January 2006

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January 29, 2006:

LOL, wow, I've been a bit remiss w/updating my journal lately! Hehehe, let's see, what's been going on!?!?!

The week of the 9th, I spend most of it in Colorado Springs attending an offsite summit meeting for week. We stayed at The Broadmoor which is a 5 start resort. Oh my, it was quite nice! Heheh, I think the bar has been raised on where I want to attend business meetings from now on :) Ahh yes.. I got back from that trip on Thursday. That weekend was pretty laid back. I did spend some time with Benny, Ian and Matt but I was starting to feel a little under the weather by the end of it. On Monday, I figured I caught a nice nasty bug from somewhere (probably the airplane... flying test tubes they are!), so the rest of the week was pretty laid back. Worked during the day, played a lot of World of Warcraft (WoW) in the evening.

WoW is a pretty amazing, and yes, addictive game to get into! I have a whole new group of online 'friends' that I 'socialize/adventure' with. Heheeh, happily, some of them are actually my friends here in the Bay Area. Some of the new ones are located around the globe. Crazy fun. Heheh, just have to be careful not to get too caught up in playing this game (as 5 hours of sitting in front of the compute can go by just like that!).

So on Tuesday this week, decided to buy myself a Mt. Bike. Figured I need something to help me get back into the routine of daily exercise and my plan is to start riding to work (weather permitting, which after rainy season is over, should be all the time!). I got the bike from a great shop in Santa Clara by the name of Calmar Bicycles. After spending 1.5 hours with Danny (the very helpful sales/shop guy) I ended up getting the 2005 Trek Fuel 90.

For those of you into specs:


WHEELS Bontrager Select
DRIVETRAIN: crankset Bontrager Race 44/32/22 w/ISIS rear derailleur Shimano Deore XT
SIZE: 19.5
COLOR: Baja Blue

Full Specs:

FRAME: ZR 9000
Frame available.
FORK: RockShox Duke XC
REAR SHOCK: Fox Float R w/Pro Pedal

WHEELS: Bontrager Select
TIRES: Bontrager ACX K, 26x2.2", 52/54

SHIFTERS: Shimano Deore LX
CRANKSET: Bontrager Race 44/32/22 w/ISIS
CASSETTE: SRAM 970 11-34, 9 speed
PEDALS: Shimano 520, clipless

SADDLE: Bontrager FS 2000
SEATPOST: Bontrager Select
HANDLEBARS: Bontrager Select, 25mm rise
STEM: Bontrager Select, 5/10 degree
HEADSET: Alloy Aheadset, semi-cartridge, sealed
BRAKESET: Avid Single Digit 3 w/Avid SD 5 levers

Add to that a bike pump, pair of gloves and of course, a helmet :)

Yesterday I spent the day up in wine country, by myself. Yep, it was a nice day to get away, even with the torrential downpour I was driving through. I got up to Healdsburg around 10:00 AM. First stop was Unti Vineyards where after a very nice hour long visit, I left with bottles of the 2004 Barbera, 2004 Segromigno and 2004 Barbera Port (quite tasty!). After that, a quick lunch break at the Oakville Grocery Store (tasty roast beef sandwich and some water) and then it was off to Mill Creek Vineyards where I picked up some 2000 Alexander Valley Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon. Then it was off over the river, through the woods, up and down the hills to Napa for a stop at Sullavin Vineyards. There I grabbed some of the 2003 Red Ink: Bordeaux Blend. Mmmmm, mmmmm, good! I love this wine! And around 2:00 I left Napa Valley and headed on down South to meet up with Ashish in Alameda. I got there around 3:30 and after 2 seconds of arm twisting it was off to Rosenblum Cellars to do a little tasting. Heheheh, Healdsburg, Napa and Alameda all in one day (yes, I'm impressed too! LOL).

This week: Monday-Wednesday morning I'll be in Denver, CO for work. Friday-Sunday I'll be out in Fresno, CA at Alex Hutchenson's parents house with his girlfriend and a bunch of other fun people for a weekend of poker and football!

Mon-Wed the following week I work but on Thursday I start the first real vacation of the year! I'm flying to Rhode Island on Thursday (getting in around midnight) where I'll stay with Eric and Crissy Larson. On Saturday morning, we're all heading up to MA to see my brother, Suzanne, Seth and the dogs! Late that afternoon, it's back to RI where we'll be joined by Paul and his new girlfriend Kara (she seems really nice). On Sunday, we recoup and and Monday, I fly out and head down to FL where I'll be spending the rest of the week with Kevin Barnes. We'll be taking a few days and going SCUBA diving down in the Keys. <HUGE GRIN> Needless to say, I'm looking forward to this break :)

January 9, 2006: Had a good weekend! Friday night was up in Brentwood with my friend Benny for a fun party w/his family. On Saturday, I helped Justin move the rest of his stuff from San Mateo to his new apartment in SF and that night, was back up in Brentwood to play poker with Alex. On Sunday morning, played World of Warcraft for a bit (yes, my new addiction) and then met up w/Rusty in SF for a bit. That night, just relaxed.

Will update more later. I'm flying off to Colorado Springs today for a work trip (should be a fun one!) I'll be back in town on Thursday.

OK, well I'm smelling kinda stinky right now, as I still haven't showered since this morning's 2 hour bike ride (yeah, first real ride I've taken on the bike since it's been raining for the past 4 days. Felt good to get some exercise! I'm looking forward to making this a daily ritual :)

OH yeah, Tim (Porky) and Marian have a little website going. LOL, they are already making plans for their weeding (2 years away). Heheh, check it out!

I hope all is well in your neck of the woods!


January 1, 2006:

HAPPY NEW YEAR! My sincerest wish is that for all of my family and friends that 2006 will be a year filled with good health, prosperity, happiness, and lots of fun and adventure!!!

And of course, January 1, is also a very special day because it's my sisters birthday! Happy Birthday Gini! 26 years old and still partying it up :P Hehehehe, I guess someone has to do it, right!?!?! :)

Had a great night last night! Went to Matt and Ian's in SF where I met up with Benny, Nathan, Justin, Kevin, Nicole, Matt, Brian and a few others for a fun night of drinking, drinking, drinking, eating, and having a whole lot of fun! Hehehe, it was just one of those fun nights where when it got to be around 2:00 AM everyone was like "Whoa, it's really 2:00 AM!?!?!". Hehehe, shortly thereafter, most of us ended up passing out in Matt and Ian's living room where every square inch of the place was used to crash out on. LOL, lots of fun!!!!

This morning, we got up and after a few cups of coffee, all walked down to this fantastic little French bakery where we enjoyed some open faced ham and cheese sandwiches along with some tasty bread pudding and chocolate puddings! Heheh, very health start to 2006! I intend to spend the rest of my day drinking lots of water and bonding w/my couch :)

Hope your year started well! I know I'm smiling :)

Hmmmmm, need to get my ass in gear and plan a vacation. Now that Kevin has moved from the BVI's to FL, Paul and I are screwed for our annual trip to the Caribbean. We need to fix that! I'm actually thinking of a trip to Australia or New Zealand with my friend Alex McCabe (back in Boston). That could be a lot of fun!!! Stay tuned for more details :)

All the best,



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