July 2006

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July 20, 2006: Went out on a 'school night' with Erin, Amie, Trish Justin and Chris for a few drinks down in the Marina district. Kinda fun!

July 19, 2006:

(pictures pertaining to this update to be posted shortly!)

OK, so I'm back in CA after a week or so back East!

On Monday the 10th, I flew from SFO to BOS. On the flight, I got to try out my new Sharper Image noise cancellation headsets and damn, they were nice! I can't belive how much of a difference they made on the flight. I definitely felt a lot more rested and relaxed when I arrived and I don't think I'll ever fly without them again. Heheh I would have gotten a pair sooner, but I just didn't want to fork out $400 for the Bose set.

I arrived in Boston once I stepped outside the terminal, got hit with the nice wave of 94' heat and 80% humidity. Uggggh... that sucked and it reminded me why I LOVE the weather in NorCal :) One more reason I'm not going to be moving back East anytime soon :P My brother Tim picked me up and then it was back to his place where I spent the night hanging out with Suzanne and Seth :)

On Tuesday, my sister Gini came over around noon and picked me off and we took off for the beach. We got to hang out for a few hours in the sand before a thunderstorm came through and forced us to retreat to a local seafood restaurant to continue our drinking and do some eating as well :) It made for a really fun day!

On Wednesday July 12, I turned 36! Yeah! That night, Tim/Suzanne/Seth hosted a birthday party dinner at their place and Gini, my aunt Bernice, cousin Eric, nephew Julian, and Alex all came over to enjoy a lobster feast! We put back a couple bottles of wine along the way and had a really nice evening together. It was great hanging out with my family and sharing some quality time together :)

On Thursday morning around 8:00 AM, Joshua "Tucker" Bourassa drove down from NH and we headed out for breakfast. It was so good to see him and get the chance to spend a few hours just hanging out and catching up. LOL usually we just end up exchanging a lot of voicemails with each other, so actually being able to get some face time together was a treat! Before taking off, Tucker dropped me off at Hertz where I picked up my rental car (2006 Subaru Outback).

Since I had a few hours to kill, I jumped into the car and headed down to Marshfield, MA to pay a quick surprise visit to Leo Delaney. He's a hard man to get a hold of, but I caught him at home (and was awake!). We hung out for about an hour or so and got an opportunity to catch up before I headed back up to Wakefield. It was really good to see him, as we missed him at Adam and Meredith's wedding last month.

That afternoon, Paul and Kara came down and we hopped into the rental and began the 5 hour trek down to Kara's grandfather's place in NJ. The ride down wasn't bad. We hit a little traffic, but otherwise, it went pretty well. We crashed at her grandfathers place that night and the next morning all went out to breakfast together before we continued our journey down to PA.

We arrived in Easton, PA around noon. We checked into our inn and then headed over to the Shipman's house where we met up with Marian, her family, and Porky. We'd spend the afternoon/evening there getting the opportunity to meet everyone, drink some beer and eat some pizza and overall, just having a nice time together.
The next day, Paul, Kara and I spent the morning exploring the town, having a kick-ass lunch at a local brewery and then eventually headed back to the Shipman's for the party. It was a really good time. The Shipman's pulled out all of the stops and had the entire event catered. The food was fantastic and was augmented by the TASTY wine that Aunt Linda brought along (1994 Dominus). We'd all party together into the late hours of the evening before eventually heading back to the inn to retire (pass out? :)
The next day, we packed up and began the long trip back to Boston. LOL, Paul was a little bit (ok, a lot) hung over, so I think the 6.5 hour drive felt more like 15 hours, but we eventually made it back :)

Paul, Penz and Porky in the pool!

And finally, on Monday, I'd fly back home to CA (yeah!) where my friend Kevin Bomberry was kind enough to pick me up at SFO and take me home. We spent the rest of the afternoon catching up and grabbing some sushi together before Justin came down to hang out w/me for the rest of the evening. Suffice to say, I was glad to be home :)

So, this week, Justin's brother, Christopher, is moving out to CA! (As I write this, he's actually in the air and flying out here to CA. LOL poor guy missed his flight this morning, his second flight was delayed and he's going to be arriving about 4.5 hours later than originally expected. Not the best way to start a trip, but hey, he's on the way!) For the next month, he'll be staying with Justin up in SF and me down in Santa Clara as he settles in. In late Aug/Sept, his good friend (and soon to be roommate/classmate) Matt will be flying out and the two of them should be moving into their own place together shortly after that. They both will be attending Cal State College in Hawyard.

Speaking of moving, I'm going to be moving again as well! LOL, yes, it's time for my annual move around the Bay Area! In mid-August, I'll be making the big jump and moving up into San Francisco!!! Yes, I will be living right in the city and I'm pretty excited about it. I'll be posting more information on this over the next week or so.

OK, so that's about it for now.

July 9, 2006: So tomorrow I'll be flying back to the East coast to spend some time visiting the family, turning 36 on July 12, and then heading down to PA with Paul and Kara for Porky/Marian's engagement party. But before that, a fun packed weekend!

On Friday, Justin's friend Jacob (or J-Cub!) flew down from Seattle to hang out with Justin and get a tour of the Bay area. They had a fun weekend hanging out together and I got to spend some time with them on Saturday & Sunday. It was great to meet Jacob (really nice guy). I think he had a good time down here and hope one day to see him again either here in SF or up in WA.

Jacob and Justin overlooking Alcatraz

On Saturday, Nikhil Parikh celebrated his 3rd birthday! Mom and Dad (Jill and Ashish) pulled off another one of their amazing dinner parties and lots of fun was had by all!

Ashish 'smiling' for the camera after finishing his grill duties!

Jill enjoying a glass of wine on the fly!

The birthday boy and his dad (don't you just love that hat!?! :)

July 4, 2006: Happy birthday to Mike "Tab" Waciscko and Matt "Apollo" Consola! You two certainly deserve fireworks on your birthday!

I spent the 4th down in San Jose with Matt at his parents house surrounded by his family and friends and enough food/drink to feed an army! (well what do you want!?! It's a Sicilian family!). Me, Benny, Nathan& Justin, Frank & Chris, Matt R. and the rest of the crew spent the afternoon eating, drinking and socializing and generally just having a great time. We would end up partying until about 8:30 before we'd finally head out (some of us did have to work the next day :)

Birthday boy Matt Consola :)

July 3, 2006: YEAH! It's July and like the others, this too will be a busy month :)

My friend Ajay and his girlfriend Gina were in town this weekend (visiting from Denver) and during their visit we all rendezvoused over at Ashish and Jill's house for a little BBQ and wine (LOL, yes the two of them can go together). We spent a really nice afternoon together hanging out and devouring the incredibly tasty ribs that Ashish made (oh my, they were SO good! Mmmmm, ribs!). It was a fun afternoon and it was great to meet Gina (she's really nice!).


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