July 1998

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July 31, 1998:  And so the month of July passes, and the year is more than half over. 

On Monday night, my grandfather was in critical condition and not expected to make it through the night.  He is 82 years old, diabetic and battling pneumonia.  On Tuesday morning, my brother and I took off work and headed out to see papa.  Upon our arrival, we found him to be in good condition!  Seems that before leaving on Monday night, my father told papa "If you wake up tomorrow morning, I'll make you a big ol' steak for dinner."  Well, the way to a Penziner's heart is through his stomach!  Heheheh, not only did papa wake up, but he ate a full breakfast and a delicious corn beef sandwich for lunch!   Unbelievable....  He's a tough ol' dog, who is as dumb as a fox, in my book. 

Last night, Paul picked up 10 lbs of some DELICIOUS ribs and made some excellent BBQ.  Dana Johnson, Jon and myself were there for the feast which also included some tasty corn, mac salad, and rum runners! 


July 27, 1998:  I had a really nice weekend.  On Friday night after work, Paul Barnes and I headed up to Rockland, ME for the weekend.  We were both jonesing to get away to Port Clyde, ME, but Pauls parents have rented out the house until Labor Day.  So, we eneded up in Rockland crashing at my friend Aaron Dinsmore's and his wife Jodi's place.  They have a nice old farmhouse with a sweet barn on a nice piece of land in Rockland. 

On Saturday morning, Paul and I headed into Rockland to the Rockland Cafe for breakfast.  After devouring a couple of really good omlettes, we rode our Mt. Bikes around town.  We stopped off at the local pier to gawk at private yacht named the CV9, which turned out to be owned by the guy who owns Enterprise Rental Cars.  This 110' Hatterus was incredible and was the sister ship of the Moonfire, which is Calvin Klein's yacht that my brother worked on later year.  Quite an impressive boat.  That afternoon, we went up to Camden and hung out there for the day.  Nice town fun of some cools stores and restaurants.  We tooled around there for the afternoon and then headed back to Rockland where we stopped in the local airport to see Brett Scott at Penobscot Air Services.  Brett went to Daniel Webster College with Paul and I, and lived on the same floor as Paul.  Brett is a dispatcher with PAS and is also flying 206's and a chopper.  That evening, we went to Katie's, a seafood place in Rockland, for dinner. 

On Sunday, after bidding farewell to Aaron and Jodi and thanking them for their warm hospitality, we headed to Port Clyde.  We had a great breakfast at a local inn (best bran muffins we've ever tasted) and then went to the lighthouse to hang out for a bit.  After that, we slowly began our trek back to NH. 

We stopped in Portsmouth, NH for dinner at The Coat of Arms.  It is an excellent British Pub and restaurant located just behind the parking garage in Portsmouth.  Awesome beers on tap and authentic British fare make this an excellent choice for a lunch or dinner.  Paul had the Beef and Kidney Pie (yech! hehehehe) and I had a lamb stew type pie that was awesome.  Also, the beer battered mushrooms were superb.

We arrived back in Nashua around 7:00 p.m.  It was a great weekend! 

Hope yours was as well. ~Penz

July 20, 1998:  Had a very cool weekend.  On Friday night, had dinner with Paul and then went over to Brian Mobb's place for a very cool night of drinking and socializing with some of the guys from work.  We partied until the late hours of the night before retiring for the evening. 

On Saturday I just kinda lazed around the house and recovered from Friday night :-) 

Sunday morning, Paul and I hiked Mt. Monadnock.  Hehehe, next time, I gotta remember to eat something before I go.  Pretty foolish of me to hike on an empty stomach.  I got a little dizzy towards the top, but a very kind passerby gave me a few tasty pieces of cantalop which brought my blood/sugar level back to normal.  Sunday afternoon I played soccer with Paul and the his team. OUCH, Paul got himself a melon sized bruise on his shinn, just above where the shinn guard ended, on his first save at the very beginning of the game.  It swelled up pretty badly, but the stubborn SOB played out the entire game.  Unfortunately, I don't think he will be playing on Tuesday's game, BUT I will probably get the chance to play goal!  Hehehe, now that should be interesting..... 

Got a busy week this week.  Plans for just about every night.  Next weekend I'm heading up to Rockland, ME for a couple of days of R&R and will be visiting friends up in those parts. 

Last week, I forgot to wish Happy Birthdays to Lisa Reed (14th) and to Alex (16th)! 

Boat drinks! ~Penz

July 14, 1998:  Hope everyone had a great weekend!  Last Friday night myself, Paul, Jon Jesse (a good friend of mine from work) and my brother all met in Brookline, MA to dine at the Elephant Walk (900 Beacon St).  It is a Cambodian/French restaurant, moderately priced for Boston (meaning expensive for by Nashua, NH standards), nice atmosphere, and has received many high and fine reviews by various food critics.  Well, as soon as the first course was served, my brother began to realize that he was in for an adventure.  Turns out that just about all of the food we ordered was loaded with Cilantro and had a fishy taste/smell to it (which Tim described as the scent of dirty socks!).  I, being used to Vietnamese food, enjoyed this flavor, Tim did not.  Hehehehe, it was the funniest thing I've seen in a long time.  As each course came, Tim became more and more hungry, because he was unable to eat the dish before him.  By the time the main entree' came, he was about ready to puke!  Ohhh boy, between his facial expressions and dialogue, it was better than any Seinfeld episode I've ever seen.  When we left the restaurant, I had check pains due to the fact I had been laughing so much.  On the way home, Tim stopped at McDonalds for a few cheese burgers!   After dinner, Paul, Jon and I stopped by Harvard Sq. to watch a few street performers and then headed back towards NH.  It was a very fun way to spend a Friday evening. 

On Saturday, I just took it easy and hung out for the day, getting some much needed R&R. 

On Sunday, I turned 28 years old!  My brother and I met my father for lunch at the Publik House in Sturbridge, MA.  This is a wonderful 225 year old restaurant which servers classic early American fare.  I had the boneless breast of duck and it was wonderful.  With the meal, they serve you a 'baked basket of goodies" which include sticky buns, cornbread, muffins, pumpkin break, dinner rolls and crackers, all baked fresh there on premises.  MMMMmmmm, one could have made a meal just out of that!  I had a really nice time hanging out with my dad and brother. 

Later on that night I got together with Paul, Tab, and Patno for a crazy wild night "what a long, strange trip its been...". 

Last night I went to Stormy Monday's with Tab for a Monday night of Blues. There were some excellent performers there and we really had a great time. 

That's about all for now.  Hope you week goes well!  ~Penz

July 7, 1998:  Well, I had and awesome and CRAZY weekend.  Hehehehe, it can all be described in two words:  ROAD TRIP! 

On Thursday evening, Paul, Jon and myself got into our rented piece o' crap Chevy and went to Paul's grandmother's house for a kick ass dinner.  After filling our bellies we got on our way and proceeded to Greensboro, NC.  11 hours later, we arrived at Kevin Barnes' doorstep (Paul's brother).  After snooooozing the morning away and watching the Lion King on a projector TV, we spent most of the rest of the day and evening hanging out, picking up food/supplies for the concert and resting up for the next days events. 

On Saturday, we proceeded to the NCU Stadium and as tradition would have it, we were the first vehicle through the gates!  By 10:30 am we were cracking open Corona's and enjoying the sights and sounds that one may find while tailgating at a Jimmy Buffett concert.  Let me tell you, it was HOT!  DAMN HOT (so hot I saw a little man in an orange robe burst into flames, it was that hot! hehehehe).  Paul and I found ourselves taking AC breaks inside of our rental car to cool down (and yes, we did chug plenty of H20!). 

The concert started at 6:00 pm, and Little Feat opened up for Jimmy.  Errrr, we were a little caught up in the festivities so we missed the opening act, but we were there for Jimmy when he came on at 7:30.  Around 8:00, the powers that may be, delivered some coooool relief and it rained cats and dogs for about 20 minutes. And I mean it rained!!  And it felt great!  The crowd, already psyched to be there with Jimmy was re-energized by the downpour.  The music played on and as expected, the concert was awesome.  My only complaint would be that the acoustics of the stadium were lousy, so when Jimmy was speaking, it was very difficult to understand him.  Ahhh well... c'est la vie! 

After the concert, we were treated to some cool fireworks and some more rain!  Hehehe, our car was a bit flooded because the doors couldn't shut all the way due to the big ol' fin we had strapped to the roof, but besides being happily soaked to the bone, all was well. 

The next day, we got up around 9:00am, had breakfast at the Waffle House (Southern version of Dennys, except you can get grits), and we were on the road at 11:00am.  The ride home was a bit longer than the ride down, due to the heavy holiday traffic (about 3 hours longer!), and we got back to Nashua, NH at 1:30 am. 

All in all, we had an awesome time and it was definitely worth the trip!!! 

Special thanks to my brother Tim who lent me his video camera so that we could tape some of the trip. 

I hope that everyone had a pleasant holiday weekend!  ~Penz

July 1, 1998:  We are going to see Jimmy Buffett in North Carolina!!  That's right.  On Wednesday June 30, Kevin Barnes (Paul's brother), called us up and said he had a couple extra pavilion seats for the 4th of July weekend show.  So, Paul, John Godbout and I rented a car and we are driving 13 hours from NH to NC to see Jimmy!  This should be an awesome trip.  I'll update this when we get back!  Boat drinks! 

PAUL GOT A NEW JOB!  As of today, Paul has been made a job offer from PC Connection.  Paul is incredibly psyched to be leaving his current position at Clearview Software.  Needless to say, Paul is incredibly happy.  Hehehe, considering the upcoming weekend, I think a wee bit of celebration is in order. 

FYI, I am hosting a friend of mines web site.  You can check it out by clicking here!

I hope that everyone has a safe and fun 4th of July weekend. 


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