July 1999

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July 19, 1999:  Well, it was a very  nice weekend here!  On Friday night, Vince and I went to see "American Pie"  Heheheh, if you haven't seen this move, GO!  It was a friggin' riot! 

On Saturday, I met up with Brian and Shawn, two most excellent people who just moved to the area from Montana.  Brian is great friends with Craig Hogdton, one of my great friends from back East.  The two of us met briefly a few months ago when Craig brought him up to Nashua, and we really hit it off.  Shawn, Brian's girlfriend, is a trip!  She's got a very happy and outgoing attitude and she's a terrific cook!  Mmmm, she made an excellent batch of stuffed peppers that were most tasty.  They've also got two dogs.  One is a hybrid/wolf mix and the other is a Rottweiller/Malimu mix.  Needless to say, I was in love with these two pups :-)

On Sunday, we had the big party!  Rob and Susan invited over a nice group of the close friends (about 30 people) and had a "The Construction on the House is Finished" party!  Rob donned his best Hawaiian shirt and we the party was ready to go.  I did just about all of the cooking, which consisted of some magnificent steaks, chicken and marinated veggies (eggplant, zucchini, squash, peppers, onions, portabella mushrooms) on the grill!  Hehehe, it all came out just perfect and between the food, wine, champagne and mudslides, everyone had a blast! 

Now among the list of very interesting people who attended, after dinner, I sat down and had a glass of wine with Ted Hoff.  Who's Ted Hoff, you ask?  Well, he's the man who invented the microprocessor!  That's right, this man invented a technology which not only touched a nation, it altered the course of just about every society on the planet.  One might think of him as a Thomas Eddisson of our time, and they'd be right.  If you'd like to learn more about this man, go to:


You'll find some very interesting interviews that were done by Rob Walker (the gentleman I'm staying with), including Ted, Gordon Moore (Chairman of the Board of Intel), and other historic figures of Silicon Valley, via Rob's project Silicon Genesis.

Hehehe, so, all in all, a pretty interesting weekend, eh?  :-)

Oh yeah, last week I spoke with Eric Larson and his soon to be wife Crissy.  I'm flying back to Rhode Island Aug. 14th so as to be the best man in his wedding!  I'll fly in on Friday afternoon, attend the wedding on Saturday and fly back to CA on Sunday!!!  Hehehehe, it's gonna be a LONG but very worthwhile weekend :-)  I can't wait!

And in a tiny little coconut shell, that's what's going on in my life....


July 14, 1999:  Check out the album for some new pictures!  Also check out this page for some pictures of Macky's trip out here to CA.

And special thanks to Becky and Lisa!  Today, they made me smile about a dozen times, via the kind gifts they sent to me for my birthday.  You two kids are too much!!!! :-)


July 12, 1999:  HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!   Hehehehe, well, what a great day.  It started around 10:00 am, when we finally got ourselves out of bed (seperate beds! :-), shat, showered, got our Starbucks Mocha Frappachino's (mmmmmm), and then headed up to Napa Valley for the morning.  We hit the Culinary Institute of America, which is an old converted monestary/winery.  It now houses a very prestigious cooking school.  Then, we hit the Niebalm-Coppola winery for a bit of tasting.  Pretty good wines and gorgeous grounds!  My farovite wine from here?  The Claret. 

For lunch we hit the Armadillo Cafe in downtown Napa for some excellent Mexican food.  After lunch, we came back to Palo Alto, via San Francisco where we crossed over the Bay Bridge.  Arriving in Palo Alto, we hit Stanford University and did an informal tour of the campus.  It was a gorgeous day for kicking around the campus.

...and then later on that night, we just stayed in, did som laundry, watched Tommy Boy and the sack.  Spending my birthday with one of my best friends was one of the best birthday presents I  could possibly ask for.... Happy birthday to me :-)

The next day, at 6:30 am, Macky was on a plane, headed back to New England to see his wonderful girlfriend, Heather, of whom he missed very much.  Take a look at this picture and you'll see why  :-).

July 11, 1999:  Heheheh <grunt> today we started the day a morning run/bike ride.  Matt figured we needed a bit o' exercise to start the day, so we went for a nice jaunt.  After that, we returned for some breakfast wth Rob and Susan and then it was off to Concord, CA.  Upon arrving, we picked up a few brewskies and then checked in at the Marriott.  Hehehe, we spent a few hours just chillin out and enjoying the AC.  Heheh, it was 107' outside!!  But as the hour approached, we headed for the concert.

Dave Matthew's Band.... KICKED ASS!!!  We had an absolutely awesome time at the concert.  The music was cosmic, the people around us were very kind, and being there with Macky, well, I wouldn't want it any other way! 

After the show, we got some Jack in the Box Burgers (excellent munchy food) and then headed back to the hotel. Hehehe, I don't think we ended up crashing until about 1:00 am.

July 10, 1999:  Heheh, another great day.... today our day started around 9:00 as we left the house, headed towards Half Moon Bay for breakfast.  leaving the house, it was sunny and in the low 70's.  As we crossed over the hill toward the sea, the temperature dropped about 10 degrees and there was a huge fog bank moving in.  It's amazing just how much the weather can change in such a small distance.

Around 9:30, we found ourselves at the Half Moon Bay Grille on Main Street eating a FATTY breakfast (heheh, second day in a row!).  Matt had a nice stack of blueberry pancakes with a side of hash.  I had a 3 egg omlette with tomatoes, artichokes, onion, mushrooms, jack cheese, and garlic with a side of sun dried tomatoe chicken sausage and homefries.  Heheheh, mmmmmmmm, t'was tasty!  After that we did some exploring on the North side of the bay, getting to see a place called "the Mavericks" where they have the biggest waves in North America.  Surfers flock to this place to catch the mighty ride, but on this day, the waters were fairly calm.  Check out the web site for some cool photos of the area and here for a kick ass t-shirt of the Maverick Water Patrol. 

We then did a little driving down costal Route 1.  The views were breath taking!  We took route 84 home, and this took us through some gorgeous countryside.  There are some great windy twisty roads that make for some awesom driving.  Hehehe, more than once, we hugged the curves on the narrow roads at a few miles above the speed limit :-)

Around 1:30, we made it back to watch the second half of the womens world cup!  CONGRATULATIONS to team USA!  Pretty friggin' cool!!!!!!!

After the game, we headed to the Cimeplex 25 in Union City, and ended up watching South Park (hehehe, my second time seeing it).  Oh boy..... this movie crosses so many lines.... hehehehehehe, it's too much.

For dinner, we went to the Wild Hare in Menlo Park.  I love this restaurant!  The entire menu is 'game', so it includes such meats as Bison, Vennison, Rabbit and Ostrich.  We started with the Bison Tattare (that's right, raw meat!) and the Ostrich Satay.  For the main course, Matt had the Rabbit Pot Pie and I had the Sonoma Rabbit with Cippolini Onions, Braised Greens and Mustard Tarragon Sauce :-)  For dessert, the most cool dessert chef made us a white chocolate moose cake.... <sigh>, with a cup of cafe mocha, it was the pefect ending to an excellent meal.  Special thanks to Mike, the assistance chef, for ensuring our meal came out just right!

After dinner, we returned home and hung out.  By 10:00, Matt was zonked out and so ended his night...

So, another great day, filled with fun!

July 10, 1999:  Well, today was an awesome day!  Matt and I have begun our tour of Northern, CA.  Soon, I'll develop the film and post some pictures of our adventures :-)

We started our day around 8:00 am PT when Matt and I got up.  By 9:00 we were on the road and headed down towards Monterey.  Around 10:00 am, we stopped in Capitola for a bit of breakfast at a great little cafe (I had French toast stuffed with cream cheese and walnuts topped with apricot syrup and Matt had a sweet Monterey Jack Cheese and Ham omelet.  We both split a side of bacon (mmmm, cooked just right) and a side of spicy Polish sausage. 

After that, it was on to the Monterey Bay Aquarium of which we spent almost 4 hours kicking around!  It was awesome!! We were like two little kids walking around there, not wanting to miss one exhibit.  From the jellyfish, to the spider crabs to the harbor seals, we had a blast!  Then, we took a quick walk down Cannery Row, stopped off at a bar to have a Bahama Mama (not bad). 

After that, we headed down to Carmel for the 17 mile drive, through Pebble Beach.  We saw the lone cypress and all of the cool sites along the drive.  It was really really cool. 

After that, it was back up to Capitola for some more drinks and dinner at Margaritaville (not Jimmy Buffett's, but very cool anyways!)  We met up with a bunch of really fun people of whom we shared some dinner and drinks with.  Ater that, we headed back towards home.

To end the night, Matt and I took a nice late night hike up to "the dish" at Stanford University.  Besides getting a great view of the bay shoreline at night, we ended up meeting up with a few horses and chillin' with them for a few minutes.  Hehehe, it was really cool hanging out with these critters, late night.  Hehehe, we're still just a couple of country boys at heart. 

All in all, it was a friggin' awesome day!  I'm so psyched to have Matt out here with me for a few days.  It's really nice to have one of my brothers to hang with and show around my 'new home'.  I'm looking forward to the next few days.

More to come soon... ~Penz

July 9, 1999:  Well, Matt "Macky" Davis has arrived safe and sound here in CA!  He got in around noon yesterday, landing at San Jose Airport.  We spent the afternoon hanging out in Palo Alto and evening here in Atherton with Rob and Susan.  Today, we're heading down South towards Montery/Carmel.  We'll hit the aquarium in Monterey and Pebble Beach, including the 17 mile drive.  We'll also plan to hit Santa Cruz and Capitoloa before the day is done!  Heheheh, gonna be a fun filled day!  I'll keep ya posted our adventures!


July 6, 1999:  Well, it's t-minus 2 days until Matt "Macky" Davis arrives here in CA from NH.  I can't wait to see him!   He's going to be out here for 5 days and I'm goign to do my best to ensure that he has a great time :-)  Heheh, and within a few days, this puppy is gonna turn 29 years old!  BARK!!!!

Do you like the Grateful Dead?  I do!! Last Friday night, a co-worker and I went to see Phil and Friends, part of the Unbroken Chain, at the Warfield Theatre in the lower Haight district in San Francisco.  For you Dead Heads out there, this was Jerry's neighborhood and this group is made up of the GD band.  It was an awesome time!!  Hehehe, needless to say, I was in a "Grateful Dead" frame of mind :-)

During the rest of the weekend, I ended up heading to Half Moon Bay for a bit (absolutely gorgeous!!), and spent some quality time here in Atherton...   All in all, a very pleasant weekend! 

BTW, the weather here in CA has been AWESOME!  About 80' each day w/no humidity.  Hehehe, unlike the 100' w/80% humidity scence back on the East coast right now...  Yeah, I know, laugh all I want until an earthquake rocks my world.... :-)

A big hello to Becky and Lisa back in Haverhill, Lisa and family in Danvers, Tim & Gini, Tab, Paul and the rest of the crew back in Nashua.  I miss all of you very much!!  Hehehe, but as that old song goes "how I wish, how I wish you were here".... "cause the weather is beautiful!" :-)


July 02, 1999:    And so, we enter the month of July..... my my my, where does the time go!?!? Last  weekend had a very nice time. Headed down to  Pebble Beach/Montery/Carmel with my buddy Zeek (actually, his real name is Alex, but we like  Zeek :-). In Monterey, we went to the aquarium which was  really cool! The jellyfish display is really  cool! Very relaxing to watch (heck, I'd rather have a tank of  jellyfish rather than a tank of fish). Heading  to Carmel, we did the famous 17 mile drive. My, my, my, it  was really beautiful! The ocean views are  incredible! Next time, I'll take some picts.... In Carmel, did a  little shopping and visited the Blue Dog art studio. I really liked that... too bad the litho's/paitings are so expensive!

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