February 1997

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February 25, 1997: Aggghhh, what a weekend. On Friday night, Porky, Paul and I went to the Marilyn Manson concert down in Fitchburg, MA. Wow, what a show. Now, I'm not a huge Manson follower, but Porky is and he got us the tickets, so Paul and I said, what the heck? Well, we were in for a treat. We all painted our faces while with the black lipstick and eyeliner, and dressed in black. Hell, might as well blend in, right? Hehehe, well we certainly were not under dressed. I don't think I've ever seen so many Mason type 'freaks' in one place. Certainly made for an 'interesting looking' group of people.

Well, there we were, 10 feet from the stage, on the floor, dead center of the biggest MOSH pit I've ever seen. Talk about a workout. 2.5 hours of slam dancing. Heheheh, it was crazy. Definitely an experience I'm glad I had.

The rest of the weekend sucked because I got a bad stomach virus. Was out of work for a day and a half. Not a very pleasant experience, but as least my intestines are cleaned out! Hehehehe, gross, I know.

February 18, 1997: Ahhh, nothing quite like a three day weekend. Yep, had Monday off in observance of President's Day and spent the entire day with Ady Theberge. He decided to come down from Gorham for a bit of a visit and we had a blast. Hung out for most of the day in Nashua. Went in search of a few "Magic" cards (this is a fantasy/role playing game with a them like Dungeons and Dragons. He introduced me to it about a month a go and it's kind of fun to learn and play.). During the evening, we got together with Paul and Porky and had a great dinner. Paul made his infamous Chicken Scaloppini. Ahhhh, this is an awesome dish. It is served over egg noodles and is one dish where he always puts in plenty of garlic! Mmmmm, t'was awesome. The rest of the evening was spent 'chllin' out.

Sunday was a great day for just hanging out I went out with Porky to a couple of local music stores and fell in love with a couple of $2000 keyboards. Ahhhh, if possible, I'm going to get one by the summer time. My favorite so far is this Yamaha P-150. It is sweet!!. Sunday night we followed tradition and watched The Simpsons (awesome episode! Hey Barnes, are you a 'big fat party animal wearing a Hawaiian shirt?" Hehehehe). Both King of the Hill and the X-Files were great.

I heard from Travis "Shoebox" Nelson on Saturday. He is now station at Deyess AFB in TX. There is a chance that he might get a TDY (Temporary Duty Assignment, I think) overseas since he was an honor graduate from technical school. That would be pretty cool! He's doing well and pretty much enjoying the USAF

Also heard from Eric Bourse this past week. He just soloed for the first time in a T-27 (that's a training fighter jet my friends). He was pulling 5.5 Gs on his first run and he loved. His flight training is going very well for him down in Mississippi.

Oh yeah, forgot to mention that Scott "Birdy" Bartholomew was supposed to come up this weekend but HE NEVER SHOWED UP… hmmmm, time to hunt him down……

And in a very small teeny tiny nutshell, that's about it for now…

February 10, 1997:What an awesome weekend! The Shertan Tara in Nashua hosted the second anual New England Parrot Head Conference. It was an incredibly fun filled weekend and I spent it with Paul Barnes and Eric Larson. Friday night and Saturday afternoon we were entertained by Scott Kirby and Peter Mayor who are both part of the Coral Refer Band. They were awesome. If you get a chance to get either one of their own personal albums, I highly recommend them. Saturday evening we had an excellent dinner which was truly done up in a Caribbean theme and excellently prepared by the hotel staff. After dinner, we were treated to an awesome performance by A1A, the official Jimmy Buffett Tribute Band. They played from 8:00 pm until 1:20 am. Let me tell you, they are about as close to the real thing as you can get. These two guys are incredible performers and made for one hell of an evening. If you ever get the opportunity to attend one of their performances, do it! During one of their breaks (they only took two short ones) there was a raffle of various Buffett paraphernalia and a contest for the best Caribbean attire. Paul tied for first place in that event! Heheheh, all in all, we had an awesome time and were surrounded by a wonderful group of people. Hats off to the member of the NH Parrot Head club for a job well done.

Sunday was a quiet day and after running a few errands, I logged some serious couch time, ate Domino's Pizza with Macky, and spent the evening watching The Simpsons, King of the Hill, and the X-Files.

By the way, today is Bill DeMaio's birthday! That old dog is another year older and wiser today. Happy Birthday Bro'!

And in a nutshell, that is the weekend in review.

February 3, 1997: Let's see, last week was a major stress week at work so I decided to take a day off and head up to Gorham, NH to see Ady "Duff" Theberge. Had an excellent visit and by the time I left, all of my aggravation seemed to go up in smoke and disappear.

This past weekend, I went down to the Berkshires to visit my father and grandparents. Upon returning, I was pleasantly surprised to find Mark "Hummer" Hamel had dropped in for a visit. He and I hung out together Sat. night and did some catching up, dinner at Taco Bell (ring the bell baby!) and watched Dragonheart. Mark took off on Sunday morning and I headed off to Scott "Perky" Seidel's house to help him get his computer up and running. Three hours and one tuna sandwhich later, we finished up and then went back to my place where we were joined by Paul, Porky, Crenshaw, E & Crissy for a Cirro's Pizza blowout dinner (mmmmm, good grub). After stuffing our bellies, we watched the new Simpsons, King of the Hill (funny program!) and then the X-Files (v. good episode).

And that's about it. This coming weekend E, Paul and I are heading to the NE Regional Parrot Head Convention which is being held right here in Nashua! Oh boy, look out, that's gonna be one hell of a party!!! Stay tuned…


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