February 2000

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February 24, 2000:  Well the rest of the trip wtih Lisa was fun. On Sunday we headed down to Santa Cruz/Capitola for breakfast.  Though it was about ready to storm (and it did!), we had a great time being by the ocean.  After breakfast at the Capitola Cafe, we headed up the coast.  We got some great views of the ocean along the way.  The waves were awesome, due to the storm.  We ended up stopping off at the Bonnie Doon winery for a little tasting, and then it was quick stop in Half Moon Bay to pick up dessert before we headed off to Rob and Susan's for dinner.  Dinner, of course, was excellent!  Between the food, wine, company and conversation, you couldn't have asked for a nicer way for Lisa to finish off her visit to CA.

On Monday morning, I saw Lisa off at the airport, and the rest of the afternoon was spent with my friend Devery.

Well my trip to Austin, TX got postponed until March 5-7, so I'll be in town for a bit (which is nice :-).  Next week I intend to finally get some furniture in my living room (a couch maybe?!) and do a little more decorating.

We finally got Paul's plane tickets all taken care of, and he'll be out here April 15-22.  I can't wait to have my bro' out here.  I've really missed him a lot and am looking forward to spending some quality time with him.  Hahaha, between Jimmy Buffett, a special trip up to Napa with Rob and Susan, and lot's of other fun activities, we're gonna have a blast!

And that, in a tiny nutshell, is what's up!


February 18, 2000:  Well last week was a fun and busy week!  On Saturday the 12th, I flew back to Manchester, NH for a whirlwind visit to New England.  The purpose, to visit my dad on his 57th birthday on Sunday.  After landing in MHT, I went down to Nashua, where I met up with Dustin Norman.  Since I was staying at his place along with his roommate Alex,  we thought it best to get a little food in our bellies, so, joined by Tim "Porky" Watkins, we went to Cirro's in Nashua for dinner.  After dinner, it was off to bed to catch some Zzzz's.

On Sunday morning, I drove down to Wakfield, MA where I met up with my brother Tim and my sister Gini.  Tim had some very exciting news to share with us:  He and Suzanne got engaged the night before!  I was totally surprised !!  Tim, the most eligible bachelor was no longer on the available list!!  Heheheh, well, I'm very proud for him and very excited for the both of them, and was very honored when Tim asked me to be one of his best men.  They are planning on getting married sometime next year.  Heheh, the engagement ring is a 1+ carat flawless diamond solitaire (it is beautiful!).  More details on the upcoming merger to follow...

After meeting up, we all drove out to Gt. Barrington, MA to see my dad.  He was totally surprised to see me and absolute psyched to have all of his kids together for the day.  We were joined by Noni for lunch and spent a very pleasant afternoon together.  These few hours spent with him, totally made the trip worthwhile.  It was a very special moment :-)

On Sunday night, upon returning to NH, Dustin, Alex, Paul, Porky and I went over to Tab, Trevor, a and Patno's place for dinner.  Tab cooked up a fine meal of pork loins, string beans and potatoes.  That and a couple of bottles of wine topped off the evening.

On Monday, I spent the morning with my sister Gini and her friend from college.  After going out to lunch, I got a nice tour of the art studio she does most of her work in.  I also got a beautiful oil painting she made for me.  I'll take a picture of it and put it up on my site shortly.  The rest of the night was spent with my family :)

Tuesday, I was off to work for Quintus is Acton, MA.  It was great to see the crew out there, especially my manager John Zahara.  It's always a pleasure to be with him in person.  It was also great to see Brian Quinn, who is the supervisor out there for the support team.  He is definitely 'good people'. 

After work, I headed up to Keene, NH to see Justin.  Along the way, I stopped at a nasty traffic accident where a pickup rear ended a Toyota Corolla.  Amazingly, no one was seriously injured, but I waited with a few other people until the police/ambulance arrived, tending to the victims.  And then, a wee bit later, I arrived at Keene State and got to see Justin.  We spent a wonderful evening together, enjoying each others company.  Ahhhh, time seems to fly when you are having fun :-)

The next morning, I headed back to Nashua, where I quickly stopped by Alexander LAN and chatted with Wendy for a bit.  She is doing well and is still as spry as ever.  And then it was off to MHT airport, where I was met by Tucker.  We got to spend about an hour and a half together before my flight left, and it was really nice to see him before I got to leave. 

and then I took off for San Jose, CA!  6 hours later, I landed.  Damn, I was tired, but that didn't stop me from heading over to The Bank Cafe to meet up with Scooby for a cup of coffee.  I was really glad to see him, and since he was taking off for Germany on Friday for almost 3 weeks, I had to sneak in this quick visit before he took off.

On Thursday I went to work and experienced a good/busy day (but I was dog tired) and then that night at 9:26 PM at SFO, Lisa Cragan...errrr Reed, arrived in CA!  Hehehehe, it was great to have her in town.  After picking up her bags, we zipped down to San Jose for a quick visit to the cafe where she got to meet Scooby and a few of my other buddies who were around.  After a quick cup of java, it was back to Fremont where we ended up crashing.

On Friday, I went to work and Lisa got to spend a nice quiet day all to herself (a treat, I was told later on :-).  That evening, we were off to Palo Alto for dinner @ Taxi's on University Drive (hehehe, yes Justin, she loved it too :-)  and then after walking around town for a bit, we went back to Fremont and crashed early.

Today, we got up and headed out to Half Moon Bay for breakfast.  After walking around Main St., we headed down to the beach.  Mind you, it was a gorgeous day, with clear sunny skies and the temp was about 72'.  Hehehe, sucks to be in New England with your 12+ inches of snow today!!! Hehehehe (meanwhile, unbeknownst to Scott, the tectonic plates beneath his apartment begin to shift...... OK, enough kidding on that!).  After the beach we swung by Brian and Sean's place for a quick hello.  Hehehe, she got to meet their two dogs who were feeling quite frisky, and then we continued up coastal route 1 into San Francisco, stopping many times along the way to snap some beautiful pictures of the coast.  We ended up in the Marin Headlands, where we got some spectacular views of the Golden Gate Bridge.  I can't wait to get my film developed.  I think I have a few 'post card' shots on there.  After cruising around the headlands for a few hours, we headed back down to South Bay for dinner at Su Hongs in Menlo Park.  Hehehe, had to get the Generals Chicken to keep that girl happy :-)

And now, we've arrived back in Fremont and are going to watch Disney's Tarzan.  Hehehe, just a couple of kids we are :-)

Be well.  ~Penz

February 8, 2000:  Hey, what the hell happened to January?  Hehehe, well, here we go again :-)

Let's see, last week flew right by!  At work, most of the company was in town from all over the world to attend our IPO party, which was being held in San Franciso on Feb. 5. So, since everyone was in one place, all of the managers took advantage of this and it was meeting hell!  Heheheh, I spend a couple of late evenings meeting with members of the Customer Support Services team, which was actually kind of fun.  I finally got to put a few faces to names, which is always nice.  My manager, John Zahara, was in town and I got to spend a bit of quality time with him, which was very cool.

On Friday night, I went out with my friends Kevin and Don for an awesome dinner of sushi down in Palo Alto.  Ahhhh, Yamma-san.  No one does sushi quite like you do!  Between the food and the company, it made for an excellent evening.

On Saturday, Chris aka Scooby and I met up in the late afternoon and headed up into the city to go to ClubQ.  I gotta hand it to our HR team, they did one hell of a job getting this pace setup.  It was  really cool!  Between the food, which was killer (raw oyster bar, tons of shrimp, caviar, and a smorgesbourg of hours d' vours) and the open bar, you just couldn't go wrong.  We ate, danced and had a lot of fun chilling out with my co-wokers.  All in all, a first class party.

On Sunday, I took most of the afternoon/evening to myself.  I was watching Rob and Susan's house in Atherton, so it was nice and quiet.  Perfect for finishing the second book in the Harry Potter series (I finished the third one last night :-)  If you haven't checked out this series, I highly recommend it.

And now, it's Tuesday, and all's going well in my world.  Hope it is as well in yours :-)

Oh yeah, check this page out on my Kibbles and Bits section.  It's a little something that I began working on after a wise friend of mine sent part of it to me.

>:-)  ~Penz

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