July 2002

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July 27, 2002:  Well, it's been a fun/busy past couple of weeks.  Let's see.....

On Friday July 12, I turned 32! Heheheeh, for all of you who are curious as to how that feels, it feels just like turning 22 :)  That Friday morning, my friend Don aka HellPup met me at my place and we took off for Southern, CA.  Around 2:00 we stopped at Santa Monica and decided to hang out there for the night.  After securing a room at the Holiday Inn (1 block away from the beach/boardwalk), we took off for a nice 2 hour walk down the beach.  The weather was beautiful and it was just a great day to be down by the water.  When we got back, we headed to the Promenade district and found a wonderful restaurant where Don treated me to a delicious birthday dinner (thanks Don! :).  After our meal, it was off to another fine restaurant for desert! That night we crashed around 10:30.... it was a fun and relaxing day.

The next morning we were up and about around 7:30, so we decided to walk to Venice Beach for breakfast.  About 45 minutes later, we found ourselves seated on the boardwalk, having a great meal and sipping, on some coffee and watching the people pass by.  The people watching in itself is a lot of fun! So, after breakfast, we walked around a while longer and then headed back to the hotel, where we showered, packed up and headed down to San Diego.

We got there around 3:30 and went to Hillcrest.  This little community, about 10 min. outside of the Gas Lamp district in San Diego is like the Castro area of San Francisco, i.e., very gay friendly :)  So, we checked into the Sommerset Suites Hotel on Washington Street and then went and had lunch at Hamburger Mary's.  That place is a lot of fun!  Afterwards, we went down to Balboa Park and walked around there for a couple hours, taking in the sites and sounds.  For dinner we found a delicious sushi restaurant right on the main drag and the rest of the night was spent hanging out at the bars attached to Hamburger Mary's.  Again, it was  fun night!

The next morning, we grabbed some breakfast at a tasty little cafe and then around 8:30 am we took off for home.  We pulled into Dublin at 2:30 pm, and yes, that was some very good time :)  All in all, we logged 1034k miles on the Audi that weekend :)

The following week was just work work work!  The weekend of the 20/21 was pretty fun.  That Sunday I was over at Rob and Susan's for a BBQ.  I cooked for 32 people and had a lot of fun hanging out with those two kids :)  It was a great day :)

On Tuesday the 23rd, my VP Candace and I threw a BBQ over at my apartment complex in honor of John Zahara and his family, who were in town visiting.  Hahaha, any excuse for a party :)  It was a lot of fun.  About 2 dozen people showed up for some good food, drink and company.  Hahah, yes, I did the cooking for that too :)  The menu?  Marinated pork loin, chicken and New York strip steaks along with grilled portabello mushrooms, grilled spicy eggplant, red/orange peppers, and grilled spicy mustard onions.  Hehehe, yeah, it was tasty!

So.... that in a very tiny nutshell has been what's happening lately. I hope all is well with you in your world.  More updates soon :)


July 8, 2002:  Hahaha, Happy 4th of July!  Not only is is the country's birthday, it's also the birthday of Michael John "Tab" Wacisko.  Happy birthday bro!

I had a great 4th of July as I spent a wonderful day over at Rob and Susan's enjoying a BBQ with friends and family :)  As usual, the food, company and conversation were great!  I grilled up some tasty steaks as well as a medley of vegetables on the grill including eggplant, portabello mushrooms, onions and peppers.  We served that up with all of the fixin's and had ourselves a tasty meal :)  The weather was perfect and a couple of us enjoyed a dip in the pool while the rest sipped wine and chatted away.  Hehehe, it was the quintessential summer afternoon :)

After dinner, my friend Don and I took off to see the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra play their 16th annual 4th of July celebration at the Shoreline Amphitheater. It was awesome! We were seated three rows back from the stage and had awesome seats!  George Daugherty conducted and is the program:

Smith/Sousa:  The Star Spangled Banner
Rodgers:  Waltz from Carousel
Bernstein:  mambo from West Side Story
Horner:  Excerpts from Titanic
The Scores of John Williams:  Main title/Theme from Star Wars, Suite from E.T., Suite from Harry Potter


Steiner:  MainTitle from Gone With The Wind, Warner Bros. Theme and Music from Casablanca

A Salute to Chuck Jones

Stalling:  Merrie Melody Theme

Montage of Chuck Jones Films

Stalling/Rossini:  The Rabbit of Seville
Franklyn/Wagner:  What's Opera, Doc?
Stalling:  That's All Folks, and Merrie Melody Theme

Ward/Dragon:  American The Beautiful

For me, the Salute to Chuck Jones portion of the show was my favorite.  On the big screens, they played the cartoons for "The Rabbit of Seville" and "What's Opera, Doc?".  Those are two of my favorite cartoons!  Everyone in the crowd was laughing and enjoying the show, as all of the music for the cartoons was played by the orchestra.  It was freakin' amazing :)  Heheheh, I'm still grinning!

After the show, we enjoyed an amazing fireworks show, after which, we headed home.  It made the perfect ending for a terrific day :)

The rest of the weekend was nice, quiet and peaceful.  I spent most of it trying to relax and to take some time for myself.  A nice trip out to Half Moon Bay on Saturday ate up my morning and part of the afternoon.  Reading by the pool Sunday morning and then hanging out with Deb & Ike in the afternoon took up the rest of the weekend.  Hahaha, oh yeah, I did make a pretty darn good chili on Sunday as well, which I shared with Deb and Ike over dinner as we watched Tombstone together :)

SO, this morning I wake up the following email.  Let's just say, I'm a happy man (though not as happy as Dustin!):

You've been asking and we've been listening. After waiting two months for the right moment, Dustin finally asked Kristy to marry him. We're sure that now you'll have lots of questions about the wedding. The answer to all of those questions is: we haven't decided yet. But once we do, we'll be sure to let you all know.

The proposal happened on Friday, July 5th as we were walking out the door for a nice dinner. It was the perfect private moment that Dustin had been waiting for. Kristy cried... Dustin didn't. We then enjoyed our dinner, grinning from ear to ear the entire night. We're very happy, as are our families.

So, you're probably wondering what the ring looks like. Unfortunately, it's too big to take a picture of... just kidding. We've attached a couple of pictures to this email. The pictures don't do the ring justice but we hope that you all will get a chance to see it in person soon.

For questions concerning the wedding, visit: http://www.themanginos.com. Don't worry about the scary bald guy. If it wasn't for him, we wouldn't be getting married.

We wanted to share our happy news and hope to see you all soon, Dustin and Kristy

P.S. The website above has NOTHING to do with our wedding but it's really funny so check it out anyway."

Receiving news like this is the only way I want to start my Monday's :) 

CONGRATULATIONS Dustin and Kristy!  All the best to the both of you!!!!

Let's see, I have talked with a couple of people over the past few days.... I spoke with Alex McCabe on Saturday morning.  He and Junior were out visiting Spidey in Cincinnati. Sounded like all was well and that they were having a good time :)  Also talked to Paul Barnes.  He was enjoying his time off by trying to get in as much fishing as possible this weekend!  My brother Tim and his wife Suzanne are doing well.  They were enjoying their holiday weekend together back in Wakefield, MA. I'm sure they logged some time in their hottub over the weekend :)  Becky and Lisa are about a week away from moving to Florida!  I'm so happy and excited for the two of them!! :)

And so that, in a very tiny coconut shell is what's happening my neck of the woods.  Drop me a line and let me know how you're treating life :-)


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