Penz's Journal 2004
January 20, 2004:  WHOOOO-HOOO! Hehehe, well, I'm taking the rest of the day off work and am heading down to the San Jose Shark Tank (a.k.a the HP Pavilion) to go see Jimmy Buffett and the crew! My friends Alex and David are joining me on this little excursion and I'm sure it's going to be another one of those memorable days that we just can't seem to remember! LOL, gotta remember to bring my camera this time :) Heheheh, here's a few picts of some of my past excursions :)

Just got a wonderful email from Jill Dagenais. Well, I haven't talked to either of them in quite a while (and we're going to remedy that as soon as I finish typing this up!) and it looks like she and her husband Ric have been pretty busy and take a look at this gorgeous marvel they have created:

Andra Dagenais

October 2003

Christmas 2003

With a smile like that, I'm sure that she's already breaking hearts :)  Stunning!

I spoke with Mike "Tab" Wascisko the other night. He's doing well up in NH, other than the fact that he's ready for a change in careers. He and Paul Barnes are in the same boat there.  Speaking of boats, why don't we just all say screw it and head down to the islands!!!!!!!????!!!  Hmmm, why...? We should.... :)

My sister Gini and her best friend Johnson will be paying me a visit in a couple of weeks. On Jan 31 Gini arrives and on Feb 3, Johnson arrives. They'll both will be staying until February 10th! I'm sure we'll be having a lot of fun, as this will be their second trip out here to see me. This picture was taken last April when they came out for a visit :)

Also spoke with Mark "Hummer" Hamel. I'll be flying to Tucson, AZ the first weekend in March to pay him and his wife Jessica a visit for a few days. I'm looking forward to that :)

Ok, well, gotta go and get ready for a crazy fun day!

Boat drinks!!! :)


January 12, 2004:  And so another year begins :)

On December 31 I flew back to New York so that I could attend Aunt Linda's wedding (Aunt Linda is Linda Murry, Tim "Porky" Watkins aunt). I got into NY around 7:00 PM, and was picked up at the White Plains airport by Porky and his girlfriend Thea. We headed to Linda's house for a light dinner, and a couple glasses of wine.  It was a nice way spend New Years Eve, surrounded by good friends :)

The next day, around 11:00 am, Paul Barnes arrived in town to join us. About an hour or so later, our car/driver arrived and we headed to the Hopkins Inn in CT for the reception.  Well, we were the first to get there and it was an open bar, so we put that to good use :) Shortly thereafter, the rest of the guests arrived, as did Linda and Jamie :)  Well, at that point, we had a special treat, as that was the time to crack open a couple of special bottle of wines that Linda brought along. They were 2 magnum bottles of Dominus - Napa Valley 1994 - Chrirton Moneix Napanook Vineyard.  Oh my..... at just about $1000 a bottle, these were some VERY special treats.  Hehehe, let's just say that I enjoyed two very large glasses of this wine and was just amazed :)  Dinner was quite tasty as well (I had the Veal Marsailles).  The toast was made with a 1993 Perrier-Jouet - Brut - Blanc De Blancs -  Fleru de Champagne. Desert was enjoyed with a 20 and 40 Year Old Tawny Sandeman Ports.  <sigh> I don't think I'll drink that good again in a long, long time :)

Friday  morning, Paul and I went for a very cool drive around the area and proceeded to get lost on the backroads of the countryside. For about 3 hours, we just drove around and enjoyed the scenery, finally making our way back to meet up w/Porky (he had to work a 1/2 day). We all just hung out together for the afternoon.  That evening Paul headed back to NH.

Saturday morning Porky and I took the train into NYC for the International Motorcycle Show.  We had a blast checking out all of the cool bikes.  The place was jammed pack but we spent the better part of 4 hours walking around the show floor.  After that, it was back to the countryside and on Sunday, I flew back home.  I had a great time/visit with Porky and was honored to have been invited to attend the event with the rest of the family :)


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