July 2008

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July 24, 2008: Should be a good weekend. Having a lil get together at my place tonight with a few friends. Dinner and drinks :) Tomorrow afternoon heading down to Matt Consola's parents place for a belated birthday dinner for me (hehehe omg, it should be tasty!) and on Sunday I'm working the open house at Rosenblum Cellars!

Hehehe, this morning I gave Clarice a bath. I snapped this picture using my phone :D

July 20, 2008: Was a pretty good weekend. On Friday night, went out for some drinks at Truck down on Folsom and 15th Street with Matte and Brian. After drinking quite a few cocktails, we headed over to Lonestar to meet up with some of Brian's friends there. We'd eventually leave around 1:00 and stop at Crepe a Go Go for a late night snack before turning in. On Saturday, I did brunch with Matt, Matt and Brian and that afternoon just took it easy. Sunday it was lunch with Matt Consola and his parents (mmmmm, soul food) and afterwards we did some walking in Noe Valley before taking the rest of the afternoon to relax :)

July 12, 2008: So on July 12 I turned 38 :)

During the evening my friends Matte Zovich, Matt Consola, Matt Rooney and Brian Mayer all took me out to dinner at Espetus, which is a Brazilian steak house here in SF. We did some damn good eating there! Hahaha so much meat (and so damn good!). It was a great place to have a bday dinner.

After dinner, it was off to the Orbit Room Cafe for a few tasty cocktails. Some of our favorites included their very tasty mojitos (of which I'm endjoying in the pict to the right). The drinks here are great, but the service sucks. I recommend you order 2 rounds at once just to avoid the wait.

After after a few drinks, it was off to Levende Lounge for some more tasty drinks. This is one of my favorite places to just go and chill and have a cocktail or three. The service is awesome and the bartenders here rock! One of my favorites is 'the marcovaldo' which consists of miller's gin, ginger infused simplesyrup, fresh crushed lime and mint, servedon the rocks and finished with a splash of ginger ale. The close second would be 'green my eyes' which consists of junmai ginjo sake with crushed cucumber and a touch of sweetness (very yummy)! We hung out there until about midnight before we returned to my place for a wee bit before everyone took off. All in all, a very nice day!

Brian brought out his very cool new camera that evening and her are a few picts of the crew!


Matte Zovich

Matt Rooney

Brian Mayer and Matt Consola

Thanks to everyone who called! It was great to hear from each of you and I appreciate your thinking of me on my birthday :)

July 9, 2008: Christopher (Justin's brother) and his girlfriend Mimi have been staying with me for the past few days. It works out well since Justin is down in San Diego/LA for most of the week for work and a little company is nice to have :) Around lunch time, we took a quick jaunt up to Twin Peaks and then out to the Golden Gate Bridge for a few picts. LOL it was a windy day!

Christopher and Mimi at Twin Peaks

Overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge. Windy Mimi?!? :)

Clarice perching on her post and braving the winds!

OMG - Jail Bait!

Yeah, I'm still having fun driving this :)

July 6, 2008: Well it was a nice fourth of July weekend. On Friday night, I basically just took it easy and hung out with my friend Matt for the evening. Hehehe, had some drinks and spent the evening trying to calm Clarice as she was barking quite a bit due to the fireworks! I'd like to throw out a couple of big HAPPY 4th of JULY BIRTHDAYS to Matt "DJ" Consola, Mike "Tab" Wacisko and Jon "Furen" Fowler! Both were born on this day!

Happy 4th from Tim, Seth and Suzanne!

On Saturday we celebrated Matt Consola's 40th birthday here at the house. We had about 60 or so people over for a really fun party including my friends Ben Daniels, Matte Zovich and Matt Rooney! I made a couple of batches of a Trinidad rum punch that Paul tried in St. Martin and then sent me back the recipie. MMmmmmm, it was quite tasty so let me share it with you:

Trinidad Rum Punch Ingredients

1 part fresh lime juice
2 part simple syrup
3 part water
3 part golden rum (Mount Gay or Cruzan Dark)
2 dashes Angostura Bitters

Trinidad Rum Punch Mixing Directions

Serve over ice and sprinkle with nutmeg

Let's just say I didn't have to worry about scurvy or being sober for the day :) Around six, Christopher (Justin's brother) and his girlfriend Mimi showed up. They are going to be staying with me until Thursday (when Justin gets back from San Diego) for a lil R&R here in San Francisco. Good kids and glad to have 'em around for a few days. They crashed out early but the party went on until about midnight before everyone finally took off and I got to pass out :)

Sunday was a nice day to chill out and take it easy. Matt, Chris and I went out to brunch at the Mission Beach Cafe and then a few hours later we met up with a couple of others and went and saw Wall-E. Hahah, Pixar does it again and yes, it was a great flick.

When I got home from the movies, Christopher and Mimi were cooking away in the kitchen and made some delicious Indian butter chicken which was served up over rice along with a side of garlic naan. Mmmm mmm goood! The perfect hangover dinner :) We'd hang out together and watch The Bucket List (second time I saw it :) on the TV before finally crashing out. All in all, a very fun weekend :)

July 1, 2008: OK, first things first, go check out June's journal as I finally posted the picture from Paul and Kara Barnes wedding!

More to come....


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