February 1999

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February 23, 1999:  Heheh, well, I am finally making some time to update my journal.  Heheh, it's long over due.

All is going well with me here in Nashua.  Been working and playing when I can. Two weeks ago, I went skiing with Paul and Jon.  I had a great time, considering that hadn't been skiing in about 11 years.  Hehehe, there are still parts of my body that are sore to this day!  Hahah, but I think you may find me back on the slopes before the season is over.

This coming Friday, Dave Crenshaw will in town.  I'm looking forward to seeing him and doing some catching up.  He's currently flying for Commute Air, out of Platsburg, NY.  On Sunday, I'll be attending the Jimmy Buffett concert at the Fleet Center with Paul and the crew.  Should be an awesome time! Hehehe, I don't think it could be anything but an awesome time!  

Next week, I'm heading out to CA for a few days.  I've got some business to take care of our there, and while I'm there, I'm hoping to see Mike and Keith Evans, two awesome friends of mine of whom I've dearly missed and can't wait to see!  I'll be out there from Wed - Fri.  

Friday afternoon, I'll land in MHT and then be off to the Parrot Head Conference in Framing ham, MA.  Oh boy, 3 days of drinkin' and partying it up with 300 parrot heads and even better, Eric Larson will be there on Sat.!  I can't wait to see my bro!!!  It's gonna be a crazy fun weekend.

I hear from Jim "Rico" Hynek.  He is currently living in New Haven, CT and is 7 weeks away from finishing up school.  At that time, he will be a certified CT Fireman!  Awesome!!  

Travis "Shoebox" Nelson is doing well.  He's back in TX with his wife.  They've recently moved into a new house (renting).  Travis will be heading over to Korea in July for 1 year, after which he's hoping to get stationed somewhere overseas with his wife.

Mike "Tab" Wacisko and Scott Patno are still in Nashua and doing well.  Tab is still with TGI Fridays and is doing well there.  He currently hold the Stewards position, which is an entry level management position.  Scott is working for UPS and I think he's trying to get a desk job with them.

Tim "Porky" Watkins had got a new job and will be leaving the world of Benson's Ski/Bike Shop (finally!).  Hehehe, hopefully, he'll enjoy his new job.

Scot and Katie Servis have bought and moved into their new house in WA.  They are both doing very well.  Hehehe, I'm sure the new house with provide Scot with more than enough projects to keep him busy for the next few years.  Hey Slap, how about you add another story to the place?  What about building a shack up?  :-)

Adam and Gini Arnold are doing well in MA.  Adam is continuing to impress and surprise me with his awesome singer/songwriter/guitar playing talents.  I've got one of his CDs now, and I love listing to his songs on my way to work.  As always, he never ceases to pleasantly amaze me!

My brother Tim is doing well.  He recently took on some additional responsibilities with Fidelity and is now doing a lot of work on their Intranet site.  I'm very proud of how Tim is doing at this job.  He is meeting all  of the challenges that has been offered to him and performing his job very well!  Most cool!!

My sister Gini is doing well at River, with the exception of some car trouble.  Hehehe, I remember those days very well.... alas, we'll be helping her out and getting her back on the streets in no time.

Speaking of car trouble, my car got hit last week, while it was parked out in front of my apartment. The cool thing is that the gentleman who hit me, left a note.  As more often then not, my faith in mankind was reaffirmed by this honorable gesture.  His insurance company should have a check on its way to me by weeks end.

And in a tiny little coconut shell, that's all for now!

February 15, 1999:  Hi everyone!  Just to let you all know I'm alive and kicking!!  More to come soon.

All the best ~Penz

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