July 2001

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July 12, 2001: And so I turned 31! What a great day as I got to go out to dinner w/some of my closest friends! Here are some wonderful pictures (courtesy of Beck and Lisa!!) from our night at the Silo Steakhouse located just outside of Nashua, NH!  Thanks to everyone for being there and making it such a special night for me!!

What an awesome group! Counter-clockwise from the front: Lisa Lewis, Gini Penziner, Alex McCabe, Kevin Gray, Rick Dagenais, Mike "Tab" Wacisko, Josh "Junior" Nehiley, Tim "Porky" Watkins, Paul "Dubbah" Barnes, Scott Patno, Me, Jill Dagenais, & Tim Penziner.

My two brothers, Tim Watkins and Tim Penziner! The first one I got to know later on in life, the second one I was lucky enough to be related to and grow up with! I love 'em both!

Ric "Dags" Dagenais enjoying a drink and making the night special by being there!

Kevin Gray: incredibly smart, a killer personality and he is so damn handsome 
(just look at that smile!) Anything else I'd put up here would just make him blush :)

Heheh, the two happy 'fatties' at the table!  Dubbah and Penz :-)

Becky and Lisa! How I love these girls!!!! XOXOX

69oz Prime Rib!!!! LOL, I was able to eat 32oz of it before my digestive system shut down :-)

A close up shot of that hunk of beef!!

Yes, that is a 5 gallon container of chocolate ice cream with whipped cream and a candle on top! LOL, are these people trying to kill me!?!?!

Hehehe, what can I say, it was a great night!!


July 7, 20001:  And so we are more than half way through the year 2001.  Crazy how time flies when you're paying taxes and having fun, eh? :)

I've been treating life fairly well over the past few weeks and have been doing and feeling ok. 

The day before yesterday, I had the pleasure of hearing from a good friend of mine, Kevin Gray.  He and I met back in 1999, when he started working for NuMega as an intern.  At the time, he was attending Tufts University, keeping a 4.0 GPA, playing a tight end on their football team, being an active member of Delta Upsilon, and keeping himself busy with an active social life (all those friends and them women!).  Well, turns out he graduated this spring Magnum Cum Laude of his class.  This lad never ceases to amaze me and I'm hella proud of him.  I'm looking forward to seeing him next week while I'm back in New England.

On the 4th of July, Justin and I went to Rob and Susan's house for an afternoon BBQ which was a lot of fun.  There, we shared time with his family, including his Uncle Mel, who's about 77 and had a boat load of awesome stories to share with us.  I swear, they should make a movie out of his life, in the early days of him flying around during and after the war, buzzing his friends in corn fields, skirting death with a known murderer of 4 who he said "was the best foreman I ever had, working in the mine", and a plethora of other adventures.  Hehehehe, he was great and just added to the other wonderful company and food that we shared that day.

The weekend before was nice.  On Saturday, P spent a good deal of the day at the office.  We had a group of 65 people moving into our office as corporate shut down their office in Alameda.  I spend a good part of the day helping setup computer systems and making sure all would be well on Monday morning when they arrived.

On Sunday morning, Justin and I went to breakfast in San Francisco and afterwards, went for a ride up into Marin Country up Mount Tamalpais, through Muir Woods and back through the East Bay.  This took up the morning and the early afternoon.  After that, he went to work and I met up with my friend David, who met me at the Atherton CalTrain station, and we headed over to Half Moon Bay where we hung out for a bit and then headed into the city for a dinner at the Thirsty Bear pub down off of Market.  All together, it was a fun day, and I ended up with a nice sunburn on my face from keeping the sun roof open the whole time :-)

The week before was fairly uneventful.  I'd been kept busy at work preparing for the new team members to arrive and with a whole bunch of projects that I'm working on as we continue to integrate into the big corporate environment.  It's a lot different than the old Quinuts and there are some changes that I don't like, but I'm trying to keep the same attitude that I learned in Europe "It's not bad, it's just different".  We'll see how that turns out :)

And so, looking ahead, it's going to be a busy month:

July 11:  I fly back into NH and am meeting up with a group of some of my closest friends for a dinner.  We're meeting up at a local steak house where will will spend the night eating red meat and drinking some beer :)

July 12:  I turn 31!  Hahaha, that's only 4.4 in dog years, so I'm still just a puppy.  That morning, I'll be heading up to Northern VT to meet up with Dave Crenshaw.  Turns out he's getting married the next day and I'm in his wedding party.  Damn it Dave, making me wear a tux (i.e. pants!) in the summer!  That night, we have a rehearsal dinner which I understand will be one hell of a party!

July 13:  Dave's wedding and a party afterwards!

July 14:  I head back to Nashua (hung over I'm sure) in the morning where I'll meet up with Porky, and hopefully, Scott Smith of whom we met on our trip to Europe.  He's going to be flying in and spending a few days in NH.  That should be a lot of fun.

The following week, I'll be working for Avaya out of our Acton, MA office and during the evenings, I'll be visiting with friends and family.

On Friday night, I'll be attending my brother Tim's rehearsal dinner and then on Saturday, his wedding!  I can't wait.  It should be the show of the decade!  He and Suzanne both know how to throw a party, so I'm expecting nothing but the best (hell, they have me as the best man, so they're on the right track :)

And then, tired, sleepy and spent, on Sunday morning, I'll fly back to CA!  Yep, should be a fun upcoming couple of weeks!

Happy Birthday's this month to Michael "Tab" Waciscko and to Lisa Cragan aka Lisa Reed <grin> who both add one year of experience to their lives :)

And that, in a tiny nutshell, is what's going on in my life.

Drop me a line and share with me your adventures.  I would love to hear from you :-)


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