January 1997

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January 27, 1997: Well, although the Patriots didn't win last night, it was still a great weekend for football, friends, and partying. The weekend started on Friday when a small group of us celebrated Matt Davis's 23 birthday by taking him out for dinner to the Hannah Jack Tavern in Merrimack, NH. Excellent food/service made the meal quite enjoyable. After dinner, it was back to our place for a few more drinks and a couple of drinking games! Saturday night we all went out again for drinks and also celebrated Jason Stupps B-Day. Heheheh, beware the Scorpion Bowls… beware..!

Sunday. Well, after recovering from the night before, 14 of us gathered at DWC at 1:00 for a game of tackle football. Field Conditions: Icy, wet, windy and 30' degrees. Hehehe, it made for a great time and certainly was a lot of fun (although today, it feels like I was run over by a small bus!).

The game was proceeded by a Super Bowl party consisting of lot's of beer, my 'hot and tasty' buffalo wings, Paul's excellent sweet/sour meatballs, Linda Price's evil chocolate chip cookies, and enough chips/snacks to choke a horse. All in all, a great time.

This weekend, I got a call from Eric "Scutter" Withers. He has just moved to Lowell, MA and is living there with his fiancé.

January 24, 1997: Ahhh, what a week. If all started off last week when my 'estranged brother' Bill DeMaio come up for a visit. The first time in almost two years. We had a great time hanging out and catching up over the weekend, and I think it's safe to say that it I won't have to wait another two years for him to come up again.

My friend Jamie Godbout came in from Montana for a visit and is staying with me for a few days. He is currently in the USAF and working in a missile silo somewhere out there. Last weekend was excellent because Eric Larson came up for a visit. Being on of my closest friends, it always good to hang out with him and put back a few brews. Eric is currently in the US Coast Guard and stationed down in Newport, RI. He is a Boatsman Mate assigned to the USS Juniper (the newest Buoy Tender in the fleet).

The last few days have been pretty hectic here at work. Gotta love a challenge though. The stress of the week was broken up by a visit from a dear friend of mine, Lisa Cragan. She came up for a visit and once again, used her charm and wit to help calm me down and to remind me that life is ok. Heheheh, thank you once again Lisa!

And that's about it for now. I've put up a new picture in the Album section and there's more fun stuff to come. Stay tuned!

January 13, 1997: What an awesome weekend. First off, I was paid a visit by Michael Evans and his brother Keith. We got to spend Friday and Saturday together hanging out and catching up (and putting down a few drinks or two while we passed the time!). These two lads came out from Sacramento, CA to visit friends/family for a week. I'll be heading out there in April to visit them in CA.

Sat. afternoon, my friend Sean came up and visited for the better part of the day and we had a great visit. Sunday morning I got up and went flying with my roommate Dave. We took a Skyhawk (single engine high wing aircraft, basically a Cessna 172) from Nashua, NH out over Boston, MA. Above 5,000' the winds were calm as can be, below that, well we had 25 knot gust blowing us all over the place. The landing back in Nashua was a true show of Dave's skill as a pilot. He brought us down safe and sound, even though we were experiencing the 25 knot gusts as a direct crosswind on final approach. Nice job Dave!

After landing, we decided to stop by and play a bit of football with our buddies from college. Ahhh, nothing like throwing around the pigskin and tackling the line when it's 35' out and snowy! Heheh, this old dog had a lot of fun playing with the younger pups, and even though I held my own, I'm a bit sore this morning!

And of course, the day ended on an awesome not as the New England Patriots won the AFC championship and are now headed to the Super Bowl! It's gonna be one hell of a game against the Green Bay Packers and I hope our boys can pull it off. Hell, just seeing them at the Super Bowl is enough for me! Congrats to the coach and team on an awesome job this season. Let's see how they end it up!

January 6, 1997: First entry! Well, what a way to start off the new year with the Patriots winning the AFC Division East! That was an awesome game and the only thing that made it better was that the Dallas Cowboys lost! (sorry DeMaio, but it's about time!). I can't wait to see who's gonna be in the super bowl, but no matter who it is, it's going to be nice NOT to see Dallas or San Francisco there for a change.

Well, looks like my estranged friend Bill DeMaio may actually come up to Nashua to visit me. He said he'll come up here to visit me the weekend of Jan. 18th if I will come down to CT the weekend of 2/16 for a Jimmy Buffet party! Well, I told him it was a deal. Let's see if 1997 is a better year for Bill at keeping his appointments

On Saturday I dropped off Travis "Shoebox" Nelson at Logan Airport and he flew back to Dallas, TX. He is in the USAF and was out here on 10 days leave. We had an excellent visit. He is going to be stationed at Dias AFB in one month, after he finishes technical school.


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