February 2008

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February 1, 2008: Wow, journal wise, not a great start to 2008 eh? LOL ok, I WILL make an effort to start putting some more content up here.

Some quick updates:

Eye Surgery: Well my vision is great and I see better now than I did w/my glasses. I have an eye exam on March 3 and will let you know how that goes (right now vision in right eye is better than 20 and the left eye is getting close!)

Living Situation: I'm still in San Francisco and plan on staying in my current apartment for a few more months (say May or so). After that, we will see what happens :)

Social: LOL still single (and yes I am looking!). Haven't had any great dates as of yet, but working to change that. Geeeze, you'd think in San Francisco a gay guy would have some better luck? Hahah, it's all good :)

In a nutshell, all is good. I promise, more content to follow! :)


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