January 2010

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January 30, 2010: A nice day :) Chris, Mimi, Jon, Liz, Jamie and his girlfriend picked me and Clarice up and we went to the Fort Funston dog park. It was a great way to spend the afternoon :)

"I think I see a squirrel!"

Chris, Mimi, Jon and Liz

January 30, 2010: I had a great day today. I spent the day with Eric Chamberlain. I met Eric about a year and a half ago and had the opportunity to spend a little time with him. During that moment in time, I felt this wonderful connection to him, but because of what was respectively going on in our lives, it just wasn't the right time to hang out. Well, fast forward to present day... and shortly after my return from New England, I ran into him again, and wouldn't you know it, right now is a pretty good time for us to be spending time together :) For the past few weeks, I've been able to share some quality time with Eric and I have enjoyed every single second of that. Our time together has reminded me just how nice it is to be with someone who can "be present and show up', reciprocate feelings, and put a smile on my face that does it's best to show just how happy I feel inside :) We only have a short time before I move East, but I am extremely thankful to the universe for presenting me with this opportunity to spend time with him, and to be able to enjoy it as much as I am.

Ain't life funny sometimes....? Yeah, it's all in the timing.

So, our trip.... Eric and his pup Kilo picked me up at my place at around 9:30 AM and we took off for the coast. Heheh, Eric and I wanted to share with each other our special spots along the coast, so our first stop was Half Moon Bay where I'd share mine with him. Little did I know that an adventure awaited us!

Soooo, I take Eric up to the bluffs overlooking Mavericks, as I've done with many of my friends over the years. We were enjoying the view and taking some pictures when we decided to walk down to a small bluff to get some better shots. Well, I had Kilo's leash, and as I was walking down a slippery/muddy embankment, I figured I'd let go for just a moment, since there was no place he could really go (I mean, this little piece of land ends at the edge of a 50' drop). Hahah oh boy, well, was I wrong... Kilo took off, went to the edge of the bluff and decided "Hey, it's high tide and I want to go to the beach" so without a second thought, he runs straight down this 65' banked cliff and into the ocean!! Needless to say, Eric and I were like "HOLY SHIT!" So, off the edge the two of us go to rescue Kilo the Adventure Dog. Well, Kilo gave us a scare for about a minute before we caught him and walked him to a trail head that lead back up the bluff about 100" down the way. Suffice to say, Eric and I got DRENCHED and we were both a little frazzled at the whole situation. I felt horrible for letting go of the leash and apologized profusely, but after catching his breath and realizing Kilo was just fine, Eric was in the 'no harm/no foul' state of mind. So we walked back to the car, our shoes squishing the whole way.

Eric changed into some soccer shorts that he had in the trunk and we got in the car. Now, part of me is figuring I just ruined our whole day and that we'd head back into the city, but I figured what the heck. So, I turned to him and said "Sooooooooooo, how about we continue on with this adventure. We'll stop at the first board shop we come across and I'll get us some dry clothes and flip flops and we'll journey on". He turns, looks at me, smiles and says "Sure, why not!?!" I was soooooooo happy and amazed by his positive attitude, and off we went!

After grabbing some coffee at Starbucks, we stopped at the Half Moon Bay surf shop and got some new Reef's sandals and dry t-shirts. Wearing our new attire, we headed down Route 1 to Pescadaro where we'd grab some sandwiches, drinks, and fresh/hot artichoke bread (along some oil and balsamic vinegar for dipping) from the bakery there. That little place is awesome and I can why some people drive all the way out there just for the bread :) After that, we made a couple more stops at some scenic vistas before ending up at Eric's special spot in Davenport (yeah, click on the link for the Google map. make sure you're in satellite view mode).

Oh man, this little piece of heaven that he took me to was just amazing. There are a couple of caves that you can explore (but we didn't bring flashlights, so next time), an amazing beach, beautiful rock formations and because of how the waves come in, the water/waves are just spectacular. We'd spend about 3 hours here and for me, it was bliss. I was so happy to be at a beautiful place, with a wonderful guy, and just be able to enjoy all of it. I can't remember the last time I felt so happy.

Around 3:30, we'd pack up our stuff, head back up to the car, and make our way back to San Francisco. Eric dropped me off at my place upon which I took a shower, did some laundry, and spent the rest of my night thinking back on the great day I had, and grinning the entire time :)

Eric and Kilo at Half Moon Bay

Hahah, two puppies :) - yeah, I like this shot a lot!

Eric in Davenport - great smile :)

Kilo caught in the act of hotwiring the car!

The beach :)

Yeah, I heard it was 7 degrees in New England today....

January 15, 2010: This month is going to fly by... So far, everything is going really well.

Work: Keeping me busy as usual. LOL oh boy, these 5:00 AM conference calls are starting to get old, but hey, I'm now an official 'early bird'. Me living on the East coast will actually be a big improvement in this category, as 5:00 AM PT = 8:00 AM ET :)

House Purchase: This has been going really smoothly. It's actually a little scary as just how easy this is going and that w/in a month and half, I'll be the owner of a 300K mortgage, err house :)

Hehehe, since I can't do anything else, I've become an HGTV addict. Let me tell you, it's fun to watch some of these shows (Divine Design, Color Splash, Designed to Sell, etc...), but not being in my house yet, I find myself with all of these great ideas but can't do anything with them. Sooo, I'm just having fun watching.

How do I feel about this whole process? Hahah, oh boy.. scary, exciting, amazed, bewitched, bothered and bewildered again!

West --> East Coast Move: I've got all of the resources lined up. Moving truck and separate car transport have all been scheduled. Just waiting for the tenants to get out of the house in Dover, NH os that I can start to schedule utilities and such...

Living in the Present: A big challenge for me is to enjoy the present day and not be focused so much on the future. This has been a great thing to keep at the forefront of my mind, as it's helping me remain in a calmer state of mind and be able to really enjoy the next few weeks with my CA family and friends.

All in all, life is good :)

January 1, 2010:


I hope that this wonderful new year is filled with good health, the love of family & friends, prosperity, adventure and joy!

Carpe Anno - Carpe Diem!

All the best,


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