January 2000

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January 31, 2000:  Well, it was a very nice weekend out here.  On Saturday, my friend Vince and I spent the day together hanging out and chillin'.  We ended up out at Half Moon Bay, where we spent most of the afternoon kicking around town and then going down to the beach.  It was sunny and beautiful by the water, so I kicked off my shoes, took off my shirt, and did a lot of walking in the sand.  We came across a family of harbor seals that were really awesome to watch.  Hehehehe, actually, I think they had more fun watchin' us then us them.  It was a pretty cool moment.  We ended up the day by having a late dinner with my friend Don in Palo Alto.

On Sunday, I joined Rob and Susan for church and then a wonderful brunch in Menlo Park.  We had a nice Italien meal at Scala Mia.  Very tasty!  You could just make a meal off of the bread and garlic.  That evening, Brian, Sean brought two of their friends who joine, Chris aka Scooby, and I for a nice dinner.  I made a nice salad and did up a couple of garlic roasted chickens, that I served with a cranberry & raison stuffing.  That with some nice fresh bread and a couple of bottles of good wine, made for a good meal.  The true pleasure, of course, was in the company :-)

Today, I had a wonderful conversation with my sister Gini.  She is such a great person.  It's funny, she and I still have SO much to learn about each other.  I really hope that I give her as much as an opportunity to get to know me, as she is giving me.  It's hard sometimes, being so far away, to keep in touch, but that's something that we have to deal with and can't let get in the way of our relationship...  I love her dearly....

Tonight, I also spoke with Adam "Skinny Daug" Arnold, who is doing well out in Acton, MA.  Keep smiling puppy dog.....

All in all, life is going well.  Work is keeping me very busy, which is just the way I like it.  And being the social guy I am, I'm not gathering too much dust hanging around the house (unless that's what I want to do, which is really nice sometimes :-)

Oh yeah, my uncle died today too. Suffered a fatal heart attack in his car in his own driveway at 194 Miller Avenue in Sheffield, MA. Good riddance. Here is his obituary and what they failed to leave out was that he was a miserable son of a bitch who was cruel and heartless bastard and I will never fogive him for the way he treated my family. I shed no tears for his loss.

"Robert E. Brolli died in Richmond, Mass., at 62. A drama and English teacher at Searles, at Mount Everett Regional and Monument Mountain Regional high schools in Massachusetts, he also owned and operated Bullwinkels department stores in Lenox and Great Barrington, Mass. He appeared on Broadway, in films and at many New Jersey summer stock theaters, and he directed local productions as fund raisers. He also was theater critic for The Berkshire Record. He leaves his wife, Marcia E. Brolli, his father, Edward Brolli and his sister Diane Ruggerio. "

"He was an actor and director in local and regional theater in western New England, and appeared on Broadway with Mary Martin in "Skin of Our Teeth". In 1977 he played John Forman in William Gillette's "Sherlock Holmes" at the Williamstown Theatre Festival (with Frank Langella in the title role), and again in the 1981 broadcast of the play on HBO cable. "

** I've actually come back to edit this post with a couple of pictures of my uncle. I figure that this is the nicest way I can pay tribute to him, being his gay nephew and all. Hmmmm, he and his wife were married for a long time, he was in the theatre, and never had children. I'm guessing I wasn't the only homosexual in the this part of the family tree. Too bad he never came out. He might have been a nicer guy....

Robert E. Brolli

Robert E. Brolli

And that, in a tiny nutshell, is what's up.  I hope all is well in your corner of the universe...


January 22, 2000:  Hehehe, well the month of January continues to fly by!  Last weekend, I went out to Tucson, AZ to see Mark "Hummer" Hamel.  He's doing very well out there, working for Raytheon, and really seems to enjoy the area.  We had a great visit!  I arrived there on Friday around 2:30 in the afternoon.  Mmmm, it was 85', sunny, dry (and that's the way it stayed all weekend!).  That night we hung out and went out for dinner. 

On Saturday, we got up late (a nice treat!) and did some exploring around Tucson.  That night we found ourselves at Joe's Crab Shack sucking down some tasty food and drinks and we topped off the evening at home watching the movie Jackie Brown. 

On Sunday, we had breakfast at a fabulous little bakery just on the outskirts of town and then went to the Arizona Sonora Desert Museum.  This place was awesome!  Just the ride out there through the desert is worth the trip. We saw thousands of different desert plants, minerals and hundreds of live animals.  This Museum is also a world renowned zoo, featuring wolves, birds, coyotes, snakes, mountain goats and more.  Check out their web site for more info and pictures.

We ended the trip with dinner at home that afternoon, and after a 2 hour delay at the airport, I found myself back in CA.  On Monday, which was MLK Day (which Quintus had off!), I just took it easy.

On Tuesday, my friend Justin flew out from CT for a 4 day visit.  This CUTIE and I spent an excellent 4 days together.  Some of the highlights that I'll share with you included going to Sergio's birthday party at Havana Cuba's in San Jose on Wednesday night and then dancing in San Francisco Thursday night at Club Faith.  On Friday, Justin took me out to dinner at Jack's in San Francisco..  My friend Sean works there and she hooked us up big time at this 4 star restaurant!  For dinner, I started with the Ahi Tuna Tatar, followed by a warm spinach salad and for the main course I had pan friend skate (as in seafood/a ray), encrusted with capers over veggies (excellent dish).  Justin had the warm Caesar salad followed by the veal chops, served with a mushroom pudding.  The veal was to die for!  We both enjoyed a nice glass of merlot with dinner and for desert, Justin had the chocolate delights of three and I enjoyed the bing cherry and vanilla floret with ginger ice cream.  Both of us washed it down with a nice cup of coffee.  After that it was up to the Marin Highlands where we gazed upon San Francisco, getting an awesome view of the city skyline and the Golden Gate Bridge.  It was quite the an evening, and quite a fine visit from a very special person <sigh> <grin> <sigh>.

Today, Justin flew back to CT.  After leaving the airport, I went to the Uncommon Ground coffee shop (owned by my friends Sergio and John) where I met up with Chris "Scooby" Morton and Devery.  We all went to lunch down at Akias (good Mexican place) where we were joined by Sergio, John, Whit, and Simon (John's friend who was in town from Amsterdam).  After lunch, Devery and I went to Scandinavian Designs where I bought a kick ass computer desk.  After dropping him off so he could go to work, I went home and then spend the next 2.5 hours assembling the desk.  It's a sweet piece and sits in the corner of my office (second bedroom).  I've got my laptop all setup on it, and my cable modem is providing me with EXCELLENT internet access.

Let's see, what else....   On the 'who else have I spoke with lately front", I spoke with Alex McCabe, Paul Barnes and Tim "Porky" Watkins last week and they are all doing well back in Nashua (hehehe, I  talk to Paul at least 4 times a week...)..  My father is doing OK, though his health is poor, his spirits have been good as of late.  My brother Tim got into an accident and his Mercedes Kompressor got banged up pretty bad, but it wasn't his fault and the car's in the shop getting fixed.  Steve "Milkman" Mayou is overseas with the US Navy and he's doing well.  He's also been emailing me some picts of his trip... Jim "Rico" Hynek is doing well in New London, CT, being a firefighter and looking handsome in his uniform (he sent picts).  Bill DeMaio is doing well in Bethany, CT and says hi to all.

And that's about for now.... 

Hope all is well in your neck of the woods.  Drop a line :-)


January 9, 2000:  Heheh, ok, how many of your are still typing/writing 1999??  It's gonna take a while to kick that habit.  Well, it's been a pretty good week.  The whole Y2K weekend was a total non-event for me.  I spent most of it at my office or on call.  We didn't have one major issue with either the company's infrastructure or software.  Nice!  Otherwise, work has been busy. 

I've got a little head cold, which has been preventing me from getting some good sleep lately.  Hopefully, this will pass SOON!

This past week I've hung out quite a bit with Chris "Scooby" Morton.  We've been at The Bank (soon to be know as Uncommon Ground) in San Jose, 4 nights in a row. Well, part of that has to do with the fact that it was just bought by Sergio and John, two friends of ours.  Hehehe, an already fun place it gonna be more so in the near future.

Today I spent the day with Rob and Susan.  It was so good to see them again.  They got back from Hawaii last week and have finally begun settling in.  This morning we went to church, the farmers market and then off to brunch at the Left Bank in Menlo Park.  This afternoon, I spent most of the time updating their web site.  Right now Susan is making a roasted chicken for dinner <yummmyy!>. 

Next weekend, I'm flying out to Tucson, AZ to see Mark "Hummer" Hamel.  We're gonna do a little hiking and a lot of hanging out.  It'll be good to see him :-)

I spoke to Lisa Cragan errr, Reed <grin> this week and after we hung up the phone, plane tickets were booked!  She'll be out here for a visit in February, during the presidents day weekend.  And, in April of this year, it looks like Paul and Tab may find themselves out here for a week long visit!  Most cool :-)

My new apartment is coming along.  On Tuesday, I'm having a cable modem installed so I'll be back online! Yeah baby!  Hehehehe, after I get back from AZ, I'll be picking up a new couch for the living room.  I also gotta get a computer desk and some other nick nacks.  All in due time.

So, that's about it for now.  I'm off to eat some dinner and then head back to my place for some much needed sleep. 

I hope all is well in your neck of the woods!


January 1, 2000:  Well, the time now is 3:30 AM PT on January 1, 2000.  I'm here at the office, getting ready to hit the sack.  Hehehehe, yep, I had to work this weekend!  Me and a few other "Quintoids'" are providing Critical Care Support to some of our customers over the Y2K weekend.  So far, so good. It's been very very quiet.  I'm expecting the weekend to be more of the same. 

This evening I got a lot of Happy New Year phone calls from all over the world!  My friend and co-worker Raymond checked in from Holland.  He had just got back from Amsterdam :-)  Travis "Shoebox" Nelson called in from Korea.  Hehehe, he's still trying to drink that country dry!  Kevin Barnes, stationed out in the Marshall Islands was partying it up and having a good ol' time.  Becky, Lisa, Rob and Susan checked in from Kauai, Hawaii.  They were only on their second bottle of wine, but they assured me that they had just begun :-)  On the East coast, I heard from my Dad, Lisa Reed, Alex, Dustin, Tab, Patno, Porky, Dubbah, Robin & Trish and Justin.  All were doing well on this new beginning of the Year 2000. 

Did you catch the New Year celebrations around the world on the TV?  Pretty friggin' incredible!  Hehehe, well, one thing that this world can do well is Party it Up!  Maybe that's the common thread that will end up saving all of mankind one day :-) 

Best wishes for a safe, prosperous, adventurous, healthy, joy filled New Year! 


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