January 1998

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January 27, 1998: Last night I spoke with Travis "Shoebox" Nelson. He and his fiancee' Stephanie are doing well down in Dyess, TX. Next week they will be moving off base and will be house sitting for one of their fellow officers for a year! Talk about a sweet deal! Travis and Stephanie are to be married on Sept. 5 of this year and I have the honor of being his best man.

And for any of you I missed in my email:


January 27, 1998


As of Monday February 2, 1998 Scott Penziner will take a position of Technical Support Analyst with Nu-Mega Labs, a Compuware Corporation, in Nashua, New Hampshire. Nu-Mega Labs is the leading developer of Windows debugging tools and is best know for it's Soft-ICE and Bounds Checker products. Scott will be the newest member of the technical support staff and his duties will include providing product support for Nu-Mega's development tools.

Previous to this position, Scott was a technical support analyst with Alexander LAN, Inc. for almost 5 years. Alexander LAN is the leading provider for NetWare Crash Diagnostic utilites, and is best know for its' product the Alexander Server Protection Kit .

When asked about how he felt about his new job, Scott replied "I am very excited to be joining the Nu-Mega team. I have followed the company for many years, and have enjoyed watching it grow and prosper. As of recent, Nu-Mega was bought by Compuware Corp., which is the 9th largest software company in the world. I look forward to the challenges and the opportunities I will face at my new position."

Email can still be sent to Scott at hsi work address. In about 60 days, a new email address at PENZ.COM will be setup.

Scott will continue to reside in Nashua, NH.

January 26, 1998: Well, how about those Denver boys, eh? It's about time that John Elway earned his ring and considering the game, he certainly did earn it. Hehehehe, it was nice to finally watch a Super Bowl game that wasn't a total blow out! A huge group of us gathered a Jason Stoop's house for a kick ass party. He made a great chili, JJ made an evil batch of HOT wings, I made a milder version, Tanya did potato skins and birthday cake (it was Stoop's and Macky's birthday!), and Junior picked up the 1/4 barrel of Mic. Light. Col. Mustard, Tab, Dubbah, Porky and Macky showed up to help drink and party. It was a great time! The special guest of the night was James Canders. He was in town on leave from the US Army. He is just getting ready to head of to Germany for a year and decided to pay us a visit. It was great to seem him and have him around for the night.

Well, my job hunting days are over. This afternoon I accepted a very good offer from Nu-Mega Labs, a division of Compuware Corp. The position is for a technical support analyst for their Window's debugging tools. I am looking forward to joining this great group of people. I have worked with many of them over the past 5 years and have come to know many of them very well. I'm looking forward to building a long and mutually prosperous relationship with them. I start on Monday Feb. 2nd. KICK ASS!

On a scary note, Ric Dagenais was involved in a nasty car accident on Saturday. He badly broke his leg, and has some other bumps, but because of his seatbelt and airbag he will come through this with far less problems than he would have otherwise.

He had an insulin reaction and ended up going through a stop sign at about 70 miles an hour and hit another car. The 4 people in the other car were injured, but as far as we know not with life threatening injuries.

He is in Elliot Hospital in Manchester NH, and had surgery on the leg this morning. Jill said they may have to do more surgery in a couple of weeks, but time will tell. I am going up to see him this afternoon.

On a tragic note, a former classmate of mine, Michael Lathrop was shot and killed in Texas last week while trying to evade police during a high speed chase as he attempted to evade/run a road block. He was DUI. It is sad to think that his drinking problem was the cause of this incident and the end of his life.

And that's all for now ~Penz

January 19, 1998: Well, the job hunt continues on! So far, I have some very good prospects that I hope to nail down by the end of the week. A couple are here in the NH/MA area and one is out in Los Angeles, CA. I'm also going to expand my search to the AZ area. <sigh> Yeah, there is a part of me that definitely wants to leave New England for a while and try living in another part of the country. It's going to be a tough decision since most of my friends and family are in this area, but there are other social and career factors that are influencing my decision to look outside of the local area. I'll keep ya posted on this as the week goes on.

On a very positive note, Paul got a job last week with Clearview Software in New Boston, NH. He is their new head sales guy and I have a feeling Paul is going to shine at this company. Hehehehe, he is already enjoying a few perks, such as his own corner office (with windows on two walls and a door he can close and lock!) and Monday-Tuesday he'll be attending the company ski trip getaway up at Loon Mt. for 2 days of skiing. Heheheh, it certainly sounds like he picked the right place to work! I'm wicked psyched for him and hope he does really well at his new job.

Had a really nice visit from James Godbout last week. He is currently in the USAF, stationed out in Great Falls, MT. Heheheh, from his comments on the area, it seems that Great Falls is not the social hub of the universe, but there are over 200 ICBMs in the area, so life is never to dull, I guess. Jamie is doing well and for the most part is enjoying his stint with the USAF. During his free time (of which he seems to have plenty of) he is teaching himself how to do some computer programming as well as continue on with his schooling. As quiet as Great Falls may be at times, Jamie definitely agrees that it is a lot better than Gorham, NH. A town where life seems to slow down to a crawl.

It was really good to see Jamie and I hope to get the chance to seem him again soon during my travels.

Speaking of traveling, I'm getting pretty antsy about getting my butt out to Los Angeles to visit a very special someone of whom I met out in Hawaii. <sigh> Boy, I can't wait to see my phone bill this month!

This weekend I went up to Barre and Burlington, VT with Becky to visit Jenn and JJ. We met up with Jenn in Barre and then headed up to Burlington for a kick ass night. Went to two great bars, Nectars (the place where Phish got their start) and Perl's (a very cool bar/dance club). We had a blast and certainly will head up there again in the near future.

For those who are waiting for the Hawaii pictures, give me a few more days. They'll be up there soon!!

And that's about it for now. Hope everyone is staying warm and dry and we try to keep out tails warm up here in the icy state of NH. ~Penz

January 3, 1998: Happy New Year! Well, another brand new year is upon filled with the potential to make almost anything we want to, happen! Isn't that cool?!? Well, first off, I had a wonderful time in Hawaii. I'd like to say thanks again to Becky, Susan, and Rob. Without them, this trip would not have been possible.

In a few days, I will post all the pictures of the island of Kauai, Hawaii that we took as well as recount our adventures. Highlights include taking a helicopter tour of the isle, a catamaran/snorkeling adventure, tour of the National Botanical Tropical Garden, seeing Waimea Canyon, meeting some wonderful locals and meeting some wonderful guys who were also on vacation (ok, just one in particualar.... hellllllllllo Alex! <big grin!> More on most of that in a few days.... (need to catch up).

Well, one big major change that came with 1998 is that I am no longer employed by Alexander LAN, Inc. As of Dec. 31, me and Paul were laid off. This was due to the company running out of money and not being able to support our payroll. Sooooooo, we had to go. Yep, kind of a lousy way to start off the new year, but everything happens for a reason and I intend to make the best of this situation (as always!). So, I'm job hunting. If you like, check out my resume!

On New Years Day, I had a nice visit with Michael "Spike" Crane. He came up with his very nice girlfriend, Tina. Mike is currently with the US Army, stationed in Alabama, flying helicopters (OH-58s). He hopes to be transferring within 4 months and moving to Blackhawks or Apaches soon. He met Tina while he was stationed in Korea. Tina currently attends UMASS and is a meteorologist with Logan Airport.

Dave Crenshaw is down for the weekend visiting us from VT. He is still flying for Commute Air.

My sister turned 18 years old on January 1, 1998. Happy Birthday Gini!!

and that's about all for right now. More to come in a few days! All the best. ~Penz

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