February 1998

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February 20, 1998: Last week it as Marilyn Manson in NYC, this week it was Jimmy Buffett at Madison Sq. Garden, NYC. Is this crazy or what??!! Check out Penz's Parrot Head page for the full story on me and Paul's adventure to the city. 

Tonight (Sat.) we are heading into Boston to see God Lives Underwater, a kick ass techno band. Sunday, I think we all plan on just bonding with our respective couches. It's been a wild and crazy weekend. Next weekend? We're all heading down to Newport Rhode Island for the 2nd annual New England Parrot Head Conference. We'll be wasting the weekend away with the entire Coral Refer band including Greg "Fingers" Taylor, Scott Kirby, Peter Mayer, Michael Utley, Robert Greenidge, Roger Guth, Ralph MacDonald, and Jim Mayer. It's gonna be a wild time. Paul Barnes, John Godbout and Mark Hamel and I will all be there. Hope you will be too! 

February 15, 1998: Well had a very interesting and fun weekend. On Friday, after attending to some personal matters in the morning, Porky, Dubbah and I headed down to Downtown New York City. Porky's aunt works for Seagram Chateau and Estate Wines Company, which among many other investments (such as Universal Studios and Tropicana) owns MCA Record Company. Well, turn out that Porky's favorite musician Marilyn Manson was in town for a book signing and on Friday night, Seagram's was sponsoring the party for the press and a select few at club LIFE in the Soho District. Well, Mason's record label is owned by MCA and after pulling a few strings, we got on 'the list' for the VIP party! (in NYC, you can't get into any of the 'high class clubs' unless you are on the invite list or know somebody... really friendly, eh? Well the old saying "It's not what but who you know..."). Anyway, not only did we get on the invite list, but we also got put up at the Soho Grand (only about $360 a night!). As we were checking in, so was the band "Smashing Pumpkins". 

That night, we got to the club and after dropping a few names, got into the VIP lounge. I was dressed in a gray suite with a black Manson t-shirt Dubbah was dressed up very sharp in dark green slacks, black colorless shirt and red tinted half framed glasses (very slick!). Porky was in full Manson attire including makeup and he looked great! Inside the VIP lounge it was an open bar (Mumm champagne and Finlandia vodka). Guests included a ton of press (we all got our pictures taken as we came through the door) and about 150-200 guest. Manson and the band were up on a private roped off section of the lounge and the only way up there was with a special pass (which we didn't have). BUT that didn't stop us. After dropping a few key names and flashing our borrowed Seagrams business cards we were allowed up to party WITH the rock stars! I met Marilyn Manson, his girlfriend (she was in Scream, the one who got killed in the garage door), Twiggy (lead bass player), Jeannine Gerarafalo, and a bunch of other folks. It was a wild and crazy time that neither Paul, Tim or I will soon forget. 

We got back from NYC early evening on Saturday and just crashed for the night. I got a wonderful valentine's day card from a very someone very special (thank you Alexander!) which totally topped off my weekend. Ahhh, life is definitely fun!

February 2, 1998: Well today was my first day at work with NuMega Labs. <BIG GRIN> Ahhhh, it is so nice to be working again and even better to be starting with this company. I am working with a great bunch of people and I'm looking forward to the challenges and fun that this new job will bring over the course of the next few years. 

Had a nice weekend. Went up to Lewiston, ME with Paul to be there for the Christening of Katlin Ella Johnson. Ahhh, she was a complete angel and once again made Dana and Heather wicked proud. On the way back from the event, Paul and I stopped in Portsmouth, NH for a few beers at the Coat of Arms. This is a very cool British pub with an awesome bar. Ahhhh, the Guiness and Boddington's on tap made for a very relaxing afternoon. 

February 8, 1998: Well, my first week at work was excellent. I'm really enjoying the people I'm working with at NuMega. I don't think I'm going to have a problem fitting in there at all. 

The rest of this month is going to be a lot of fun. Feb. 19-10, Paul and I are going to Madison Square Garden to see Jimmy Buffett. This will be the first time either one of us have seen Jimmy at an indoor concert. It should be an awesome time! The following weekend the two of us will be down in Rhode Island for the 2nd annual New England Parrot Head "Down by the Sea" convention. Heheh, it's gonna be one wild weekend and we are going to be joined by Mark "Hummer" Hamel as well as about 2,000 other crazy Parrot Heads partying to A1A (the Buffett tribute band), Scott Kirby and the entire Coral Refer Band. Wow, I can't wait!! Heheh, I think we'll have to check into the Betty Ford clinic for a few days to recover :> 

Other than that, life is good and continue to go on! More later ~Penz 

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