January 1999

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January 28, 1999:  Hello and apologies for not keeping this journal up to date!  It has been a busy month and a good begining to the new year!

Work has been keeping me extremely busy over the past few weeks, as my manager has left the company.  As I had been training to one day step up to his position, his leaving has opened up an opportunity for me to step up.  Along with the the additional resposibilties of being the interim support manager, I've been having a lot of fun meeting the new challenges that I'm faced with each day.  I'll keep you posted on how things progress.

On the family side, both my brother and sister are doing well.  Gini is back in up in school.  It's really nice having her in the area, though I do not get to see her as much as I'd like.  I definitely have to adjust my schedule to allow this.  My brother Tim is doing pretty well.   He's still kickin' butt at Fidelity.  Though recently he's gone through a bit of a rock time with his ex-girlfriend, he's doing all right. 

Scot Servis and his wife Katie are doing well out in WA.  They are just getting ready to close on their new house.  Congratulations you two! 

Adam Arnold and his wife Gini and doing very well, too.  Both are keeping busy, working hard as well as finding some time to have some fun :-)

At the turn of the year, the crew here in Nashua said "see ya later" to Scott "Perky" Seidel and William "Spidey" Wright.  Both of these lads moved to the Cincinatti, OH area to work for ComAir. 

Jason Stupp (who just celebrated another birthday!) is in the USCG, currently stationed in Key West, FL (sigh!).

Still in the area are Paul Barnes, Tim "Porky" Watkins, Mike "Tab" Wacisko, Scott Patno, Alex McCabe, Dustin Norman, Chris "Spiller" Miller, Mark "Hummer" Hammel, Matt "Macky" Davis, and of course, me :-)

That's about it for now.  I'll be adding more to the journal next week.  Hehehe, and yeah, the end of January is right around the corner.  I wonder just how fast 1999 is going to fly by.....?

All the best-  ~Penz

January 8, 1999:  I hope that everyone had a very nice New Year.  I spent mine here in Nashua with a group of friends at my place.  We welcomed the New Year in a not so sober but very fun state of mind :-) This past week I had the opportunity to catch up with two very good friends of mine, Scot Servis and Adam Arnold.  The three of us attended high school together back in Marshfield, MA.  Over the years, we have done a pretty good job of keeping in contact with each other, but over the past few years, it became more and more difficult to do so, as our respective lives became busier and busier.  Although each of us own some responsibility, I admit, I carry a fair share of the blame in failing to keep the communication going (imagine that!  me, the great communicator :-).  The biggest problem is that I keep a fairly large and diverse group of friends and sometimes, it becomes very difficult to keep up with those who don't live within 20 minutes of me.  Most of this has to do with simple time constraints of work and such....  but anyway, without getting into too much detail....  I know that I've got to do a better job with not just these two awesome people, but with a few others out there as well (such as Lisa Reed!).  Anyway, I resolve to improve this issue over the course of the upcoming year and apologize for not addressing it sooner...

Other than that, let's see.... heard from James Canders over in Germany... Let me share his email from him to me with you (I've had to edit out a few parts.. .:-).  This sounded like a great time:

"Happy New Year! Well, I spent the last weekend of the old year in Amsterdam. We have GOT to go! A couple of my friends got pulled off the street and raped and robbed by the local girls...My friends and I got kicked out of a porn shop, bugged by the locals, and we pissed off a couple strippers. A good night. You would like the head shops. It was interesting to see the owner's of the shop rolling their own behind the counter.

The first weekend of the new year I spent in Paris. They throw a good party there, and the best part is, there is no morning after. There were multitudes of gorgeous women in short skirts getting drunk along with everyone else. Everyone was throwing the broken bottles on the street in front of the Louvre, which was full of people. I saw the new year from under the Eiffel Tower, drinking Champagne and getting  kissed. I would have gone to the clubs, but they were too expensive. My friends and I had a couple girls just walk up to us and follow us around most of the night. I fell asleep in the car around 3:30 and work  up at 9 to find the streets empty and already cleaned. It looked like the Paris you see on TV. I got some bread and headed for home. That is another place we have to go to. I would go back in a second. 

That's about all the news I have here. Oh yeah, the Hofbrauhaus in Munich is a great place. I was there three weeks ago drinking huge beers and listening to the locals yodeling the night away. The regulars  at the place have storage lockers for their steins! Hurry up and get your ass over here! I hope you had a great New Years Eve. Say hi to everyone for me. ~James"

Hehehe, you are too much James!!

Paul Barnes is ski racing for his company, PC Connection. His first race was last night and he came in first for his team and 14th over all out of about 60 participants.  Since this is a country wide competition, based upon age groups, Paul actually earned a silver medal.  You can check it out at:


Congratulations bro!

You may have noticed that I've been playing with the design of my web site.  Let me know what you think of the new look and feel. 

And that's about it for now. All the best   ~Penz

January 1, 1999:  Best wishes for a prosperous, adventerous and joyous New Year and a very


to my sister Gini.  Today she turns 19 years old today!!!!  Incredible how quickly she is growing up.  Why, I can still remember changing her diapers like it was yesterday... hehehehehe :-)

All the best!! ~Penz

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