June 2002

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June 13, 2002:  Last weekend was a really fun weekend!  I spent it up at Angel's Camp at my manager's cabin with him and his family.  We had a blast!  Rick, his two sons Brian and Daniel and I headed up there Friday night around 9:30 and got to cabin around midnight.  We opened up the place and got things setup and then crashed.  The next morning, I woke up nice and early after a good nights rest, had some coffee and spent the next hour watching the squirrels eat birdseed off of the back deck.  It was fun!  After breakfast, we headed down to the national park where I got to see my first giant sequoia's.  They were magnificent!  30' in diameter and over 300' tall.... freaking amazing!  The branches on those trees are the size of normal size trees! After seeing the trees, it was back to the house where we met up with his wife Terry and their youngest son Kevin  After lunch it was an afternoon at the lake where we went swimming around and hunting for bullfrogs.  It was a great afternoon :)  That night after dinner we hung out, played rummy and eventually went to the bed.

On Sunday we spent a fun day together before we finally had to start heading back in the early afternoon.  I had a ton of fun with Rick and his family and was grateful to be able to share some time with them.

The following weekend I headed out to Cincinnati, OH to visit Spidey (Bill) and Kathy and Perky and Tanya (oh yeah, I also was going to see Jimmy Buffett too ;-).  I arrived in CVG on Saturday morning and was met by Spidey.  He and his wife Kathy and I spent most of the day together just relaxing and hanging out.  That night, we went for dinner down at this great restaurant right called Cabana on The River, which is located right on the Ohio river.  We enjoyed some margaritas and some great food while we wasted the night away :)

On Sunday, Spidey and I met up with Scott (Perky) and Tanya for a game of frisbee golf.  It was my first time playing and I had a blast!  After that, we headed into Cincinnati for lunch and just happened to run across the Rib America festival taking place downtown.  Mmmm, mmm, mmmm, we ate some TASTY ribs that afternoon.  My favorites came from a place called Pigfoot BBQ Co. (Ohio) and from Fat Daddy’s BBQ (Ohio).  Pigfoot had the tastiest ribs (their sauce is KILLER) and Fat Daddy's came in second (not to mention they had the best t-shirts with the slogan "Who's Your Fatty!?!" :-)  Hahaha, it was a lot of fun.  After eating our fill, it was off to Jack Quinn's, which is the local Irish Pub.  We spent the afternoon wasting away to many many shots of whiskey :)  Ahhh, it was a killer way to spend the afternoon (and Kathy was our designated driver ;-).  That Sunday night, I crashed at Perky and Tanya's new house.  It is really  nice and as soon as they send me some pictures, I'll post 'em up here.

Tuesday was the day I was waiting for.  After meeting up with Perky and Tanya for breakfast we then met up with Bill for a game of frisbee golf.  After that, Bill and I headed back to his place, packed up the jeep and headed off to see Jimmy Buffett!  Hahaha, it was Spidey's first concert let's just say I made sure that this Buffett Virgin was broken in the right way :)  Hehehehe, more details on that some other time (if I can find those brain cells, that is :)  The tailgating was awesome and the concert was terrific!  What more can I say about seeing Jimmy down by the river :)

And finally, on Wednesday morning, I caught my flight back to SFO.  I had a great time visiting Cincinnati.  Seeing everyone there made for a great trip!  I only wish Paul could've been there to share it with me, as only he could have appreciated the ribs & Jimmy that much more :)

This past weekend was nice.  I saw Minority Report on Friday night (good flick!).  Saturday was a pretty mellow day, and on Sunday I spent most of the day at a co-workers pool party where I had an awesome time!  The food, drink and company were excellent!

Well, that's about it for now. I hope all is well in your neck of the woods. Drop me a line and say hi if you are so inclined :)


June 3, 2002:  Well, I had a nice weekend.  On Friday night, my friend Janet and I headed over towards Half Moon Bay for dinner.  I took her to the Gibraltar Cafe, which is actually in the town of Montera (population, about 3 :).  We had an awesome meal, hehehe, which is seeming to become a Friday night tradition.  We had:

On Saturday night, I went out with my friend David Parker, who among other things is the manager of Pizzarea Uno's down in the financial district in SF.  After dinner, we headed over to 850 Montgomery Street.  This place is a cigar bar, so everyone is smokin'.  Hahah, it was fun!  We had a couple of nice stogi's and drinks (I was drinking Bushimill's Irish Whiskey, which goes quite nicely with a cigar).  We hung out and played a few games of pool before eventually calling it a night.  It was a lot of fun!

Sunday was a nice lazy day.  I accomplished little to nothing :) 

I got my personalized license plates today!  They are the "Whale Tale" license plates and the plates read "BADAUG" (hat's "Be A Dog", Penz style :-).  Hehehe, they look great on the car.

Otherwise, that's about it.

I hope all's well in your neck of the woods.


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