July 1997

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July 29, 1997: Had a great weekend and actually spent it here in NH for a change. Went up to Mt. Washington on Saturday with our company's sr. Software engineer who was out for a visit from CA. T'was a great trip up to the White Mts. Although I do regret that for the first time ever, I actually drove, instead of hiked, up Mt. Washington. Spent the rest of the day in the White Mts. That evening we had dinner and went out to Manchester for a night on the town.

Sunday spent most of the day just resting and recuperating.

This week B.A.Daug  will go on-line and public with BadPuppy Enterprises. Expect this to occur on Friday, Aug. 1. Two new shirt designs are in the works and I'll post them up here shortly. These two will target 'the average Joe' and the person who likes 'shady daugs…'. More on those shortly.

Last night I went out to dinner with Alex, Tab and Porky for a little Chinese food. Heheheh, I got all of the leftovers! Sorry Tab!!!!!!!

Oh yeah, very important, check this out. Discover Card is now sexually discriminating against it's users. For more information on why you should consider boycotting these schmucks, check out: discoversux.com.

And that's all for now.


July 23: Well, it's been a crazy fun time as of late. Let's start off by first recapping the weekend. On Friday, Paul and I went out to meet our boss on Nashaun Island. This is a private island owned by the Forbes family of Boston. Dirk has been renting cottages/houses there for the past 9 years. We spent 4 days resting and relaxing for the most part. We were joined by our president, Lon, and his wife, 2 friends of the company, and one of our engineers from LA. Each night we cooked up some pretty incredible meals, including butterflied leg of lamb, garlic/chicken/noodles and veggies, and lots of great wine and margaritas! The weather could not have been more gorgeous. Each day got better than the last. On Monday, John and I went out to Provincetown, MA for the day. What a cool place! It is literally a copy of Key West, FL, except that there is no Margarita Bar, and that it is a very 'gay/lesbian' friendly town. Tons of fun for everyone and a great place to visit. Our 4 days of R&R ended with a rainy boat ride back to the mainland on Tuesday morning.

On the corporate side of life, the t-shirts are in and they look great! It's so cool to see a dream turn to reality. If you want one, you can order one from: http://badpuppy.com/badaug. Note that the WWW forms/800#/Credit Cards should all be active by next week. At this time, is US mail.

Spoke with my brother on Friday. He's off to the Bahamas for a month or so on Calvin Klein's Motor Yacht "The Moonfire". He should have a great trip!

And that's about it… for now

July 14, 1997: Happy birthday to me… hehehe, this ol' daug turned 27 over the past weekend. Yep, that's 3.9 in daug years folks, so I'm still just a puppy.

Well, if you go to the home page you will see the new link to my corporate site. Check it out and let me know what you think! If you want to order a shirt this week, you have to mail in the check/money order. The on line ordering form and 800 number will not be ready to handle B.A.Daug corp. until next week.

I seriously want to hear some feedback, so let me know what you think! More to come soon ….

~ penz

July 7, 1997: Well everybody, as of June 26, 1997, I became the CEO (and janitor, secretary..) of B.A.Daug, Corp. This project is what has been taking up all of my time over the past few weeks. So, what does B.A.Daug Corp. do? We make t-shirts based upon our cartoon character B.A.Daug. These shirts are going to be available for sale on the WWW in just about one week. The corporate WWW site is now being setup and in the beginning, will be hosted by BadPuppy Enterprises. Want to check out the shirt design? Well, by the end of the week you will be able to do so! Stay tuned….

I hope everybody had a pleasant 4th of July weekend. I spent most of Friday with Tab (it was his 20th birthday), Stupp, Jose and crew at DWC. Had a great time just hanging with the crew. Saturday, Stupp and I headed up to points North and visited York Beach and Ogunquit, ME. It was a gorgeous day and we had a great time just cruising around the coast.

Sunday, I went for a good mountain bike ride with Spidey around Myans Falls in Nashua. Had a great ride and it certainly felt good to be out on such a gorgeous day. That afternoon I went down to South Shore Boston to visit a good friend of mine who just bought his first house! Pretty damn cool.

All in all, life has been going pretty well. I've been keeping very busy trying to get my business up and running, and with some luck, after next week, it will all be operational. If I've been blowing anybody off, I apologize and hope to rectify that situation immediately!

All the best!


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