February 2007

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February 9, 2007: Hahah it really has been a quiet month. Haven't been doing too much (which kinda sux). Normally this time of year I'd be writing about a trip Paul, Kevin and I would be taking to the islands, but since Kevin's job is kinda 'sucky' right now and with Paul having the new house, cash is a little tight. So I'm holding off for a couple of months to see if maybe we can pull something together for the spring, cause I'd really like to go somewhere outside of the US for a week or two.

The rain has started here in SF. I guess winter is finally here. LOL beats the snow anyday so I'm not going to complain. Actually the rain is kinda nice and we certainly do need it. I can feel 'water shortage's" coming up as a topic this summer... we'll see.

Looks like Josh and Andy may be coming out here for a visit in April! I'm totally psyched for that! It's been years in the works trying to get one/both of them out here for a visit and it looks like that's finally going to become a reality. Hahah more details on that as they become availble.



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