February 2002

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February 22, 2002:  Today is a good day :)  My sister and her best friend Johnson arrived safe and sound here in CA.  They currently are taking a nap while we get ready for a crazy fun weekend!  I'm so psyched that she's here

I also checked my mail and found this CUTE card from Tucker.  Thank you Tucker :-)  XOXOXOXO  You're always bringing a smile to my face mon ami :)

I also hear from Mike "Spike" Crane!  He and his beautiful wife Kelley (see below) have been together since last October.  They both are doing well.  This year, they will move to TX for about 8 months and then off to Korea for a year.  Gotta love the military :-)  Spike is still having fun flying Apache's and I'd sure like to hitch a ride in one of those!  Spike can be reached at:  mcrane43@home.com

Well, that's about it for now.  Time to wake up the lazy bums and get some dinner (and this weekend) going!


February 17, 2002:  Well, thanks to the magic of broadband Internet and the evil of Ticketmaster (I do hate them, really I do), I'm going to see:

Saturday, May 18 2002  7:00PM
Seat Location (SECTION LAWN, )

YEAH!  I'm psyched :-)  The last and only other time I saw them play was back in 1999 when I first moved out to CA.  I flew Matt Davis out from Maine to go and see them with me.  It was awesome :-)  I'm looking forward to this show.  It should be a blast!

The weekend is going well.  Spent most of the day with my buddy Byran.  We went into SF for brunch and just hung out for most of the day.  Last night, I hung out with Justin.

Today, I spent the morning cleaning the apartment, listening to music, and chillin.  This afternoon, I'm off to spend the day with Rob and Susan over in Atherton.

I can't wait until this Friday.  My sister is coming out for a visit! Hehehehe, she's bringing her best friend, Johnson, out with her.  We're all gonna have a BLAST!  I can't wait.  Also, looks like Adam "Skinny Daug" Arnold will be coming up for the weekend to visit as well. Hehehe, gonna be a full house.

Well, that's about it for now. Time to jump in the shower!


February 12, 2002:  Well, I just got back from a great visit to see Travis "Shoebox" Nelsen, who's living just outside of Fayetteville, NC.  Well for those of you who didn't know it, Travis now holds the rank of Staff Sergeant in the USAF.  Next year, he will be elegible to be promoted to Technical Sergeant.  Pretty cool, eh?

Travis has a great new house that he purchased just about a month ago.  It's a 2 BR ranch, and it's really nice.  Besides the lot the house is on, he also owns 3 other lots right next door.  It's a great spread!  We had a great time just hanging out and doing some catching up.  During out trip, I got to see where Travis works, which is Pope AFB, located in the middle of Fort Bragg.  That was pretty cool!  It's where all of the US Special Forces troops train.  Hehehe, I wish I could have seen more, but ahh well :-) 

All in all, I had a great visit and seeing Travis was certainly worth the trip!  Hopefully, our next visit will be a lot sooner than 3 years from now :)


February 8, 2002:   Hehehehe, oooooohhh, ok.  Well, looks like I'm off to a lousy start at keeping my journal updated for 2002!  Oh well, that should be the worst of my problems, eh? :-)

For the past 3 weeks, I've been pretty sick and now, finally, I'm feeling a lot better! (and there was MUCH rejoicing :-)  3  weeks ago, I came down with the flu and a case of strep throat.  That took me out of commision for about 4 days.  Thankfully, penecillin still takes care of that one!  That weekend, I flew out to Grand Rapids, MI to visit James Canders.  It was great to see him, but unfortunately, he came down w/the flu that morning.  By the time I got there, he was in pretty bad shape.  So, for the next two days, we basically just hung out and didn't do too much cause he was feeling shi##%!  Oh well, it was still good to see him!

Hahaha, now when I got back, guess what!?!?  I got sick again!  Hehehe, I wonder how that happened.  Well, for the next two weeks, I battled the plauge, errr, I mean, a cold, which drove me just about nuts.   I couldn't sleep, had cold sweats, blah, blah, blah, I felt like an old man!  When I had trouble breathing, I finally went to see my doctor who put me on a nasal steroid (my nose is sooo strong now!) and an inhaler (which I've yet to use).  My cold finally broke on Wednesday, and I'm at 95% now!  Just in time for my trip out to North Carolina to see Travis "Shoebox" Nelson!  I swear, if that bastard gets me sick, I'm gonna have to kick someone's ass!!!!  Hahaha, I'm expecting it to be an awesome trip.

Last weekend, Justin called me up (he was sick too) and suggested we go somewhere.  Figuring I'd rather be sick somewhere other than Dublin, CA, we headed down to the LA area for the weekend, that Saturday morning.  That afternoon, we met up with Adam Arnold and Michael Clarke for a nice visit.  We hung out with them for a bit, their friend Matthew and his wife (and their adorable baby son) and then eventually headed down to Santa Monica for the night.  We had a great dinner and then got a cheap hotel room on the beach.  The next morning, we got up early and went to Venice, where we walked the boardwalk for a bit, then the pier, and then off to breakfast on the beach.  After that, we took a leisurely drive down to Malibu, where we saw some beautiful beaches.  I just wanted to fall asleep in the sand for the rest of the day, but we didn't have time for that.  We circled back through Santa Monica, up through West Hollywood, down Wilshire, to Beverly Hills, down Rodeo Drive and then eventually made it back to Rt. 5. of which we took home.  It was a fun weekend, and thankfully, Justin did all the major highway driving so that I could sleep :-)

Oh yeah, Justin finished his training and got his promotion, he's now an assistant manager at Starbucks!  I'm hella proud of him, as he's doing a great job and busting his ass to make his life out here.  Good stuff!!

 This was great picture that Spidey sent to me with his wife Kathy, from their wedding.  Credit for the photo goes to Bill's dad who took this lovely shot.  Very nice!

Tucker and Andy are doing well back in Hudson, NH.  Tucker is coming out here for a visit later on this spring (or I'm moving back to the East coast then!  We'll see who goes first!?!?! :-).  He's doing well, and I'm looking forward to seeing him, one way or the other, real soon.

Porky is adjusting well out in NY with his Aunt.  He's enjoying the quiet life on 'the farm'.  Hehehe, we'll see how long that lasts! I'm sure he's going to do just fine.

Scott Smith, down in VA, has been seeing a lot of my friends lately!  Whether it's my sister, Alex or Porky going down to VA to see him, or him coming up to New England to see them, they are all getting along just wonderfully.  I'm hella jealous!  I want to hang out too!  Hehehe, that's what I get for living in CA.... <sigh>.

Becky and Lisa are doing well.  Lisa is still on cloud 9 over the Patriots winning the Super Bowl.  Hahaha, who can blame her.  That was pretty awesome!  Beck' is working her ass off at the office and Lisa is taking care of the house, cleaning, cookin' and going to the gym.  Hmmmm, being a kept woman isn't bad now, is it??!! Hahaha, it's only temporary, and I know she can't wait to get a new job.

The family is all doing well.  Gini is having a grand ol' time loving life.  Mom and Walter and doing well in Peabody, MA.  Tim and Suzanne are both well in Wakefield in their new house, and Cousin Ed and his family are doing well out in KY! :-)  Benice is in FL, getting a little R&R and Noni is doing ok out in Sheffield.  She's going to turn 85 this  year!  Unreal......

And that, in a tiny nutshell, is what's going on here.  Drop me a line and let me know how life it in your world.

All the best,


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