Penz's Journal 2004
February 1, 2004:  Huh? It's February already? Geeze! LOL :)  Ok, so let's see, what's been happening lately.

Last weekend was pretty mellow. I went to Half Moon Bay on Saturday for a day of R&R on the beach. I love the being out there. It's so peaceful. Sound ocean; smell of the sea....ahhh, it's good for the soul!

Busy week at work last week. Nothing too much new there, other than I'm still employed ;-)

Well, yesterday was an busy day. I got up around 7:30 and headed out to U-Haul to rent a carpet cleaner. I took that to Alameda where I spent the morning steam cleaning the carpets at Ashish & Jill's place. They are both on vacation in India right now with Nikhil (their 7 month old son) visiting Ashish's parents for two weeks. Since they just moved into their new place, I figured this would be a nice housewarming gift for when they get back :)

After that, I returned the carpet machine and came home to clean up. When I got back, Justin was packing up his clothes and was off to stay at another friends place. He's been crashing on my couch for the past month and it was time for him to move on. As usual, his departure from my life was a bit bittersweet.. but before I could be too sad, I was off to SFO to pick up my sister Gini!!! :)

Gini is here to visit for 10 days. She arrived yesterday afternoon after a nasty flight where she was stuck in the middle seat for 5 hours (oh, and she hadn't slept the night before cause she was out partying it up!). From the airport, we headed out to Half Moon Bay where we took a stroll on the docks by the bay and then had dinner at Barbra's Crab Shack (delicious!).  After that, it was back to Dublin for the rest of the night.

Today, we're heading out for breakfast and then we'll be visiting my friend Tanya and her parents down in San Jose for the Superbowl party where we will be eatin' gumbo, drinkin' beer and watchin' the Pat's win the Bowl! :-)

Let's see, on Tuesday, Johnson arrives (flying in from China) and he will be here w/Gini until the following Tuesday.  Tues-Thursday they'll self entertain themselves by going into SF and enjoying the area. On Friday, I'm going to punch out of work early and then we'll head down to SoCal. We'll spend Friday night at Adam and Merideth's place in West Lake Village and then on Saturday morning, we'll be off to San Diego for the rest of the weekend!  It's gonna be a blast!!!

Let's see, looking ahead to March:

March 6-10: I'll be in Tucson, AZ visiting Mark "Hummer" Hamel and his wife Jessica. That Mon-Wed. I'll be working remote from his place.

March 17-30: Good-bye world, I'll be on the isle of Tortola in the British Virgin Islands SCUBA diving and wastin' away with Kevin Barnes!  Hehehe, I just may not come back from that trip :)

Alright, time to head out and get this day started. Boat drinks!


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