January 2005

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January 19, 2005: LOL, well, I'm pretty pissed off right now! I did a huge journal update for the past three weeks and when I went to upload it to my web site I accidentally downloaded the old one to my PC and overwrote the new one!!! FUCK!!! :) So, now we're gonna do the really short update (hehehe, over the next day or so, I'll re-type everything):

New Years: Spent it with Ashish, Jill and a group of their friends over at their place. Nice time, very laid back.

January 7th-15, Eric Larson, his wife Crissy and his dad Rolly came out to CA for a visit. 

That Saturday we went to Napa Valley for wine tasting and did Opus One, Sullivan, Sawyer, St. Supery, and Provenance. That night, it was back to my place for dinner (did some grillin' on the BBQ :)

Sunday we went up to Healdsburg and hit Unti, Preston, Raymond Burr, Mill Creek, and Seghasio wineries. 

Monday, a cruise down the coast starting in Half Moon Bay, then down to Santa Cruz with a pit stop at Bonny Doon winery (where Crissy and Eric left as wine club members). After that, it was off to Capitola where we had lunch and a nice stroll though town. After that, we took scenic route back home by going up old route 9 through the redwood groves all the way up to Palo Alto. Hahah, the weather, which turned bad as soon as we started to get deep into the forest, made for an interesting drive back. Heheh, zero visibility due to rain and fog up a long, steep, windy mountain road goes from fun to 'this sucks' pretty quick. LOL, I was driving and I was even feeling a little car sick :)

Tuesday-Thursday: I flew to Denver, CO for work. I traded in the rain in CA for snow in Denver. Actually, it was kinda nice :)  Eric and crew visited San Francisco on Tuesday. Wed & Thursday they were in Yosemite National Park and they had an awesome visit there.

Friday: Eric and Roland went golfing at The Presidio in San Francisco while Crissy and I toured more of the city. That afternoon, we ended up at Rosenblum Cellars in Alameda for an excellent wine tasting. That night, a fantastic sushi dinner a Yumi's in Alameda.

Saturday: The crew takes off and has a safe trip back to Rhode Island. I take it easy and chill :)

Sunday: Justin and I spend the day together. After breakfast, we spend a few hours doing errands, shopping and hanging out. It was a nice relaxing day together :)

And so that bring us to this week :-)  No major plans for most of the week. During the day, will work. Evenings, hanging out with friends. Friday things get more fun though.  I'm heading down to LA to visit Adam and Meredith. I'm really looking forward to seeing the two of them as it's been a while since our last visit. I'll hang out with them until Sunday around noon and then head back home.

Next Friday, I take off for Florida for 10 days and I can't wait! Friday-Tuesday night I'll be hanging out with Becky and Lisa in Cocoa Beach and Wednesday - Sunday I'll be with Kevin Barnes over in Fort Meyers (and for a few days, we'll be down in Key West!). Hehehe, it's going to be a FUN trip and I can't wait to see everyone!

OK, a more detailed update to follow in a day or two. Just wanted to get something up here. I still can't believe I messed up that huge update I typed up! Oh well :)


January 1, 2005: 


And so begins another year. I hope that for all of my family and friends that 2005 is a wonderful, joy filled and prosperous year!

And what better way to start it off than with a hella cute picture of my brother and Tyler :-)

and of course, January 1 always is time to wish my sister Gini a very

HAPPY 25th Birthday!

I spoke with her earlier tonight and then about 3:00 AM ET and she was still up partying the night away (just like she should be doing :-)  GO GINI :-)

Heheh, ok, 1:00 AM. Off to bed :-)


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