July 2000

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July 21, 2000:  I had a really nice weekend!  On Friday night, Vince and I went to see "The Perfect Storm".  Wow, that was a really good movie!  Being from New England and having lived on the ocean, that movie hit me pretty hard.  I got really homesick when it was all over, and had to call Porky to check in and touch base w/the East coast.  Hehehe, also called E, but he was not at home :-(

On Saturday, Vince and I met up and headed off to the Gilroy Garlic Festival!  Hehehe, I was like a kid in a candy store.  Damn, I've never seen so much garlic!  Hehehe, after picking up 8 lbs. of garlic to bring back home, we headed off to the food pavilions were we had some garlic french fries, garlic alligator on a stick, garlic seafood gumbo, brucetta and some smoothies.  Mmmmm, there was a ton of food there and lots of fun vendors.  I picked a few trinkets along w/my garlic and we got out of there right around 11:00 which was perfect as it was getting hot and crowded!

Later on that afternoon, Justin and I met up after he got out of work and decided to grab a bit to eat and then headed off to Half Moon Bay to camp out on the ocean for the evening.  Before we left the house, Devery and his best friend James stopped by and visited for a bit.  James just moved to the area, up from LA, and was a pleasure to meet.  

Justin and I ended up going camping on the beach and we had a blast!  Hehehehe, the only interruption we had was from about a half dozen others who decided to build a bonfire and get drunk about 12' from out tent!  Out of all of the beach, they had to pick a spot near us!  Oh well, it was still fun :)

The next morning, we got up and packed up the tent and headed into HMB for breakfast at the Two Fools Cafe.  After enjoying a gourmet meal, it was off the Palo Alto Farmer's Market where we picked up some great fruit and veggies and some gorgeous flowers (including some sun flowers as big as small trees) to spruce up the apartment.  After heading back to Fremont and unloading all of our goodies, and taking a much needed shower, we spent the rest of the afternoon tooling around and doing errands.  That night, we just chilled out after cooking up some steaks on the grill.

Hope all is going well in your neck of the woods!  Drop a line and say hi :-)


July 27, 2000:  Well, I do declare, turing 30 has been fun!  Last night I was taken out for a fun sushi dinner by Rob Walker. We jumped in the '99 Porsche' Boxter and headed off to Palo Alto for a sushi dinner and then a silent movie at the Stanford Theater.  It was a really nice evening, and I enjoyed having Rob's company for the night.

Last weekend, I received a killer surprise from Vince!  After being instructed to get a hold of a 'truck' size vehicle (Susan's ML 320 did just fine), I was taken down to San Jose to receive my second BDay present, a Webber Silver Edition B Gas BBQ!  I was speechless!!  Talk about someone who really knows that I love to cook, Vince couldn't have gotten me a cooler present that I'll be sure to enjoy for years to come.  So far, salmon, leg of lamb, pork chop and BBQ chicken have all graced it's 36,000 BTU surface over the last week.  Hehehe, I love it!

On Monday, I hung out with Chris Morton and got to see his new wheels!  Talk about freakin' cool, at age 23 he's driving a 2000 sunburst yellow Mercedes SL 320!  This car is sweet!  Hehehehe, talk about over engineered, it's got just about everything you could possibly want, and of course, in top notch style.  I don't know Chris, you're never gonna be able to go back to anything less!  Better start saving up for the next one!

Justin's been acclimating well to life here in CA!  He's been having fun working at Starbuck's over the last few weeks.  He seems to have met some pretty nice people there, and his co-workers all seem to be pretty cool.  Hehehe, everyday, I get to hear about some crazy customer service story from the 'land of  coffee and frappacinno's' (of which I'm now addicted to!).  Always nice having an 'inside connection' at your favorite coffee shop.

Justin has been living w/me since he came out here in mid-June and he'll be staying with me until late August.  At that time, he'll be moving on campus while he attends San Jose State. 

This is the first time I've ever dated someone, had them become my boyfriend, and then have them move in with me.  Though we've had some pretty challenging times over the past few weeks, overall, it's been a good experience for me.  Along with everything else, he's been a good roommate (keeps the apt. immaculate), and he's been grateful for giving him a place to stay for the summer.  Hell, it beats CT any day!

Hehehe, along with having a lot in common, Justin and I have got our fair share of differences, so we continue to learn about each other, and ourselves each day.  There never seems to be a dull moment when we're together.

Heheheh, he still hasn't got used to my snoring, but then again, not too many people have ever been able to!  With the exception of my former college roommate Bill DeMaio ( who could sleep through a small nuclear explosion) most of the people I've shared the same room with have tried to kill me while I sleep (Luckily for Justin, the couch is pretty damn comfortable to sleep on).  Ahhh well, I inherited this trait from my father, who on a good day, could snore the roof off the house!

I actually went to see specialist (Ear/Nose/Throat) this week to see about having my tonsils out.  As he put it, "They are huge!" and could be a major factor for my snoring and is probably causing me to suffer from sleep apnea, which is not healthy.  The only thing that sucks is that I'd have to take a week off from work, due to the amount of pain I'd be in.  Mmmmm, sounds like fun!  Well, we'll see.....

I'm Looking forward to the weekend, as it's been a long, but good week at Quintus.  Hehehe, don't ask what's going on with the freakin' stock.  <sigh>. Give it time, and it'll go back up!!

I've updated my home page as well as the the Back Porch.  It was time to add the link to the Cellar Dwellars and the Parrot Head back there.  I'll be updating both of those sections over the next couple of weeks.

Well, I hope all's well in your neck of the woods!  Be well, and keep smilin'.

:-)  ~Penz

July 16, 2000:  And just a few days ago, I turned 30!  What a concept, if age were a relevant factor in my life :-)  I don't feel any older, but maybe a wee bit wiser this week, as I look back and reflect on the past 30 years of my life.... wow...... pretty cool stuff... :-)  On my BDay, I heard from many of my friends and family, of whom I'd like to thank for contacting me.  It was great to touch base with everyone, though I don't think I'm really an 'old coot' now, even though Paul Barnes thinks I am.  Heheh, I like the way Mark "Hummer" Hamel put it, "you're 20 with 10 years experience' :-)  Atta boy Mark!  And it was awesome to hear from my brother Tim, of whom I love dearly (hehehe, and he never ceases to surprise me!).

Vince took me out for a fabulous dinner at Pearl's Cafe' in Fremont, CA.  We've been going to this place since fall of last year and each time we go, we have a memorable meal.  As usual, the food the awesome, and came in second only to the exceptional company I shared it with.

Though a day late due to a screw up by FedEx, I also received a dozen beautiful long stemmed roses at work from my boyfriend Justin. Hehehehe, I was the envy of all the ladies (and surprisingily the men!) at the office.  Hehehe, say it with flowers baby!

Let's see, all's going well and I have much to report, but it will have to wait another day or two.  So, until then, be well :-)


July 3, 2000: And the top news of the hour from Dana & Heather Johnson:

"IT"S A BOY!!! Gabriel David was born on Friday June 30th at Concord Hospital at 11:30 AM.  He weighed 7lbs and is 20 in. long.  We are all very excited and just wanted to drop a line to let folks know. Yes, even Kaitlin (Gabriel's sister) is excited! 

Love to you all! 

~Dana & Heather"

a picture of Gabriel will be available within a day or two :-)

also in the news, I heard from J.J. Perusse:

"Hey Penz, 

Been awhile since I have heard from ya, or have heard from someone who has talked to you lately so I thought I would say a quick "hello" to ya out on  the west coast.  Lots of stuff has changed since you left and I am sure alot  has change for you as well.  I worked for awhile in Vermont for the Agency 
of Transportation in the Aviation Dept. doing more aviation management than piloting although I did get a ton of free hours in the state airplane. Did that for the last 18 months and just landed in Brunswick, Georgia working at  a couple fairly busy airports. More management......I tend to think that I  have given up on the full-time pilot thing and am concentrating on personal flying.  Conversations with many pilots (PJ, Crenshaw, etc.) have convinced  me that I made the right decision.  So for now, I am a Yankee redneck working with a bunch of Rebel rednecks, many of whom work for me.  There is going to be a period of adjustment for all of us I think...."

Hehehe, sounds like our country boy from VT is going to have some interesting managemental adventures down South.  Well, if I know JJ, he'll be just fine :-)

and in my neck of the woods, I'm just kickin back and trying to have a relaxing break from the office!

Hope all's well in your neck of the woods.


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