no we didn't run out of gas, we were conserving resources).

Anyhow, I'm all set up in the barracks as I get ready to meet my boat in Japan. The Charlotte left the day after I got to Pearl on a Westvaco, which means I spend X-mas and New Years in Yokuska Japan.

Since my body is still on East Coast time I have to go to bed pretty soon, mainly because I go on my first dive in Hawaii tomorrow. While I won't have any pictures of this dive, stay tuned, I'll soon have a Digital Camera.

If anyone wants to get hold of me you can give me by either calling at (808) 791-8300 ext.3665, bed 1, emailing me at, or mailing me at 

ET3 Mayou, Steve
USS Charlotte (SSN 766) 
FPO AP 96662-2422

I'll try to answer my e-mail if possible underway (meaning in port) if possible, but regular mail would
probably be easier



Let's see, the move into the apt. slowly continues.  I've got my bed arriving on Tuesday, so I'm pretty psyched about that.  For the curious, it's a queen size (ok, enough jokes... :-) Sealy.  It should be quite comfortable.  I got my new sheets and comforter today, which was a task itself.  Hehehehe, it took me 4 hours of looking around before I finally found a set that I like at a price I was willing to pay.  Jeeeze, you can spend a lot of friggin' money on a sheets and a comforter!  Well, maybe I'll get a better set later on (like my brothers!  hehehehe, he's got a bed of comfort!).

and that's about it for now.  I hope that life's going well in your neck of the woods :-)


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